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North Hills School
606 E Royal Ln
Irving, TX 75039
(972) 501-0645
charter | 6-8
County: Dallas


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8/12/2012parentNorth Hills isn't right for everyone but it's right for us. We appreciate the academic rigor, the small class sizes and small student body. Some parents aren't up to the task, so you will hear from those that "it's too hard", "there is too much homework", "the teachers don't give my kid enough wiggle room", etc. If you want academic excellence North Hills is a great choice. If you just want your kids to "get through school" North Hills won't be for you. And no teacher or administrator has ever been too tough on our kids - their expectations of our children are no less than our own which is exactly what we expect from a school environment. We have had the opportunity to know and have our children taught by many, many excellent teachers at North Hills. There are many vitriolic reviews on this site that are just plain wrong, written by parents that couldn't cut it with kids that couldn't cut it. North Hills is a great school, has been a great school since it's inception and has many, many fans. Count us as just one of those.
4/30/2012parentThe school bill's itself as a great school and uses it's Newsweek ratings to secure state funding that it then distributes unfairly to the other uplift schools in the system. If you have a child there, enjoy the public school prices, but beware the human toll on your child as they spend every waking moment doing ridiculous college level homework from teachers with a poor command of the english language. The confuse RIGOR with RIGIDITY, and your student will find it unfair that the largest part of the student body is from India, and that the performance-driven parents will spring for outside tutoring or are engineers themselves, and their kids will test wonderfully even without any North Hills instruction. This gives the school great ratings even with sub-par teachers.
12/14/2011parentHow on EARTH this school gets a positive rating is quite questionable. Some of the worst teachers -- well, the worst are gone now -- but this place was not what the information here indicates. Hopefully they have changed when they rid themselves of several terrible faculty members over the past three years or so.
11/11/2011parentWe have been at North Hills for 5 years and this year we have a child in elementary, middle school and High School. We transferred from another school and I am always looking around and learning about other schools. I have to say that to date I have not found another school that compares. Academics and cultural diversity are celebrated. This new leadership tries to be flexible and attempts to show gratitude to parents. The kids themselves are lovely and accepting and curious of other races, cultures and of new kids. And, by the way, we have an incredible new building that houses science and the arts. My kids are happy to go to school and are even sad when summer vacation begins (they get over this pretty quickly) and happy when it resumes. They tell me that they wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Nothing is perfect, but if ones children are demonstrably happy with their learning environment and doing exciting project work, I guess I should be happy too.
11/10/2011otherThis school is very disorganized in the way they plan their lessons. In the beginning of the quarter, they relax, but at the end, they just pile work at you, and with all tension, it can fail you and cut you short from an honor roll.
7/17/2011parentI am very happy about the faculty and staff in North Hills, especially the teachers in 7th grade, I really think my son is so lucky to have a chance to work with those teachers. Parents and teachers have very good relationship. Every time, when I have any issue, I always got a prompt response from the teachers. I believe my son will have another incredible year in North HIlls.
7/17/2011parentOur family has been a part of North Hills Prep for 10+ years and we continue to be extremely satisfied with the social and academic environment it provides. North Hills Prep is a small school that attracts students from very diverse backgrounds and cultures - an amazing opportunity for our students. Our oldest graduated this year and was accepted into several elite colleges as were his classmates.
6/14/2011otherNorth Hills Middle and High School offer so many great programs thinking outside the box. The offer the International Bachelorette program (IB) which includes the Middle Years program (MYP). These programs offer so much to the kids in reference to accomplishing goals in more than one way. Thinking beyond what normal schools teach. The Theatre program incorporates all the other classes the kids take. They use algebra when measuring and taping off stages and building props, they use whatever the English teacher is teaching on what plays to do, etc. This school is amazing.
