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Universal Academy
2616 N MacArthur Blvd
Irving, TX 75062
(972) 255-1800
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charter | PK-12
County: Dallas


  Class SizeGradeYear
18 2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/28/2012parentThis used to be an excellent school, they changed the principal in the last couple years and the dynamic shifted from encouraging parent involvement to an unfriendly, very restrictive, very 'punitive' environment for the students where the parents have little to no involvement except for monetary donations. This school use to have a nice student body 'mix' now the school is 99% Indian. If you want a military school environment then UA is for you. UA's BEST days are behind them!
8/16/2012teacherAll future UA employees. Please know that its an unwritten rule that all teachers who teach at UA will NEVER, I repeat, WILL NEVER receive a recommendation from the principal to work at any other school. This is used to retain teachers as it seems to be mandatory to have this recommendation at all decent schools. This is governed and enforced by the owners of the school and any administrator that is caught writing a recommendation will be fired. You will be classed an unhirable upon leaving UA by the administration upon choosing not to sign up for another year and all future employers will call the school and receive statement. Know what you are getting into before you choose this as a place of employment.
10/11/2011parentUniversal Academy is a phenomal school. UA's staff is certified just as other teachers in the State of Texas. UA meets the same teacher requirement as other traditional public schools. UA competes and wins at district and state level UIL events such as Drama and Art. As a parent my children are my greatest investment in life and I would never allow them to attend any institution of learning that is sub-standard. I have three children that attend Universal Academy (11th , 1st and PK). I would not consider sending my children to any other school. We have been at UA for 12 years and I'm proud of the academic success of each of my children. I would not hesitate to put them up head to head with any child from any other school. Universal Academy knows the formula for academic success and I am extremely blessed to have my children be part of this success. UA believes in their students and their students achieve! Universal Academy Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents - Let's always continue doing the things that have made us great! Together We Fly! - Y. Brown
10/2/2011otherAs an insider who was chosen to be a secret shopper for charter schools this school is horrible! Most of the staff is not highly qualified to teach. The building is not up to standards. Classroom sizes are very small the equipment if any is either broken or does not work. They lack in technology education for children, your child will not go to art, music, computer lab, drama, on a yearly basis. The curriculum is lacking. No science lab, books, or up to date technology. Admin only cares to make parents happy bc kids will keep attending this place and each kid provides them government money. Micro managed school with unqualified educators and admin. Please DO NOT send your child here. Public school is much better. Do your research, ask questions, etc. Principal is not even qualified at an administration level so sad.
2/8/2011parentMy both kids go to Universal Academy. I am very happy with their performance in their academics.I am amazed by the efforts teachers put for their personal growth of a child when it comes to personality & discipline as well.It can only happen when teacher spends appropriate time with each student and that teacher is able to outline the personality and intellectual level of each child.It has helped me allot in their personal grooming.For me, education is not the only thing I look into if I send my kids to particular school, Its a place to learn and that definitely includes all the aspects to child's positive growth. I have seen allot of change in my kids owing to their one year education in UA..Feels great that you get results without stressing out your child to any other sources of education like Kumon or Gideon. One does not require any outside education resource if you are going to this school.It has it all.Their extra curricular activities have improved which I am very happy about. Great School,Supportive Teachers, Clean Environment and very responsive PTO..Love it...
2/3/2011teacherI taught at this school for a short time. I left after I realized they had limited curriculum, few working computers, no soap in the bathrooms (students are expected to use hand sanitizer that is brought with their school supplies, teachers who are uncertified (most) are rarely given the support needed to get certified because the administrators know that once teachers are certified they will leave, the library is a joke, teachers have almost no time to plan their lessons, and teachers have been paid weeks late because the school lacked funding (also heath insurance has been canceled for non-payment). Do not believe the hype. This is not better than the public education your student could receive down the street. Blocks away, your student could have access to experienced and educated teachers, working computers, a real library, supplies available for science projects and field trips, professional administrators, and quality music, art, physical education, computer classes, and extracurricular activities. Please visit your local school and compare the difference.
