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Sanford-Fritch Junior High School - Fritch, TX

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Sanford-Fritch Junior High School536 Eagle Blvd
Fritch, TX 79036
(806) 857-92686-8HutchinsonpublicSanford-Fritch Independent School District

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School Head OfficialYear


Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/11/2009studentim a student at the junior high school and i love it there much drama though but medium rated teaching kewl teachers and the best principal..popcorn partys (roller skating,swimming,or bowling) depending what grade your in ...d.a.r.e days to support a drug free school(crazy hair day ,red day,retro day,and hawaiin day) its a fun school socail studies we have food days such as eurpian food, chinese food, asian food, african and other. but we have a good breakfast every morning depending on when you get to school and school starts at 7:55 am exactly and the day ends and free 2 do what ever you want at 3:23. lunch for 6th gd is at 1:08 and other times you can find out about at activities include,basketball,volleyball,cheerleading, band,choir,track,cross country,yearbook staff ,newspaper (we give monthly imfo. on school) and many other stuff...good,fun,pushin to the limit coaches .thanks

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