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  School NameGradesTypeRating
  ACE AcademyPK-12private   
  Aces- Alternative Center for Elementary School StudentsPK-6public   
  Acton Academy1-12private   
  AHB Community SchoolK-8private   
  Akins High School9-12public  6
  Allan Elementary SchoolPK-5public   
  Allison Elementary SchoolPK-6public  4
  Alternative Learning Center6-12public   
  American Youthworks Charter School-South Campus9-12charter  1
  Anderson High School9-12public  8
  Anderson Mill Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Andrews Elementary SchoolPK-6public  6
  Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders6-12public  10
  Austin Achieve Public Schools6-12charter  6
  Austin Can Academy Charter School9-12charter  1
  Austin City AcademyK-3, 5-10, 12private   
  Austin Discovery SchoolK-6charter  7
  Austin EcoSchoolK-5private   
  Austin High School9-12public  7
  Austin International SchoolPK-5private   
  Austin Jewish AcademyK-8private   
  Austin Montessori Great Northern/aprivate   
  Austin Montessori SchoolPK-9private   
  Austin Peace AcademyPK-12private   
  Austin SDA Junior AcademyK-10private   
  Austin Waldorf SchoolK-12private   
  Bailey Middle School6-8public  9
  Baldwin Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Bannockburn Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Baranoff Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Barrington Elementary SchoolK-5public  4
  Barton Creek Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Barton Hills Elementary SchoolPK-6public  10
  Baty Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Becker Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Bedichek Middle School6-8public  4
  Bee Cave Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Blackshear Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Blanton Elementary SchoolPK-6public  6
  Blazier Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Bluebonnet Montessori School of LakewayPK-3private   
  Bluebonnet Trail Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Boone Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Bowie High School9-12public  9
  Boys Menachem Hebrew AcademyPK-8private   
  Brentwood Christian SchoolPK-12private   
  Brentwood Christian Secondary School10-12private   
  Brentwood Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Bridge Point ElK-5public  10
  Brooke Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Brown Elementary SchoolPK-6public  2
  Bryker Woods Elementary SchoolPK-6public  10
  Burnet Middle School6-8public  3
  Campbell Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Canyon Creek Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Canyon Ridge Middle School6-8public  10
  Canyon Vista Middle School6-8public  10
  Capitol City Baptist ChurchK-6private   
  Capitol School of AustinPK-3private   
  Casey Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Casis Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Cathedral School of Saint MaryPK-8private   
  Cedar Creek Elementary SchoolK-5public  9
  Cedar Valley Middle School6-8public  10
  Cedars International AcademyPK-8charter  6
  Cedars Montessori Schooln/aprivate   
  Chaparral Star AcademyK-12charter  9
  City SchoolPK-6private   
  Clayton Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Clearview Sudbury SchoolK-12private   
  Cook Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Copperfield Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Covington Middle School6-8public  5
  Cowan Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Crockett High School9-12public  4
  Cunningham Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Dailey Middle School6-8public  3
  Davis Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Dawson Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Decker Elementary SchoolPK-5public  1
  Decker Middle School6-8public  4
  Deerpark Middle School6-8public  7
  Delco Primary SchoolPK-2public   
  Dessau Elementary School3-5public  5
  Dessau Middle School6-8public  4
  Dobie Middle School6-8public  2
  Doss Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Eanes Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Eastside Memorial Green Tech High School9-12public  2
  Eden Park AcademyPK-9charter  8
  Elementary Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (Deap)K-5public   
  England Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Forest North Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Forest Trail Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Four Points Middle School6-8public  10
  Fulmore Middle School6-8public  4
  Galindo Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Garcia Middle School6-8public  2
  Garza Independence High School9-12public  5
  George M Kometzky SchoolK-12charter  1
  George Washington University Online High School9-12private   
  Girls' School of AustinK-8private   
  Gorzycki Middle School6-8public  10
  Govalle Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Grace Covenant Christian SchoolPK-8private   
  Graham Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Grandview Hills Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Gullett Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Harmony School of Excellence - AustinK-8public  5