11/4/2010otherI love this school! When I had started fourth grade here, I thought I would be left out because I had recently moved from Philadelphia. But I started making friends and I was really enjoying the classes and activities provided by the school. The teachers and staff are great here. I am proud to be an Eagle!
10/5/2010otherUA is horrible. Teachers & Administration is unqualified (check TEA to see if they are certified). They run this school as a business, profiting off the students by charging uniform violations & outrageous fees. "DieHard" students are leaving to go to ISDs. Your child deserves better than UA.
9/2/2010parentUniversal Academy is one of the best schools in the state of Texas. My child has been a student at UA since he started school and he is now well above average due to the outstanding curriculum and teachers. I have never experienced anything but great things at Universal Academy. I think it is sad that people have nothing else to do but trash a great school!
7/8/2010teacherThis school is horrible. Do NOT send your children here. The administration is unqualified to run this school. It is 2 sisters and their mother who run it (she is 87 years old and needs to retire...she has no clue about current education). They threaten the staff with their jobs and talk down to parents as though they are children. Many teachers are not even highly qualified/certified to teach in the state of Texas. They wonder why their test scores are horrible?? Please stay away from this school!!!
6/14/2010parentDealing with the Staff in Admissions department is a nightmare. Most unprofessional approach and unorganized. They dont listen your concern.. rather says - listen to me. This is it. Parents-Beware.. UA is no longer a great school.
5/30/2010parentBoth Principals at the Coppell campus are not well qualified. They do not seem to have any leadership experience. There is no transparency. Where exactly is all the money parents are donating going?? I know they receive less funds than a public school, but there is never enough money. Be careful. I went to a great public school here in the DFW area. The children here do not have adequate resources--computers, projectors, desks, microscopes, gym lockers, enough bathrooms etc.
10/29/2009parentWe had the same experience as well at Universal Academy in Irving. Disciplinary measures lean towards threatening/yelling and we did not find it to be a nuturing positive situation for my 1st grader. We have since enrolled him in a public school where he is thriving.
10/15/2009parentMy child is a kindergartner at the Coppell campus. I have 2 older children in MS East and know what elementary schools are suppose to be like. This school falls short in every way except academics. I am impressed they give the kids homework daily in kindergarten w/ nightly reading journals-first grade level reading/math. However this is not a warm school. My father attempted to pick up my child and was verbally berated for not using the crosswalk. I have been screamed/whistled at to get out of the school at a parent night when I hadn't gotten to talk to my son's teacher yet...you'd think there was a fire in the school. I as a parent was talked to like a child...no love - more drill sargeant type attitude, which comes across rude to me. I have asked to volunteer multiple times at this school and have yet to be called.
8/11/2009teacherInitially so much promise was held for Universal Academy of Coppell, however dealing with the adminsitration has been tremendously frustrating and unorganized. How extremely disappointing that a school which held so much potential has fallen short in execution. Bless Ms. Brown for her efforts to make things 'work' in the front office. Communication and organization between the Parents and Administration has been lacking. In the end the children are disadvantaged. Parents beware...
7/18/2009otherUniversal Academy, Irving. This 'school' is a business. Though UA recieves Federal and State monies, there is still the need to charge the students for activities that are free at public schools; failure to pay for these activies results in non-participation. Fines for uniform violations are also considered a form of revenue generation. The number of certified teachers is alarmingly low and the 'cohorts' generally lack administrative certification. Curriculium is inconsistent as is any tpye of unified approach to implementation of scope and sequence. Teachers, especially in the elementary, do not appear to use diversification and rely heavily on yelling and threatening for classroom management. Communication, between UA and parents is poor; communication between staff and teachers is poor.
