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G W Harby Junior High School
1500 Hts Rd
Alvin, TX 77511
(281) 585-6626
public | 6-8
County: Brazoria


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  School Head OfficialYear
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3/19/2012parentMy daughter is attending here as well. We moved here from out if state and she has been bullied since her second day. The teachers don't remove her they turn a blind eye and pretend they don't see it or hear it. Not sure what is worse :(
8/24/2011parentMy son went here for 6th and 7th grade. He was also bullied by students and two teachers. Like a pp said, he was isolated and blamed for being bullied. He transferred to another Alvin school for 8th grade and was much more successful. AISD needs to clean house at Harby and hire teachers and staff that care about their students.
4/22/2011parentMy daughter is a 6th grader in the MAP program and we have been very pleased with the school. The new principal is very approachable and very active with parents, teachers, and students. The MAP program has been truly beneficial for my gifted child. Few school districts offer as such a program for GT kids. Thank you!
4/13/2010parentHarbys way to deal with bullying is to remove the child being bullied from the class to basic isolation and not address the actual problem. My child is being punished for being bullied and reporting numerous times this is going on to no avail.He is in 2 map classes in 6th grade and has maintained a straight a average until the bullying which started at the first of the yearbecame worst.This is a very serious concern for myself and family.Please have your kids be careful they are not safe at harby.
11/19/2009otheri'm an Alumni of this school, currently in the 10th grade, and i think this school was just great. way better than Alvin High School. at Harby, i actually learned things instead of always worrying about dress code. now, at Alvin High School, i have to worry about Dress code more than schoolwork. teachers need to step it up and think more about the curriculum than dress code.
11/12/2009studentThank you so much out of most teachers for helping me lear alot. Especially Mrs.Unruh....i've learned so much about the human body, alot for my job i'll be doing!!!!
10/25/2009studenti am a map student, cheerleader, actress, percussionist, and volleyball player and harby junior high does not make it hard to do everythin that i want to do! Mr.DeLeon is the absolute coolest teacher the word will ever know. I will have him for the next 3 years and he defintely deserves teacher of the year!!!!
4/21/2009studentwhat a school. what a place. i love it here i've been here for 1 year and its now my home away from home! if your going to a new school in alvin come here!!!
12/2/2008studenti was a student at Harby Junior High and i loved it, they had some of the coolest teachers ever especially for the map program, like mrs. deleon, mrs. whitlock, mr.deleon, mrs.ruiz, mr. leal, there awesome, even though i got my mountain dew taken away in class forr being to hyper, the school is great, lunches are wonderful, and all the school sponsered events arent that bad the dances are alright, and the talent shows actually have talent in them, its awesome being a student at harby junior high. -kyle sepulveda
1/12/2008studentIts Awsome! Though some areas could use help. Other than that I LOVE Harby Jr High Go Harby Hawks!
4/30/2007parentI have tried to get a hold of the principal of this school concerning several diferent things and have never ever been able to catch her or has she returned any messages on mine, although, I have been able to speak to the vice principal. The office staff is not helpful.
12/8/2006studentthe best school ever!
9/21/2006studentI am a student at this junior high and i love the school this is my 1st year and I am already in love with it.They do so many get to know you games great teachers a great principle and a plain old good school.I would recommend this school for any kid.
10/23/2005parentMy daughters are in the gifted and talented program known as MAP. They are challenged by the curriculum and their standardized test results are always in the top percentages. The program is wonderful. One daughter participates in band. The band program is well managed. She had never played an instrument and is now receiving top honors after playing in the harby band for only 2 years. My other daughter participates in cheerleading. Again the program is well managed and she enjoys this activity.
4/23/2004parentThey tell the kids to always feel free to come and tell the staff if they feel ' uncomfortable with something 'this isn`t true! The staff doesn`t listen to the children and you as a parent and tax payer is told that you are noone to dictate what goes on in this school or school district.If your childs well being is a concern to you as mine was Alvin I.S.D needs to do alot of changing!

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