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School Profile

David Crockett High School
684 Old State Route 34
Jonesborough, TN 37659
(423) 753-1150
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public | 9-12
County: Washington


  School Head OfficialYear
Henry Marable2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/15/2010parentI am sad to say that I am very unhappy with our experience with Crockett. I think that there are several wonderful teachers there, but unfortunately they were severely limited in their ability to give a good education, Students should not be allowed to turn in late work and get full credit. All that the student gets from that is the impression that slacking is acceptable, and why bother. What happens after high school?! The teachers are "forced" to do this in order that everyone passes. Attendance issues are ignored until totally out of control, and then the parents are still not notified! "We don't have the staff and have bigger discipline issues." If the attendence problem is nipped in the bud, they may find they won't have nearly the amount of "bigger" issues! Athletics, especially football, are implied to be more important than school work.
4/30/2009parentGreat school as far as teachers are concerned, but football players get preferential treatment... What is sad is the football team isn't even good.
7/11/2008studentGood school. Loved nature walks on the trails and going to the creek. Valentine let us catch snakes and turtles.
9/9/2007studentCrockett High is a great school with an awesome physical fitness program. They also have a great band! Most teachers will help each student before school if they need help in any subject. The parents can get involved in most events by going to the school website! Enjoy Crockett.
8/25/2007studentMost of the teachers are cool but the guidance teachers are awful except Ms. Story. I think other than that, its a great school. Just Hire some Guidance teachers that care!
10/27/2005former studentI am not a parent or a student anymore. Unfortunately I had to move. However, I must say that out of the five different schools that I went to, Crockett was my favorite. Mr. Marable was the best principal that I ever had the pleasure of meeting. I don't regret moving and meeting the people that I know now, but I would have loved to have been able to graduate (05-06) from Crockett.
9/27/2005studentI am not a parent but a student at DCHS. David Crockett is an awesome school and I am very proud to say that I attend DCHS. Our principal Mr. Marable is the best. I do have to say that some of the teachers could show quite a bit of more respect for the students. Some of the teachers are great and they actually teach not just tell you what to do and if you understand ok and if you dont ok. Some really care about our education and some care about their favorites education only. Mrs. Grabner and Coach Scott Starnes are awesome teachers! Oh yes, and Mrs. Bishop and Mr. Bullion! Join HOSA it is so fun especially if you are looking for a career in health! Go Pioneers!
4/20/2005parentI have a daughter graduating from DCHS this year and 1 coming in the 05-06 year. I would just like to say the Henry Marable is one of the most caring and INTERESTED educators that I have ever known.W ithout him I think my daughter would have given up long ago. His involvement & concern for the students at DCHS is tremendous. Like some of the other comments, I too think that most of the teachers could do alot better. However, it is also up to each individual student. Most of the office staff are rude & cranky & ready for retirement, but what do you do? Were it not for Mr. Marable, I would seriously consider sending my now 8th grader somewhere else next year. DCHS could be a great school if more of the staff gave a care!
2/11/2005parentI have foster children that attend Davey Crockett. The teachers have been very helpful and Mr. Marable (principal) is the best!
2/7/2005studentI am a recent graduate from this school, and I feel that David Crockett was a good school. I am now in college and have finished my first semester with flying colors. Part of the reason this was possible was because of the more than adequate preparation that was provided in this school. There is a great variety of classes and activities to choose from, and I was able to choose classes that would help prepare me for my college and career plans. Most of the teachers that I had in high school were excellent, and I learned a great deal from them. The Principal, Mr. Marable, was the best thing that happened to this school while I was there, and I hope that he will continue to keep up the good work. All in all, I am proud to say that I am a graduate of David Crockett High School.
12/2/2004parentDavid Crockett High School has a wonderful staff and principal. In spite of this there are safety issues that once out of the schools hands are not being handled strictly enough. Students are being returned by the assistant director of schools all too quickly after altercations. If you are looking for an area with safe high schools, Washington County would not be a good choice at this time. Hopefully in time, with parental involvement we will be able to improve our children's safety issues.
5/30/2004former studentI recently graduated from Crockett, and after spending four years there I have seen much improvement, but not enough. Many of the teachers there are self-motivated and don't care what the students learn just that the students like them, others are to afraid to make a stand, and the rest are not respected by the students. Henry Marable was the best thing to ever happen to that school, although most of the rest of the staff needs to decide who is more important, themselves or the children. All apologies to the teachers who truly care about the students, there should be more people there like you.
5/29/2004studentThis school has some of the best teachers I've ever had and I been in school for 13 years! I loved my teachers and they all did a really good job, especially Andy Hare. He goes out of his way to be an awesome teacher!
1/16/2004studentI am not a parent, but a student. Over the past two years, since we have gotten a new princpal, things have really changed! Discipline is not what it used to be, and as a senior, I feel proud to say that I will be graduation from David Crockett Hight School.
7/18/2003other The school is an ok school.I think there could be some improvments such as the teachers ability with the students.

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