7/17/2009otherUniversal Academy-Coppell is a great school to attend and work at. The staff are very close and always willing to give helping hands to each other. The test scores from this past school year allowed this school to achieve an Exemplary Rating from the state. The teachers work hard and do the best that they can with little parental involvement in school activities. I would like to see the parents become involved in their child's academic success, but I do not want the parents to be overbearing and unreasonable. I would recommend this school for its academics, but we still need to work on the athletic program.
7/6/2009teacherUnprofessional staff, administration and policies...computers are not available for students and for some teachers, no hands-on activities in math and science. The only curriculum is test taking skills. I do not recommend this school for anyone to enroll their child or work at.
5/18/2009parentMy son has been going to UA- coppell since 1st grade. The school is awesome and teachers are doing the best. Talking of communication problem, the parents fail to understand that their is something called volunteer or participating in your kids school. Parents who complaint need to ask themselves how much or how many times they have participated in their kids school. Teachers sure could use some extra help. Teachers have more than 20 kids and parents to deal with that is lot of work.
5/11/2009parentCoppell campus is excellent. My daughter is in 5th grade but she is studying 6th grade and above curriculam.Every day she is doing some new challanging work.
4/23/2009parentI would not recommend this school to anyone. My son attends this school and the communication is horrible, the respect to parents is lacking and the CEO and the individual over the PK program are so unprofessional. After reviewing their rank, which is only a 5, my child will not return to UA next year. UA had a Tuesday meeting once a month and that is so unorganized I have yet to learn something. I recommend parents to review the test scores at this school of the past three year before putting your child here. The teachers are great, they work with what they have. Kudos to the teachers for putting up with the directors.
5/18/2008otherI have two children that attend UA-Irving; the only complaint I have is that parents have not taught their children how to behave and respect adults. Teachers are underpaid for what they have to deal with on a daily basis. Then you have parents that want to question what the teacher is doing in the class to their child; the question should be what is their child doing to the teachers. Universal has high expectations of the teachers and the students. Some of the students that attend UA would not last one day in an ISD school, they would get kicked out for disrupting the class. Parents are not allowed in the classroom because they are unprofessional which in return causes the unruly misbehaved student to act out. My children are excelling and exceeding expectations.
4/22/2008parentMy child has attended this school since age 3. The experience was great...in the beginning. Now in 3rd grade I've grown less impressed with the school. Academic program is good but communication with teachers has diminished. Administrative side is horrible. I noticed field trip permission slips noted: Funds for field trips are non-refundable. So when trips are cancelled, what happens to the money? The children earn jean day privileges through good behavior but also have to pay $1. The uniform policy now fines the children for missing uniform items ie., ties, belts, wrong shoes. I bought 3 ties and my daughter lost all of them. She's been fined $2 for a missing tie & belt. We will not return for 2008-09, I've located a public school with an excellent curriculum and results to support.
10/26/2006parentUniversal Academy is an outstanding school with very professional, caring and outstanding administrators, faculty and staff members. My son is in his 7th year at Universal Academy. Universal Academy sets high expectations for their students. It is wonderful to see children challenged in order for them to realize their full potential. I have nothing but outstanding things to say about Universal Academy and its staff. They realize that education is a journey and they are committed to helping every child achieve academically and socially. They have taught their students how to soar to the heights of eagles and to find a place where few go and only the very best can reach! Universal Academy deserves to be commended for a job well done!
10/22/2006parentUniversal Academy is a top-notched school! Our daughter has attended this school since pre-K and she continues to excel. This school nurtures an environment of exellence. In addition to having great teachers this school strives in self discipline. What I find the problem to be with most parents is that they allow the children to run them at home and when they come to school they aren't allowed to run-over these teachers at this school. This school demands discipline! Discipline is simply being willing and obedient to do what you are told to do! We love this school (Which includes the staff here and the curriculum.)