  Harmony School of Political Science and Communication - AustinK-11charter  8
  Harmony School of Science - AustinK-8charter  9
  Harmony Science Academy - AustinK-8charter  5
  Harris Elementary SchoolPK-6public  5
  Hart Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Helping HandK-12charter   
  Highland Park Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Hill Country Christian SchoolPK-12private   
  Hill Country Middle School6-8public  10
  Hill Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Hillcrest Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Holy Family Catholic SchoolPK-11private   
  Holy Word Lutheran SchoolK-8private   
  Hope Lutheran SchoolK-7private   
  Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  House Sparrows Academy1-3private   
  Houston Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Hudson Bend Middle School6-8public  10
  Huntington-Surrey School8-12private   
  Hyde Park Baptist Elementary SchoolK-5private   
  Hyde Park Baptist High School6, 9-12private   
  Idea Allan AcademyK-3charter   
  Idea Allan College Prep6charter  6
  International High School9-12public  1
  International School of TexasPK-6private   
  Jardin de Ni+¦os Interlingua International SchoolPK-5private   
  John B Connally High School9-12public  4
  John P Ojeda Junior High School6-8public  5
  Jollyville Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Jordan Elementary SchoolPK-6public  3
  Joseph Gilbert Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Joslin Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  K12 International AcademyK-12private   
  Kamico AcademyK-6private   
  Kathy Caraway Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Kealing Middle School6-8public  8
  Kiker Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  KIPP Austin Academy of Arts & Letters5-8charter  7
  KIPP Austin Beacon Prep5-8charter  5
  KIPP Austin College Prep5-8charter  7
  KIPP Austin Collegiate9-12charter  8
  KIPP Austin ComunidadPK-4charter   
  KIPP Austin Connections Elementary SchoolPK-4charter   
  KIPP Austin Vista Middle School5-8charter  5
  Kirby Hall SchoolPK-12private   
  Kocurek Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Lake Pointe Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Lake Travis Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Lake Travis High School9-12public  9
  Lake Travis Middle School6-8public  10
  Lakeway Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Lamar Middle School6-8public  7
  Langford Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Lanier High School9-12public  4
  Lasa High School9-12public  10
  Laura Welch Bush Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Laurel Mountain Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  LBJ High School9-12public  2
  Leadership Academy6-12public  1
  Lee Elementary SchoolPK-6public  10
  Linder Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Live Oak Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Maplewood Elementary SchoolPK-6public  6
  Maranatha Christian AcademyK-10private   
  Martin Middle School6-8public  2
  Mathews Elementary SchoolPK-6public  9
  McBee Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  McCallum High School9-12public  7
  McNeil High School9-12public  9
  Menachem Hebrew AcademyPK-5private   
  Mendez Middle School6-8public  2
  Metz Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Mills Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Mr Darcy's Class1-6private   
  Murchison Middle School6-8public  9
  Noel Grisham Middle School6-8public  8
  Norman Elementary SchoolPK-6public  3
  North Central Elementary SchoolPK-5public   
  Northwest Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Nyos - Magnolia McCullough CampusPK-3charter  7
  Nyos Charter School4-12charter  8
  O Henry Middle School6-8public  8
  Oak Hill Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Oak Meadows Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Oak Springs Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Oakmont SchoolK-12private   
  Odom Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Odyssey School5-11private   
  Ortega Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Our Savior Lutheran SchoolPK-5private   
  Overton Elementary SchoolPK-6public  3
  Palm Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Paragon Prep Middle School1-8private   
  Paredes Middle School6-8public  5
  Parkside Community SchoolPK-6private   
  Parmer Lane Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Patsy Sommer Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Patton Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Pearce Middle School6-8public  2
  Pease Elementary SchoolPK-6public  9
  Pecan Springs Elementary SchoolPK-6public  3
  Perez Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Phoenix Academy6-12public  2
  Pickle Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Pillow Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Pioneer Crossing Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Pleasant Hill Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Pond Springs Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Praise Christian AcademyPK-6private   
  Premier High School at Lanier9-12charter  2
