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Plummer Elementary School
1203 Clark Rd
Cedar Hill, TX 75104
(972) 291-4058
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public | PK-4
County: Dallas


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  School Head OfficialYear
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11/23/2010parentMy daughter is in 4th grade Ms.Moss class and she is awsome. My daughter likes her and I can tell Ms.Moss enjoys teaching. The school is very old but its not about the building its about the education. My son is 2nd grade Ms.Brown class after I pointed out my sons flaws, she has really helped him in class.
3/9/2010parentMy daughter attends Plummer and compared when my oldest daughter attended there is an improvement. But there is more to go. I think Reading Night is a great start but some of the programs loose touch with the audience. Plummer needs to talk to Charles Rice and Ronald McNair. But an issue: Is there anyone willing to listen. A lot of the teachers (that have been there a long time) refuse to change. And the newer teachers are corrupted by older teachers. I think that the 'sit down and let me read you a story days are over.' School still lacks creativity and drive to make it a success. Its more than being recognized by TAKS (which is too easy anyway). Too bad that the CHISD school board seems to keep entrusting this principal to do the job. How many years do I have to endure?
8/29/2009parentMy family is new is this district. Our first impression when we pulled up to the school was a little concerned. It looks like its been years since the school has been updated, but just as we teach our children , never judge a book by its cover. Once we got inside we were greeted by the sincerely caring staff. We felt so welcomed and we knew right then that this was going to be a great school. As a parent I am looking forward to doing my part to help our new school anyway I can. I think the possibilities are endless if we all do our part.
8/8/2009otherThis school is known for carefully monitoring and tracking the progress of all students. They provide all sorts of interventions to students in need of help. All students get a free breakfast in the classroom each day which helps start the day. Unfortunately, we seem to only see reviews from people that are unhappy instead of hearing from all the people that are happy with the school.
7/31/2009teacherI had children who went through this school, and I have worked here as a teacher for several years. I think it was and is the best elementary school in Cedar Hill. The teachers work as a team to help each other and encourage each other. The teachers love what they are doing...teaching children. The teachers are highly qualified and constantly seeking new, proven methods of teaching. The administration is supportive and great at communicating with students, parents, and teachers. The students and the parents are wonderful. PTA Rocks! We had a PTA this past year like we had when my children were small, many years ago. I love Plummer!
6/11/2009parentMy son has been there since kinder. He will now go into 3rd grade this year. I agree with what some of the parents are saying. Getting written up in the planner for petty stuff like running in PE or talking during lunch is crazy. However I did like all of his teachers thus far. He always had homework and seemed like he was learning alot. The principal is okay, not really seeing alot of involvement with her. I do agree on the PTA aspect, not a lot of notice of meetings and such. Field Day was a joke!
6/10/2009parentI am disappointed in Plummer. The asst. principal is very helpful in solveing any concerns you may have. However, my son has had 4 teachers since first grade and I can say only 2 teachers took the time to work with him and enhance him. I am a parent that works very hard with my child at home to make sure homework/extra assignments are completed, but at school the teachers put boy students to the side when they are not behaving properly instead of disciplining them and then assisting them to learn the work they send them to detention to lay their heads down. The daily planners are signed by me every day, and the whole planner is always full of petty stuff like talking, getting out of line, running in gym (what?) and so on. Never anything positive. I would not recommend this school.
12/29/2007parentThis is one on the best schools in America in my opinion. The principal is always available and willing to meet with you whenever necessary. The counselor is the best. She really understands the true definition of team work. She works with the parent and the teacher to help come up with a good plan to make your child's experience the best! My only regret is my son will be leaving this school this year!
10/22/2007parentNeeds to work on making the school a more positive enviornment where students want to come and learn. Too much emphasis on discipline for petty items such as getting out of line, talking in the cafeteria.
9/7/2007parentMy youngest daughter is in her second year at Plummer in the 1st grade. We were very pleased with the school and the teachers were always availabe which was nice. I would recommend this school without hesitation.
5/31/2007parentI moved here midsemester and was truly disappointed in this school. There was nothing to challenge my child, and there was no real desire for my parent involvement. When I did get the pass I needed to be able to help, the school told me they had nothing for me to help with. My child has watched movies for a whole week in school, what is she learning? I feel that this school is a joke as far as our children getting a true education.
10/8/2005parentThe teachers at this school are very friendly and dedicated. The atmosphere is informal, and parents are welcome to walk the halls. Both my children had very positive experiences there. The new principal, however, was not very involved, and unwilling to deal with discipline problems. This has led to a decrease in overall quality.
7/27/2005parentI was somewhat disappointed with this school. When I decided to move to Cedar Hill, I expected a school with somewhat smaller class sizes, more experienced teachers and a challenging curriculum (because it in a suburb instead of a large city). My child breezed through the assignments and oftentimes completed his homework IN CLASS. I expected after his first year as an A Honor Roll student that he would be placed in AP/TAG classes, but he wasn't. When I asked why, I was told that various test scores were the primary consideration for placement in those classes. My son also placed above average in almost every area of the State test. Needless to say, I felt let-down because neither of his teachers offered any assistance to help me do what was necessary to make sure that my son WOULD be placed in an AP or TAG class the following year.
6/26/2005parentThey have an excellent program for kids with disabilities. Very kind, emphatic teachers. Never had a bad experience, my child has prospered at the school.
4/1/2005parentMy child has gone to Plummer Elementary since she was 5 years old. Plummer Elementary is a school where the education comes first. Each child is encouraged to do their personal best and to help other children achieve their best,also! The teachers are highly skilled and work hard to encourage each child to do excel in all studies. The principal is kind and knows each child by name. She is a great example of a leader. My thanks to Plummer Elementary for bringing out the best in my child and giving her the encouragement and confidence she needs to move on to be whatever she truly wishes to be!

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