4/26/2011parentAs parents we are disappointed with the direction in which this school is moving. Their primary program is very good, but the middle and upper school programs are becoming worse. Many talented students leave the school before they enter high school. The student population is more than 50% Asians (mostly Indian). The excellent ratings/rankings that this school receives are the result of hyper-involvement of Asian parents in their kids education, not because of anything the school does. Now, they are trying to dumb down the curriculum (discontinuing Accelerated Math program, encouraging teachers to give less homework, etc.). They treat excellent teachers shabbily but recognize mediocre teachers. They are overcrowded, understaffed, and their facilities are horrendous (science labs are just regular class rooms that lack basic safety features like wash sinks and shower facility; many teachers don t have dedicated classrooms; many upper school teachers teach AP and IB curriculum in the same class, etc.). They keep saying they are short of funds, but then they lavish money on unnecessary events like the upcoming college signing day where they have reserved the Moody Coliseum at SMU.
4/19/2011parentWe've been at the school 10 years now - have a senior and a middle schooler. What a difference strong and effective leadership makes!!! NHP had become a school we were ready to pull our kids out of last year due to very poor leadership, an atmosphere of distrust and broken lines of communication. It never was like this, but a change in senior and MS directors over 3 years ago was disastrous! We're glad we decided to stick it out for another year (didn't have much choice with 1 child graduating!) and have been happy with the change in leadership at the school. the kids are happy, teacher morale is high, the administration listens to parents and takes the time to communicate.... Wonderful involved parents are a blessing at NHP! We particularly like the diversity, the strong history and english programs, creative art program (with limited facilities they do an incredible job!) and some dedicated teachers.
4/14/2011otherI am a student at NHP and it is the worst school I have ever attended! It is very rididulous and racist.
4/13/2010parentI love NHP, my son is a 6th grader and this is his firt year at NHP. He attended private school from K-5th grade. He is a A student in all of his classes, he is challenged academically. I find his teachers to be very nice and friendly. So glad I made the decision to apply to NHP.
4/9/2010parentI am also pulling my daughter out of North Hills after one. It was a disappointment to say the least. All they care about is preparing for the TAKS test and disipline. The teachers are rude, they don't return students e-mails when they have questions about school. They get mad if a student does not understand an assignment and asks questions. My daughter received her English text book in January, 6 months into the school year, your supposed to get them in the beginning of the school year, not when school is almost out for the year! Bad academics, poorly organized school. Oh well, back to private schools.
4/8/2010parentAfter 7 years at NHP I am pulling all my children out. It has definitely changed since Uplift took over. Poor facilities are one thing, but now the administration is actually harassing students. NHP has seen its best days.
5/17/2009studentI'm from North Hills myself and have gone there since 6th grade. It's a good school for people with good morals and high academic grades but thats it. For parents who have rebellious or below average kids you will be overwhelmed. Literally. I've seen a straight A student from a regular public school become a barely C one. If you enjoy challenges and close teacher student relationships then this school is for you. However if you're looking to put your trouble making child here in order to get them to college I suggest going elsewhere. Peer pressure here is not about drugs and being cool, it's about grades. But other than that our school has a 100% ratio of student going to college. Oh and let's not forget the art program. Next to Booker T's Art school from the VASE scores this past year we were second.
4/4/2009otherMixed Felling From an Alumnus (cont.) Most people with an IB Diploma are basically overqualified for their Freshman Studies classes in college. These changes, in my opinion, were done to make the school grow at an unnatural rate, sacrificing actual academic quality for perceived academic prestige. I would not automatically rule out North Hills, but I would recommend caution. I don't know how much more it will change in the future. Be aware that if you think 'This place is too good to be true,' it is.
4/2/2009studenti'm a student at north hills and i find it terrific i've learned a lot!
1/15/2009studentI am surprised to see the lack of valid arguments from parents towards the faults of the school. I have been a student since 2003 and will be graduating this year. Overall, the curriculum, although not always what I would consider fantastic, is challenging. The teachers are not afraid to give homework and come to expect more and more from students every year. The facilities are not top-grade, but I believe the school has done well with the limited funding that they have - in exception to the high school classrooms, which are vastly inferior to the elementary and middle school areas. The statements that the school is changing for the worst - are correct. Many fabulous teachers and administrators move or change career paths - and the school suffers greatly. The International Baccalaureatte Program offered, however, is the biggest plus of the school. Its teachers are still good, generally speaking.
