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Holy Family of Nazareth School
2323 Cheyenne
Irving, TX 75062
(972) 255-0205
private | PK-8
County: Dallas


  School Head OfficialYear
Dennis R. Poyant2012
2/7/2012parentHoly Family is a wonderful Catholic School! We have sent our two oldest children through the school, from Kindergarten through 8th grade, and they excelled in this family environment. They did well both academically and socially. They currently attend a local Catholic High School, and they were well prepared, by Holy Family, for the rigors of high school work. Each of them is enrolled in Advanced Placement and Honors classes, and they have done extremely well with this difficult course work. We also have 3 younger children attending Holy Family. Each of them appears to be having a wonderful school experience. They like their teachers. They keep up with their class work. The have fun with their friends, and they are learning about the Catholic Faith. This is what we were looking for in a Catholic Private School.
4/28/2011parentWhen you look at the student to teacher ratio, you think that your child will be able to get extra assistance if they are not up to standard. Do not let the ratio fool you. I thought that since this was a christian school things would be different but it was worst. I had one child graduate from this school and it was great years ago but now this school has really hit rock bottom. If your child needs help do not look for it there. If a teacher has only 10 students and lets say 2 of them need more assistance to get up to standard with the rest of the class then this is not the school for your child. When you go from 400 students to 160 there is something wrong. My child got more help when I pulled her out and placed my child in public school. The teachers are not very christian. Christian go the extra mile. I rate the school one star for having an after school program.
4/2/2009parentHoly Family provides a christian family environment. The technology and teacher/student ratio makes it the right place for my children.
2/25/2009parentGreat school! When our son started 1st grade, he could only read with help and had to sound out each alphabet.. Three months later, my husband and I could see so much improvements in his reading skill. Right after New Year, his teacher called us for a conference. She told us that our son became one of the top readers in the class. Now reading become his favorite thing to do...we don't force him to read. He just loves to read everything in front of him - including reading stories to his little brother.
2/3/2009teacherI am a fairly new teacher here at HFN, but I can testify to the unity, faith, and devotion to academic muscle-building that this school embraces and fosters. Both my husband and I work here, and in these past two years we have become part of the 'family' here and can attest to the great heart that is at the center of this school. For a small school, it offers quite a lot.
1/30/2009parentHFN School is an excellent Catholic school, and I am grateful that my daughter has the opportunity to attend it. I have had over 20 years experience with Catholic education and can say with certainty that HFN provides my daughter with many opportunities to excel academically, spiritually, physically, and socially. The curriculum is challenging and keeps her wanting to learn more. She is very involved in activities--sometimes wanting to do more than is possible time wise. The principal, teachers, and staff are truly caring people who know who we are and greet us as friends. It is a certainly a school that I would highly recommend.
1/30/2009parentHoly Family of Nazareth has been a blessing for my children. They enjoy going to school each day, love their teachers, and are getting a quality Catholic education. They are gaining all of the tools necessary to excel in anything they want to do with their futures and are deepening their relationship with God along the way. The curriculum is always evolving and the administration continuously strives to bring the most technologically up-to-date advancements to the classroom. I have benefited tremendously from my years of Catholic education and am glad my children have the opportunity to do the same at Holy Family.
10/14/2008parentUnfortunately our son attended HFN and was left there far too long. The academic opportunities were almost non-existent. The teachers are not very enthusiastic and the 'big family' is nothing more than propaganda.Our son is back in the Irving public school system and is excelling. Parents of prospective students do your 'homework' before enrolling your children at HFN.
7/2/2007studentI am a former student who attended HFN for almost 7 years. When I first started going to school there, it was an awesome school with over 400 students. However, it started going downhill in academics and discipline. I started feeling isolated and like an outcast, spending my days reading. I fell far behind in my academics. When my parents finally pulled me out and put me in public school, I almost failed the first grading period. Since then I have caught up and am 2 years advanced in most subjects. I credit this to the greater opportunities in public schools. I have also met kids and teachers who are more Christian than a lot of the students and faculty at Holy Family. I am also receiving a greater Catholic education at church and home.
6/13/2007parentOur children all went to HFN. We thought they were receiving a 'quality, Catholic education', but,unfortunately, they weren't. The 'big, happy family' statement is not true for everyone. Not everyone has a Catholic or Christian attitude there. After many years, time, money and tears, we made the move. This school is not equipped to handle gifted students or students who need extra attention. Children are labeled often and then are stuck with that label throughout their years there. Several teachers are very negative and set in their ways. The new principal was expected to make lots of changes but things seem to have gotten worse. I'm only sorry we didn't move our children sooner. Those were wasted years. They now have so many opportunities available to them. This school needs major changes soon.
5/23/2007former studentHoly Family is committed to spiritual leadership and boasts of its tight-knit community. The parents, staff members and students have blended together so well into one big family. Many families have become emotionally attached to this wonderful community. There is a particular teacher there who has made a difference in our lives - she has inspired a lot of students and we are blessed to have her in our school.
4/25/2007former studentI had previously attended this school and I now have noticed how bad it really was. The teachers help was very minimal, students safety and well being, low! Too many staff didnt seem to care much for bullies and what they did to other children. Overall score: 1
10/6/2006parentI thought my child was getting a good education while at HFN but have found out other wise. Sorry we stayed at the school for so long. We have since moved on and struggled at first to keep up with the quality of education at our current school. I can also say that the teachers there were not the happiest.
9/22/2006former studentThis school did not emphasize enough science when I attended. The math program was also sub par; when my little sister attended a public school, she was able to advance to math class three years more advanced than the class I was put into after finishing at HFN. My sister and I are often put into the same classes, so this was purely a result of her being able to take more advanced math, whereas I was limited in my options. The teachers were not involved enough in student life; my class managed to choke out the new students and make them feel incredibly distant and alone. The health of the individual student was not focused on. For a school that is supposed to cherish family unity and togetherness, they fell very short.
5/12/2006staffHoly Family truly has a family-like atmosphere. The small class sizes and strong Catholic faith help foster an environment where students are educated in mind, body, and spirit. The school is undergoing a lot of positive change, and has the potential to offer students a high-quality Catholic education.
7/22/2005parentGreat school and fantastic in academics.
9/30/2003parentI currently have 2 sons at Holy Family and am very pleased with the current direction of the school. The teachers and administration believe in the mission of the school, a strong academic curriculum in a loving, Catholic environment. My sons are receiving a solid education at Holy Family School.
9/30/2003parentFor the past 3 years Holy Family of Nazareth School has provided my child with a quality education in a loving and caring Catholic environment. The faculty and staff are tremendous and their enthusiasm is unbelievable!
9/29/2003parentHoly Family has a fabulous new principal who is providing incredible educational and spiritual leadership. The teachers are energized and you can feel the enthusiasm on the campus. I appreciate being part of a community that values high quality Catholic education. The brand new family life center with gymnasium is beautiful--it's a terrific home court for sporting events.
8/26/2003parentI have 4 daughters (1 who has graduated from HFN and 3 attending now.) I feel their education and development as Catholics has been outstanding.

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