  Premier High School at Travis9-12charter  1
  Premier High School of Austin6-12charter  7
  Premier High School of North Austin6-12charter  7
  Primavera Montessori SchoolPK-4private   
  Progress School of AustinK-8private   
  Purple Sage Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Rawson-Saunders School1-8private   
  Reagan High School9-12public  2
  Redeemer Lutheran SchoolPK-8private   
  Regents School of AustinK-12private   
  Reilly Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Ridgetop Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  River Oaks Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  River Place Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  River Ridge Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Rodriguez Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Rooster Springs Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Rutledge Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Sacred Heart Catholic SchoolPK-6private   
  San Juan Diego Catholic High School9-12private   
  Sanchez Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Schoolhouse AcademyK-2private   
  Serene Hills Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Settlement HomeK-12charter  2
  Shoreline Christian School2-12private   
  Sims Elementary SchoolPK-6public  5
  Skybridge Academy6-12private   
  Small Middle School6-8public  8
  Smith Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Southeast Middle School6-8public   
  Southwest Austin Middle School6-8private   
  Spicewood Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  St. Andrew's Episcopal School1-12private   
  St. Austin Catholic SchoolK-8private   
  St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School9-12private   
  St. Elmo ElPK-5public  8
  St. Francis SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Gabriel's Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Ignatius Martyr SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Louis SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Michael's Catholic Academy9-12private   
  St. Paul Lutheran SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Stephens Episcopal School6-12private   
  St. Theresas Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  Steiner Ranch Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Strickland SchoolPK-8private   
  Summitt Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Sunset Valley Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Texas Empowerment Academy5-12charter  4
  Texas Empowerment Academy Elementary SchoolK-5charter  7
  Texas School for the Blind1-12public  2
  Texas School for the DeafPK-12public  2
  The Children's SchoolPK-3private   
  The East Austin College Prep Academy4-10charter  2
  The East Austin College Prep at MLK7-9charter  4
  The Griffin School9-12private   
  The Isely SchoolK-3private   
  The Joule SchoolPK-6private   
  The Keystone School6-12private   
  The Khabele SchoolPK-12private   
  The Magellan International SchoolPK-6private   
  The Magellan International SchoolPK-7private   
  The Magnolia SchoolPK-8 & ungradedprivate   
  The Oaks School6-12private   
  The Real Learning AcademyPK-3charter  6
  TNS AcademyK-5private   
  Travis County Day School6-12public  2
  Travis Heights Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Travis High School9-12public  3
  Trinity Episcopal School of AUK-8private   
  Trinity Preparatory AcademyK-4private   
  University of Texas at Austin High School9-12public  9
  University of Texas Elementary School Charter SchoolPK-5charter  7
  Valley View Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Vandegrift High School9-12public  9
  Veritas AcademyK-12private   
  Vista Academy of Austin-MuellerPK-12charter  4
  Walnut Creek Elementary SchoolPK-6public  3
  Webb Middle School6-8public  4
  Webb Primary School CenterPK-1public   
  Wells Branch Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  West Ridge Middle School6-8public  10
  Westlake Alternative School9-12public   
  Westlake High School9-12public  10
  Westview Middle School6-8public  5
  Westwood High School9-12public  10
  Widen Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Williams Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Winn Elementary SchoolPK-6public  3
  Wooldridge Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Wooten Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Zavala Elementary SchoolPK-6public  6
  Zilker Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9

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You MUST be a walking stereotype-and a Texan

Sighs....where to begin.....I've spent time in 46 states and a few other countries. Bi-racial, son of immigrants. I've NEVER encountered so many stereotypical people IN... (Read More)



The lustre has worn off

Lived here for 8 years from '06-'14. Loved it the first 3 years then it became just okay. I survived the Great Recession here relatively unscathed, so for that I am... (Read More)



Epitome of Overrated

Don't move here, and I'm not saying that because I want to keep this place so supposedly cool. I'm saying it because it is incredibly overrated, and it just might (if... (Read More)



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