12/14/2008teacherThe administration does not support or encourage quality teachers, and teacher turnover is extremely high. Most teachers are trying to do a good job but under very difficult working conditions and there is no system in place to deal with disruptive or unmotivated students. The administration is disorganized and tries to respond to problems instead of anticipating them and dealing with them in an effective and professional manner. The special ed department interferes too much with teachers who are trying to teach special needs kids to do the best they can and makes excuses fo them instead of encouraging them to learn.
10/10/2008parentMy kids have been in this school for 10 years. I have lived the rapid change NHP has experimented over the last 3 years and unfortunately things are changing for the worse. I would have to say that the new administration has lost contact with the parent community, making growth and size more important than quality academics.
6/6/2008parentThis school is a good alternative to your local school if you like uniforms and a safe environment for your children. The level of education provided is average, with only teaching to the TAKS test as the main educational goal. This school contuniues to re-invent the wheel when it comes to curriculum choices and standards. They can't keep teachers because their pay is well below regular districts and lack direction in their curriculum. The have lost their Kindergarten teams entirely, the last two school years due to lack of direction and mismanagement. If you have a sepcial needs student, avoid this school as they are viewed as second-class citizens. Save yourself the drive...
5/4/2008parentAcademically this school pushes our boys in the right direction. There does seem to be an underlying current, however, of administration and staff trying to play doctor and label kids with ADD and ADHD diagnoses, push pyschological testing and expensive treatments for kids and attempt to convince parents that their children need to be medicated. They talk diversity from a racial standpoint, but have very little use for diversity on a child by child basis. We've seen that many of the staff would prefer 'Stepford Kids' - all having the same bland behavior and leaving no room for personality differences. If your kids are easily controlled with no opinions of their own then'll you will fit in just fine. If your kids are exuberant, energetic and are excited about things easily they may be labeled as difficult, willful, angry, in need of Special Education and medication.
12/29/2007parentWe are in our second year at North Hills. I have a 2nd grader and one in K. We love the teachers and staff. We send our kids there for their education, not the facilities, which by the way are just fine. We travel 40 minutes one way from our house and it is completely worth it. My kids are thriving and my 2nd grader is reading on a 7th grade level. We will continue to assesss the situation each year, but I can not foresee taking my children out of this school.
12/16/2007studentAs a student of 7 years now I can say that this school is losing direction. In previous years this has been a strong school with good teachers and students who perform well. The school has undergone an administration change and I know from personal experience that the quality of education and genuine concern for children parents desire for their kids is NOT reflected by the current head of upper school.
10/16/2007parentWe are now in our 4th year at North Hills. We reassess this school every year, as we would any other - public or private - and to date, our kids are getting a great elementary education. Here s why: committed, competent, fun teachers; extracurricular activity opportunities (parents volunteer to coach soccer, basketball; there's a very active Girl/Boy Scouts program, after school classes for PSIA competitions and Math Olympiads); very involved families; an interesting, diverse student body; and on the whole, a genuinely nice group of kids. I m puzzled by the disgruntled individuals who resort to language like damage and pathetic . Families who do well at North Hills have high expectations not only for the school but also for their kids, and I believe that two-way commitment creates a very positive atmosphere at the school. All schools face challenges of some sort, but North Hills definitely works for our family.
10/15/2007studentThe principle complaints against North Hills is that it lacks facilities and extra-curricular activities. Everyone should know that North Hills is a charter school and therefore gets 25% LESS funding than regular public school. I also think that not everyone is going to be a perfect fit with the school. No school is absolutely perfect, and North Hills has its fair share of faults. That being said, North Hills has an excellent curriculum and both the teachers and students who are concerned about education have done an excellent job of making do while North Hills is going through this transition period.
9/26/2007otherI went there for 3 months. I then decided to go to a public school, and went into honors classes. I noticed that I had the same textbooks, but I was learning alot more at public school. I have so much fun at public school. I love attending football or basketball games, and I love the school experience. My mom says that she would never put another kid at north hills, because of the damage it did on me and my sister( who went to north hill s for 6 years- and then decided to go to public- and loved it!)