7/14/2006parentThis school is going down. The high school courses are taught highly below standards. The kids rode the buses on extreme high temperature days far from school with no air conditioning. Pre-K and K-5 must be perfect kids before attending a field trip. I have been told that the Irving Campus will be remodeled, yet half of the building has no air conditioning. I have been told that since it is chartered, there are no funds. However, according to the school's federal tax return, this school receives more funding than most charter schools in the DFW area. The school has a board but the CEO and administrator (sisters) control everything. They are very unprofessional. This school appears to operate as a business, however it may soon fail.
5/11/2006parentUniversal Academy is an outstanding educational experience for children as well as the families. The academics are accelerated, and include homework as well as supplemental activities that require parental involvement in their child's education. It's exciting to see the music program improving and expanding, and the children's artwork becoming more and more refined as they grow. The main extracurricular activity which I'm most pleased with is their chess club. The children work very hard and compete in chess tournaments. Because of the strong academics, parental involvement is a necessity, which is a strong point of the school. The parents are very tight-knit and know each other. This will be my fourth year at Universal Academy, and I am still excited and thriled that our children have the opportunity to have such an outstanding education. I can highly recomment Universal Academy as a great educational institution.
2/15/2006parentI have three children in this school, lately I have been re-evaluating to see if my children are at the right place. A year ago, we could call the teachers after hours and find out what is wrong. Now, I barely have contact with teachers (with the exception of my 4th grader).
1/17/2006parentOur son has completed the first semester of the first grade at Universal Academy. We are very pleased with the school and its academic program. We attend each parent meeting, because it gives us a chance to speak with his teacher and get some feed back about how he is progressing. Our son really loves the school and his teacher. This is our son's first year at Universal Academy and we plan to keep him there for the next school year. We tell everyone we know about the school. We also love the uniforms, and our son enjoy wearing his tie every day. I encourage any parents looking for a school to check out Universal Academy.
8/3/2005parentThe school seems to be very strong in its academics. The students come to learn and the teachers are there to help in any to reach their goals.
7/25/2005parentThe teachers do not communicate effectively and professionally with the students and parents. The teachers do not follow through with what they say. Maybe a change will come and the school will get turn back around.
6/9/2005parentgreat staff and great policies like uniforms.
6/9/2005parentThe school is great. I love the teachers and their policies. They are very involved with the students and getting them to excel.
4/15/2005parentUniversal academy has exceptional educational programs. The school could greatly benefit from more parent involvement, and also from enriching their extra-curricular activities.
12/3/2004parentMy children have been attending Universal Academy for the past two years. In the beginning I was satisfied with the education they have received. My concern is the professionalism of the entire staff and teachers at Universal. There are several concerns with inadequate supplies for student use. This school could really be a high quality school if the staff, teachers, and parents pull together to achieve this.
10/24/2004parentMy son attened UA of Irving. I have to say we were treated with no respect at all. It is a moslty black school. At first we had no problem with that. I was raised were color of skin didnt raise any issues. But I soon found out that I wasnt the only one who was being shoved aside. When you did give feed back in which that asked us to do. The (whites) were shoved to the side. I only found this out by talking to another mother who said she was treated very harshly too. She took her son out before I did. I really wished I had sooner. I don't think this school is all together in fairness.
9/22/2004parentThis is my daughter's first year at UA. I transferred her from public school because I have heard nothing but good things about the curriculum and the teachers. During the first few weeks of school, I had a few problems with her behavior, but that was quickly resolved with the help of the teachers, principals, councelors, and directors. We all joined forces to take care of the problems and that within itself says a lot about the staff at UA. I often find myself dropping in on her classes and her teachers invite me in with open arms. If the Lord says the same, my daughter will continue to go to UA until she graduates. Keep up the good work.
9/19/2004parentMy daughter attended pre-k at this school for a month. I withdrew her because the work given to her wasn't challenging her. I addressed my concerns with the principal who was courteous but no help in solving the problem. He referred me to the director over the pre-k program. The director was rude, disrespectful, and uncaring toward me. Also this school's disciplinary procedure is corporal punishment. I find this type of discplinary action unacceptable. I teach my children violence is not answer and attitude is very important. Universal Academy has the wrong attitude and doesn't accept any constructive feedback from parents. The overall experience was horrible for my daughter and me, the parent. I would never recommend this school to any parent.
