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Ditto Elementary School
3001 Quail Ln
Arlington, TX 76016
(682) 867-3100
public | PK-6
County: Tarrant


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4/14/2012parentVery good school academically but i don't think it has anything to do with the school. The students come from very good homes with parents that are dedicated to their children by making sure homework is done and encouraging them to excell. Some schools are comprised of students that come from homes with other priorities and the parents can't be as commited. My biggest issue is the favoritism and bullying that goes on. If your child is cute, with blonde hair and blue eyes and you can paste on a superficial smile you'll fit in nicely. My child and friends children have told of times they have been called names but because the perpetrator was a so called"Good Student" the teachers dismissed the claim.Some of the teachers are just as bad as the bullies. I also can't afford for my child to attend here anymore. Be ready to be bombarded with requests for donations. The worst is spring fling where not only do they want the parents to donate everything but then they turn around and charge you for the stuff you donated. Every week something comes home that requires money. Very Stepfordish.
6/21/2011parentI agree with most of the reviews listed for Ditto. My children have attended Diitto for all of their elementary days. We generally have been very happy with Ditto. There are a big group of parents that are cliquish, most of it around the PTA (although it is a very supportive PTA). We have also experienced bullying that was not handled to our satisfaction and seemed to be ignored. Definitely something for them to improve. Overall, my children have received a wonderful education at Ditto. The Principal and Assistant Principal continue to improve the school each year. We are proud to call Ditto our home!
6/9/2010parentI thought that Ditto was a good school for my child's first few years. The drawbacks are that there are so many cliques- both with the helicopter moms that constantly volunteer, to their daughters. The volunteer moms act like they are so superior to the moms that have to work for a living, and the bullying that goes on at Ditto is also really bad. They have a lot of internal issues with bullying that the staff ignores. The teachers are really great but they are all too focused on TAKS tests, not in the overall quality of eduation.
4/29/2010parentDitto is a wonderful learning environment for my boys! There are no better teachers and staff! They are committed to making ALL the kids the best they can be! We also have an amazing PTA and outstanding parent involvement! My boys love Ditto! I know my kids will leave Ditto better and smarter people!
4/27/2010otherFantastic Teachers! Great activities for the children. Always attentive to parents needs and concerns.
4/27/2010parentI love our school because of the amazing teachers, PTA members, parents, staff and students. We all come together for the greater good of the students in everything we do. We allow the children to grow and learn in so many different ways and levels. My children love their school which makes it a huge plus.
4/27/2010parentGreat teachers. Great continuity of curriculum from grade to grade.
4/27/2010parentThe principal always says, 'If it will help the kids, we will try to make it happen,' and she backs up her words. She is a wonderful principal and her love and enthusiasm for the students radiates through each of the wonderful teachers. There is a strong PTA organization, a great group of volunteers, incredible teachers and a marvelous staff. My kid is proud to be a Ditto Ranger! I know she is getting a good education.
10/12/2009parentDitto is a very good school. There is always something going on in and around the school. I was quite disappointed in a my advanced student starting school and having to sit in mainstream classes instead of enhancing his strengths. But, that is a statewide systemic issue, not a Ditto issue. Otherwise, the school is involved and work with the children.
9/29/2009parentMy son just started at Ditto and he loves it!! His teacher is great and so far the parents all have been very nice. The school gets alot of support from the parents as far as Volunteers and I think that is great.
5/29/2009parent9/10 Our child was diagnosed with ADHD at age 7 and was having significant difficulties adjusting to the school environment since kindergarden. Prior to Ditto we tried several private schools with little success if any. The school offered exceptional support in all aspects of my child's education, including emotional side. The teachers were open to incorporating new ideas to help our boy in gaining confidence and develop passion for learning, decrease fear in daily interactions with peers. Just in one year he made progress we had not anticipated. Great thanks. Parents
2/26/2009parentThis would be a good school for the average to above average student. The parents, teachers, and students are clickish. The school is very TAKS driven. They take kids who are struggling out of their core classes for tutoring for the TAKS. My daughter did not have spelling tests, and missed a lot of lessons in her core classes for tutoring. It's all about the TAKS. They do not have much knowlegde of learning disibilities and their programs for such are not good. My children went to this school for four years...I kept hoping it would change, but it hasn't. My children were miserable and hated school.
2/24/2009parentIt is a good school. Nothing outstanding though. Probably what you would get in any nice neighborhood in any town. Once you getnpast 1st grade they do not communicate with the parents well. I do think my child is always safe and is getting a decent education.
6/12/2008parentDitto is an Exemplary School! With Mrs. Harcrow and Mrs. Milligan at the reigns it is truly 'Where the BEST Begins!' My two children started Ditto in Kinder and now are in the 4th and 5th grades. I wish every parent had the opportunity to experience the 'togetherness' at Ditto. With the Staff, Teachers and Parents working as one unit, one could not ask for anything more. What an amazing environment to be apart of! Thank you Ditto! You will always have a place in my heart!
4/23/2006parentStrong kindergarten program with heavy parent teacher interaction. Parent can be quite cliqueish.
1/10/2006teacherThis school is a Great school They teacher takes the time to spend with the children.
7/16/2005parentDitto was a great experience for my children. But, my children being African-American, at the time they attended the school they weren't very comfortable because there wasn't much diversity. I've look at current statistics now and this has changed. Their music program is great, and the high school that this school feeds into is excellent. It's one of the best feeder programs in the district.
1/24/2005parentMy son went to school at Ditto and I'm so glad he did! It was a very supportive environment with a lot of care and involvement from both the teachers and the parents. Each child is treated with love and respect.
7/1/2004parentDitto is an excellent school. The kids get the best of everything. With a proactive fundraising group, the school has much to offer that other schools don't, such as a track. The educational standards are high, and the teachers are focused on the children. I do not think that there is a better elementary school in Arlington.

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