9/24/2007parentI like North Hill, I don't really think the facility problem will affect the kids, Most of the kids in North Hill are ready to take the challenge academic, I had subbed North Hill for 3 years, I really think North Hill provides a good environment to those gifted students. Teachers also did their best to help the students under very limited budget. Not every kid fits North Hill, Before you transfer your kid to this school, you should make a research about this shool.
9/15/2007parentThis school is very high in academics, but very low in everything else. The exra curric. activities are pathetic, they don't give enough programs for kids. The school only has 2 janitors, which results in horrendoes messes around the campus. It was built on a ranch and smells like horse droppings and fertilizer, everyday. If your kids have allergies, Be aware! They are very hard on getting work done and will literaly hunt the kids and parents down to finish them. The gym is a sad excuse for a fitness facility, and there is no field for kids to use except to polo field. But what worries me the most are the rules against using the facilities. Is that permitable in our sivilized world to limit our bathroom needs?
8/4/2007parentI have only been in this school for a year. In my limited experience (compared to the public school my child was in before), this school definitely lacks facilities. The school desperately needs more funds. Some substitute teachers are of poor quality. I was fortunate to have a good teacher.
7/24/2007parentThis school has undergone substantial change in the past year. It has a new administrative team (new head, new upper school, middle school and lower school principals, new college counselors, new IB coordinators, new registrar). Note that the administrative team that left over the past 18 months did so voluntarily. It also has averaged over 30% teacher turnover each year. According to the most recent state Academic Excellence Indicator System report, the average years of experience for teachers 6.1 and the average years a teacher has with the school is 2.4. It seems to have become a revolving door. I understand the school is ranked highly in Newsweek, but that is only based on number of AP and IB tests taken, not the pass rate of those tests. This school is certainly a school in transition.
4/24/2007parentMy children currently attend Arlington Classics Academy which is an accelerated charter school with many of the same goals as North hills. I am hoping to get my children into North hills since their current school only goes through 6th grade. I take offense to people having problems with the high academic expectations of both schools. ACA has a reputation of being a Homework school also, and I just do not see it with my kids. If your child is not ready for such a challenging environment then maybe this type of school is not for you. I am happy to have options like this available to us without having to bear the expense of private school. As far as the lack of sports or PE. You can pay for programs outside of school if you want to. These schools are about preparing kids for college in a competitive world.
3/16/2007former studentThis school has a nice envirnment, but there are not enough facilities. Also some of the teachers aren't orginized (enough).
1/10/2007parentMy wife and I had herd about TNHS through a friend and we are glad we did. My daughter is in kindergarten and is enjoying every minute of it. So far TNHS school has been a pleasant experience; we enjoy the open communication with my daughter's teacher . I like that the students are challenged everyday, which is essential for a strong academic foundation. I especially like the cultural and language diversity the school has; it is a very inclusive institution. I belive the academic curriculum has suited my child just fine; as a future educator myself, I believe that by starting a child out with a strong academic foundation, the sky is the limit. I look forward to many great years at TNHS. I would recommend this school to any parent that is concerned with their child's education. ~Salvador
12/29/2006parentMy children were all in gifted programs elsewhere so I thought this school would offer a better quality education and 'more.' Instead, it was just a bunch of busywork and stress. Some staff members were great, but they could not make up for the emotional damage done by the bad staff members.
10/26/2006parentHaving a first grader at TNHS who went to public school for Kindergarten, the difference is amazing. There is no huge amount of homework, and for those who question students being able to read in 1st grade, I think they should! :) Kids take a placement test early in the year, and the teachers get to find each student's strengths and weaknesses. There is high parent involvement, a safe environment, and the teachers really care about the students. Being a single parent, this school is a blessing for providing a private school education at a charter school price! My daughter is challenged on a daily basis, and the school has a very multicultural atmosphere. I will continue to keep my children at the North Hills School, and I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a high quality education for their children!
