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Redeemer Montessori School
2700 Warren Circle
Irving, TX 75062
(972) 257-3517
private | PK-6
County: Dallas


  School Head OfficialYear
Jennifer Davey2010
9/17/2011otherIf you are a parent aware of the Montessori system of education-then you walk into a montessori school with a certain set of expectations.RMS did not meet those expectations for me.I would advise parents looking at Montessori education to personally research/talk to teachers of the school, (not just principal)before taking a call.Having Montessori materials in a classroom does not make it an authentic Montessori school.
5/8/2010parentWe love RMS! Our son is finishing up his second year here and will be returning for his third next fall. Redeemer Montessori does a great job of keeping the Montessori traditions without compromise. They have a wonderful Montessori based Christian education program the parents can enroll their child in which allows the child to decide how to interpret their own faith. They also provide yoga and music classes. The children are taught to respect their learning - they choose a 'work', not a toy. They are taught to respect glass and liquids from a young age and are able to develop a pride in self-accomplishment.
11/10/2009parentThis school is extraordinarily good. My son has attended from pre-primary to upper Elementary (he is now in grade 3) and my daughter is currently in pre-primary. The teachers and director are first rate, the program (one of only 3 AMS accredited schools in the DFW metroplex) is phenomenal, and the music program is also amazing. My son is gifted and is very challenged and happy in the program. My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 2 with a significant speech delay, but my husband and I have been amazed at how the diversity and individual attention at this particular Montessori school has allowed her to flourish and progress both intellectually and socially. The progress of both children has been outstanding. We are most happy with this school and would recommend it enthusiastically to parents who value independent thinking and who care about the quality of their children's education.
10/26/2009parentI am a parishioner of the church that supports Redeemer Montessori. So, I have been involved in supporting this great school since before my child was born and there has never been a doubt that RMS is where she would attend! They have an amazingly talented and dedicated staff, all eager to keep parents informed and involved. The class ratio is well within acceptable limits and the classroom materials are wonderful! My friend who has a child in another Montessori school out-of-state warned me to 'listen' when I first visited the school to sign up my child. The sound of children engaged in learning is very different from the sound of teachers trying to control kids in between worksheets! =-) A wonderful school!
5/7/2009parentLove this school! Both of my children attend Redeemer. They provide so many opportunities for parents to get involved- at school and at home. the teachers are outstanding. 4 diffent extra cirriculars are offered. before and after school care- summer sessions- it's a really family firendly and welcoming environment.
3/23/2009parentmy two children attend Redeemer- we are so happy here. We tried Las Colinas Montessori and really did not get a good vibe there they were not welcoming to new families and the director was quite disagreable at times. At Redemer we have felt welcomed fom day one. The Director is a very skilled Montessorian. The teachers have been there for over 15 years in many cases. Out children love going to school and they seem to be learning well at their own pace. If you are sold on montessori this is the school for you. It is very authentic and the teachers are very skilled. if you don't know about montesori- fnd out about it before enrolling- it's a differently style of teaching and in some ways is very counter cultural. i think those who were not happy with this school did not fully appreciate the montessori classroom.
11/12/2008parentThis school is ok. I think the administration is well organized and it has a beautiful playground in a park like setting. The calsses are well equiped witha variety of montessori materials but there are too many kids in one class - 24 ! Kids don't get a lot of attention one-on-one. However if you are into discipline & academics, i urge you to think twice. They don't motivate or encorage students to excel academically. I am glad i pulled my child out before they were too behind than their peers. just like any school, its the passionate teachers who will make the difference and will set the school apart. We did not find that here with a few exceptions !
11/30/2007parentRMS is a great school. They might not have newest material like other schools do in classroom. But they certainly doing the best for children. Both my girl, 3 years apart all go there since 2004. At RMS, learning is a fun activates. Go to school, is like going for fun everyday, and they learn well too. The best part I think this school successful in teaching kids respect of others (anything, include teachers and classmates). It is sad why the previous said the racial problem. My kids are the 'minority' in the school. As I can see, there is no special treats for everyone in the school.
9/6/2007parentRMS may not be for everyone, but we have found it to be perfect for our two children. From our observations, the children at RMS have fun learning and seem to be learning at an accelerated pace, but without the stress and chaos found in many other schools. The school has a successful track record of nearly 30 years. I have met several successful young adults who said they got their start at RMS with Ms. Gita. It is sad to see two negative postings from people who apparently let personality conflicts influence their assessment of the school. We have been at the school since 2000 and have not witnessed anything remotely close to the type of problems mentioned in those reviews.
8/23/2007parentThis is my 1st year in putting my daughter in school at RMS and she loves it. She comes home everyday and tell me all about it. She used to be very shy and conservative, but now she interacts with other children and loves to stay in school. Teachers are great and very caring and loving with other children. I love how they teach the kids how to become independent on their own. My daughter is loving this school a lot.
6/30/2007parentOur son attended this school from 06/06 to 10/06. Sorry to say but we would not recommend this school to anyone. Principal/Director one sided and does not treat all parents equally.
5/24/2007parentAll four of my children have attended Redeemer Montessori School (RMS). RMS has nurtured my children's curiousity into a love of learning. It has been a blessing for our family that we found this school.
3/24/2006parentOur children have attended Redeemer Montessori since they were both three years old. We are extremely happy with the school's nurturing environment. Children are challenged to learn in a way that is fun for them.
2/4/2006parentMy child has attended RMS for 3 years. She is very well rounded, knows more about different countries and cultures that I do. She is reading proficiently in Kindergarten. She also has strong basic French and Spanish. In addition to the academics it is the strong love for learning. Understanding of her environment and respect for others that has sold me on the Montessori Method and RMS.
9/13/2005parentMy daughter just started there this year, and we are thrilled with the program! She is four, and she comes home everyday with more things she has learned. She tells us her new Spanish words, the names of the continents, how she is learning beginning sounds so that she can be a reader, etc. She loves to go to school and to learn. We are impressed with the teachers and the administration, as well as the diversity in the classroom. It is a very well-run school that depends on and expects high parental involvement and volunteerism. I think that also makes the school stronger. We cannot wait for our son to get old enough to attend as well!
4/11/2005parentThe school environment is really good and the teachers are highly qualified. It would be the first preference for me to recommend!
1/31/2005parentthey dont deal well with racial issues.
11/19/2004parentThis is an excellent school. It provides a great academic foundation for young children. The teachers are highly qualified, and the student/teacher ratio is great. Unfortunately, it only goes through the third grade.

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