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Weis Middle School - Galveston, TX

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Weis Middle School7100 Stewart Rd
Galveston, TX 77551
(409) 761-64005-6GalvestonpublicGalveston Independent School District

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5/26/2010parentMy factual personal experience: Poor quality teachers who curse at the kids and in classrooms, I have heard this myself and several children have shared the same. There are grade levels crammed into a school that normally houses 2 grade levels. No contact from councelor or principal when my child was injured by another student. Boys are permitted to wear pants below their bottom daily. Staff quote "we tell them to pull them up but they don't listen". Handbook polocies and procedures are not followed in class or in school administrative office. There were many, many fights during the 2009-2010 school year. My child witnessed dozens and there were many, many unreported. My child witnessed 3 fights in ONE class and kids were sent back to their seat. Learning is not possible at this school.
1/8/2010studentI love this school it makes learning really fun and the teachers are the best. My best is mrs.laws,mr.wilson,and mrs.briggs. Devin Little
3/4/2008studentWeis Middle School is a great school, with great teachers who make learning fun!
2/15/2008studentAs a former student of last year, I love the school and almost all teachers in it, my favorite are, Ms, Harville, Ms. Jackson, and Miss. Allen.
1/22/2008studentThe teachers are nice.My favorate is Mrs.Harvile. She has great teaching techniques.Her class is great.....The uniforms are bogus! but we all look alike!
2/2/2005parentThis school is excellent, it has helped my child achieve higher grades than at any other school thanks mainly to the determination of his teachers. Also they have kept my wife and I very informed. This school is a very well performing school, and the prinicpals and administration have cut right down to any problem that has occured.
10/5/2004parentThis school tries to conform every child to one mold in their educations. We have a child in need of help and we had to go to a district level to get the school to respond at all. They have discriminated against her, as well as other children and refused to treat her fairly. We tried to be involved from the start, only to be shuffled in their system of administration of no responsibility/accountability. Extremely disappointed in the school and are currently looking at other options of education that are affordable before our child ends up lost in their system in vast inequality, if she has not been already. Very unprofessional administration centered on looking good and not doing good.

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