9/19/2006parentWe couldn't be more pleased with TNHS. We were initially concerned about the amount of homework, some people think it's not age appropriate, but we've had no issues at all. The teachers are passionate and committed, the best you'll see anywhere. Excellent academics, good structure, and an invaluable world perspective are available at this school. Private school education at a public school - it's a rare find. Parent involvement is strong because it's a school of choice.
5/1/2006parent This school has been listed by Newsweek as the #12 out of 100 best Nation wide Public Schools. Thanks to all the teachers and administrators. You have done us proud, please, keep it up.
4/7/2006parentLove the school. Teachers are more than willing to help the kids, they care. High standards across the board.
3/24/2006parentWe left this school after six months. The school touts itself as being academically superior. However, we found that the elementary curriculum was not age-appropriate. Carefully research this school before you enroll your young child. Be prepared to have the child sacrifice his/her childhood.
1/17/2006parentI couldn't be more thrilled with The North Hills School in the Las Colinas part of Irving, Texas. The school is IB accredited and provides an education on par with the very best private schools the DFW area has to offer. However, since it is a public school, thereby open to all with the charter school format, it also provides a melting pot of socio-economic and cultural demographics which couldn't possibly happen with an expensive private school. The school's facilities continue to improve and is athletically in the Texas UIL, offering virtually every major sport for boys and girls with the exception of football. We are fortunate to have the finances, and our children have the academic ability to go anywhere in the area, and we could not be happier with the approach of The North Hills School. These kids are students first and foremost, and attract like teachers as well.
12/27/2005parentOne of the best schools we have seen! Our son is in the 4th grade now and has been with the school for the past 4 years. Boy, are we happy to have him in North Hills !! The curriculum follows the International Baccalaureate programs in the Primary, Middle and High School and the quality comes through in everything the children do at school, home and in extra-curricular activities. The school adds enormous value to the overall attitude, educational experience and international outlook of the children and we are constantly amazed at the consistent high quality the school maintains in everything even though it may be easier to cut corners given the lack of full funding from the government. We would happily recommend the school to any child or family that values education (even though, we hear, every year it is getting tougher getting in)
9/20/2005former studentI thought that the school was wonderful and the best place for me. It helped me be really prepared for college.
8/4/2005parentNorth Hills has been a great school for our son. Although PE is not offered in the lower grades, the students do get a chance to go out and play. There is alot of parent involvement. The academic programs are great.
8/2/2005parentMy kids went to this school over 8 years (middle and upper) and were very happy with it. My eldest graduated from TNHS and has done very well in college. The school is offering more and more extracurricular activities such as Mock Trial and Mock UN as well as sports, The classes are generally small which is good. I do feel languages are very weak and we have not been happy with the Spanish teachers.
4/19/2005parentMy children have been at North Hills for 5 years...since primary started. While there is always room for imporvement, I have been pleased with the quality of education and the dedication of the teachers and staff. The work is challenging, and although I hear a lot about there being a lot of homework, that hasn't been our experience. Homework averages 30 minutes to an hour each night (but we do it without the TV, phone or computer interrupting!) I think North Hills is not the right choice for every student--it is a good choice for families who value the quality of education over athletics and who recognize that learning how to learn is ultimately what will enable a student to be successful in college. I'll put up with the challenges at North Hills for the college-prep environment they offer.
3/31/2005parentMy child has had a highly positive and happy experience in North Hills' first grade. There is a lot of homework and at times the discipline is a little much. But overall, there has been a lot of learning, a lot of fun and no lack of extracurricular activities. There are cub scouts, brownies, academic contests and more. I agree that its absurd to teach French when Spanish is more relevant to our children. Finally, I can tell you that North Hills does a great job getting children ready for college. There's a lot of work but no more than an AP program in a strong public or the curriculum in private high school. You think Hockady, St. Marks or Townview TAG doesn't have homework? After only 7 years, North Hills has a higher average SAT score than any public funded school in the Metroplex except Highland Park. The results speak for themselves.