8/19/2004parentI am sad,I am forced to put my daugh. back into IISD.I was fed up with IISD for my son and daugh.(10yr between both.)I prayed looking for a school that offered a high academic level.IISD had no books,rude teachers and was teaching from films and would not let the students take notes. When my son was in IISD I was told there were not enough books, 10 yrs later, the books were out of date. At UA.Academics are awsome, I am a teacher in Children's Church for 3-6 yrs, I can tell which child attends UA and the one that does not. UA children can write,spell,read and behave at church. I have enrolled my child because of down sizing, all of her credits transfered. I had not doubt,when my daughter attended her games, she was well taken care of. UA grew fast because another chrter school closing, growing pains are visual. Good Luck UA! We will miss you!
8/11/2004parentMy child attends Universal Academy and I am very pleased with the academic success that she has received since being at the school. At this time, my child is above reading level and its due to the thanks of the teachers, reading coordinators, after school staff, and the librarian of the school that has made this possible. True, there are some problems that should be worked out but with every good plan come problems but you should not focus on the problem but the solution. Through all of the U.A. problems that have occurred within the years, it still has not effected the education that the teachers have given to those children. But let's just be real, is there any perfect school anywhere? No there is not. If you can not be apart of the solution then you are apart of the problem. As a parent, I am apart of the solution.
7/27/2004parentMy daughter has been in UA since the 4th grade. In recent times the school has seemed to have 'dropped the ball'. They have financial problems with keeping things together, which in consequence has certain members of the staff selling junk food to the kids to slowly straw away from the red zone in debt. Recently the school has chosen to drop grades ten through twelve three weeks before scholl starts again in a mandatory meeting held july 27th 2004. The kids have worked hard to graduate early with honors and extra credits, but with no gurantee that there transcripts will be accepted at new schools if they can find one in time for school to start.
7/13/2004parentMy child attended UA for the first year this year. I am pleased with the teachers and the level of education my child received. My child came from public school with so-called behavior problems. Through a counselor I changed schools and was pleased. My child did not have one behavior problem beside the normal talking and giggling when you're not supposed to be. But if you don't get those giggles out sometimes I would be concerned. The school overall doesn't look great, but I volunteered as much as possible to see exactly what was really going on. I will admit I did see some questionable behavior sometimes here and there, but no one school is perfect. During TAKS time, I was very well pleased with the level of education the kids were getting. My son wil be returning this year and is looking foward to returning also.
5/17/2004parentMy daughter has been at UA, Irving for 2 years. They have an excellent academic program. But the environment and mentality are very questionable. I agree with the parent below that states, 'as long as you don't are blatantly rude when it comes to respect of the parent and a lot of timest the student. The 'know it all' attitude is what is keeping my child from attending there another year. I am very offended at the attitudes and the skill level currently at UA. Parents please consider when enrolling your child what attitudes are being taught.
2/25/2004parentWe love Universal Academy. I have been a parent at this school since 1998. My son is one of the first Pre-K students to start at Universal Academy. This school has given my child a great start in education.
10/28/2003parentThey will tell you that parent involvement is required however as long as you do not share you own opinion on something, you are fine but if you have a problem or an issue (like no soap or toilet paper in bathroom) you are quickly pushed aside. Most of the times the water fountains do not work. If you child graduates from this school, be prepared to hear 'school not qualified' on your scholarship reject letters.
8/25/2003parentThe teachers at Universal Academy are highly intelligent, friendly and truly teach children how to succeed! As long I am in DFW my son will attend Universal Academy.
8/10/2003parentMy Daughter has completed 3 years at Universal Academy. She is approaching her forth year. I love the school. I Volunteer almost everyday. The open door policy procedure to sit in on classes when deemed necessary. They expect and require parent involvement.

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