3/8/2005parent1st Grade is run like a military school which is really not appropriate for 6-7 year olds, I think. If you like that kind of style, this school is for you. First Grade home work will knock the happinness of your child's face. They have more homework, I'm told then 2nd and 3rd grade students! Big push on handwriting(lots of it) and academics. Light on music. I wish Spanish was taught along with French(which is only once a week). Level of parent involvement is high by force (required or pay some $ in lieu of volunteering hours).
2/14/2005studentThe North Hills School is a school for students who are willing to give up their lives to prepare themselves for college. Most kids in elementary and middle school are not thinking about what college they are going to go to at such a young age. By the time the child enters high school, they are so sick of all the work to even try to put forth an effort. NHS has the basic classes and very few if any specialty classes that could help in career decisions. They also have a very limited number of extracurricular activities.
1/25/2005parentGood academics. Lot of parent involvement.
11/22/2004parentInside Scoop for 1st Grade: children are expected to read by 1st Grade. Unbalanced curriculum, focused on way too much writing for 6 year olds. Parent involvement by a minority of parents is very good. French is only once a week not twice a week like you may have heard. Not enough exposure to a second language to really be fluent in it. Equipment like computers is dismal in primary schools especially 1st Grade. If you live in Plano spare your child the grief to drive all the way to Irving. If you live in the Irving/Dallas school district, I can maybe understand your need to send your child here, but not some of the North Dallas suburbs like Coppell, Southlake and Plano. Way too much homework for 1st Graders, definitely not grade appropriate.
11/3/2004parentThe North Hills school has been the best possible option for my son. He has been attrnding the school since the 4th grage. He has been able to do the level of work he was ready to do rather than what was concidered appropriate for students of the given grade. I feel very lucky to have found this school for my son because it has and will continue to make a difference in how he succeeds later in life.
9/22/2004parentI have four children who are or have attended North Hills. The two oldest began as 5th and 6th graders the first year of the school operation. The oldest failed several classes due to failure to do/turn in homework and completed the senior year at the local district school with good grades. I believe the lessons in completing tasks and fulfilling personal responsibilities are more important than grades. I expect my other children to complete high school at North Hills having learned object lessons from their sibling. I expect my oldest to do well in college and career having learned these painful lessons at North Hills.
9/17/2004parentThis school has been rated too highly. It believes that excellence is achieved through more homework and not learning. The teachers have been noted for giving out 'busy work.' My daughter attended this school and hated it. Now, she is in a much better school and much happier. The administration does not meet the needs of the students and many of the educators are not educated in the specific Teacher Education credits to understand how to better prepare the students. I have received my Bachelor's in Psychology and feel this school is not prepared for the 'future.' Many of the students are unhappy but are forced to attend by way of their parents, which is a shameful act.
5/10/2004parentI think The North Hills School is an excellent school for those looking for a good education and preparation for college. My only complaint is the homework. It is assigned to the extent that kids at this school will have little or no time for acitivities outside of school. My 8th grade daughter has been constantly doing homework for the last 3 years so we are leaving North Hills at the end of this school year. I do regret having to leave the school because the teacher/student ratio is very acceptable and, I feel the school does provide a safe environment for all it's students.
4/22/2004parentMy daughter (11th grade) and son (5th grade) both attend North Hills. My daughter is in International Baccalaureate program, which is recognized as the most challenging of high school academic programs. Very few schools are able to meet the requirements to offer it. Small classes, commitment to excellence and strong parental involvement. Very safe environment. I highly recommend the school to any parent seeking a small school with high academic standards. If your child is not committed to achieve at an above average level, this is not the right school.
10/24/2003parentWe have had kids at this school since it's second year and seen amazing growth. Although not perfect (no school is) we have been very happy with its demanding curriculum and secure environment.
9/11/2003parentMy daughter is in the 9th grade this year, she has been at North Hills for 4 years. The teachers are great, they take a personal interest in each student. I believe she is being challenged every day, and will be prepared to attend the college of her choice. The small classes give the teachers and students a chance to get to know each other both personal and academically. The majority of parents are very involved with their children in and out of school. I recommend North Hills for anyone that wants a good education for their child/children.

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