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Vanguard Academy
1200 E Kelly
Pharr, TX 78577
(956) 283-1700
charter | PK-12
County: Hidalgo


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8/25/2012parentMy daughter completed her first year at Vanguard and she absolutely loves this school. My daughter is recieving a quality education at this school. My nephew transferred from Harvest (private school in Mcallen), and he said that the curriculum at Vanguard was much more challenging than Harvest and Central Christian. There is homework Monday-Thursday, so be prepared to invest time working with your child. It is a great school and my daughter and I couldn't be happier.
3/5/2012otherMy little brother attends Vanguard Academy and he loves it there he's been attending this school for about 3 years now and he couldn't be happier, Vanguard offers many activities aside from the academic it's great. My little brother says this school challenges him to do his best and that he actually learns something new every day.
2/7/2012parentVanguard is great! Every aspect of this school is ten times better than any other school. It takes a good leader to have a great school and that is obvious at Vanguard. We have been a part of the Vanguard family for over five years and never have experienced anything remotely close to what upset parent is posting (Dec. 14.) There are two sides to every story....makes me wonder. LOVE VANGUARD:)
12/14/2011parentThe principal is terrible - she lets her teachers mouth off during parent teacher conferences when she should be training them to be respectful, professional and mindful of who they're speaking to. Without the parents, there would be no students for their precious school.
12/14/2011parentPrincipal leadership is horrible. The principal doesn't hold herself nor her staff accountable. She is quick to suspend children as young as 4yrs old for ridiculous things. There is no counselor at this school because they cannot afford one. There is a major lack of understanding and professionalism with much of the staff - administration mostly. They claim to not tolerate bullying, but my child has been bullied repeatedly and when I complained to both Teacher and principal about it, nothing was done. I was pretty much made to feel by the teacher that my child was lying about these incidents because she didn't witness them herself. If you are truly considering sending your child here, I would reconsider - it's not what it appears to be. I will be withdrawing my child next semester. This is not a federally funded school, so be prepared to pay for everything - there will be a barrage of fund raisers and if you choose not to participate, you will still be held responsible for events such as field trips for $50 worth. When school supply shopping, you'll be asked to provide OFFICE SUPPLIES as well.
7/20/2011otherI once was a student here and all I have to say is that if you son/daughter isn't charismatic they wont use them for any thing.
6/25/2011otherI was once a student there. And I believe that it is the most spontaneous academic school I have attended. It will keep your child fully enjoyed with the academic lessons and events that occur in that academic school. I guarentee to all you parents out there, you will be blown away by how much your child/children will achieve in just days by just attending Vanguard Academy.
3/20/2011parentI'm sorry to hear that the parent of the review posted february 16, 2011 doesn't feel that the students in Vanguard are not challenged academically. However, I have to disagree. My children attended Vanguard. My daughter who is a special needs child, was challegened academically, and being a junior in high school (at the time vanguard did not have upper high school grades) is now enrolled in AP classes. My son, who is dyslexic, was also challegened academically, and being a freshman, he also has AP classes. So, yes, VACS does challege all students to exceed academically. Also, the charter school does not teach to test as most public schools do.
3/18/2011parentMy children LOVE VANGUARD ACADEMY!! I was very unhappy with the public school atmosphere and all I can say is I am so Blessed to have them here.. I recommened this school 100%.. ; )
2/25/2011parentVanguard Academy is the most AWESOME school ever. I have four children and they all are a part of VACS. We are so blessed with all the faculty and staff of Vanguard Academy. The school has come a very long way and I am very satisfied with what they have accomplished with what they have been given.
2/16/2011parentI have to say that this school is definately better than a public school. My child has attended VA for 3 years. Prayer is still accepted and the principal is very curteous, however I feel that she lacks the leadership skills and tact when dealing with issues. She is quick to brush off the responsibility and hold her staff directly accountable when the miscommunication tends to be on her behalf. All the teachers my daughter has had were very respectful and available when I needed to meet with them, but there never fails to be obvious favoritism toward students. Issues among student peers tend to go unnoticed and I fear it may be due to lack of observation on the teachers part or lack of supervision. If your child is advanced they will not excell here as classes are not divided by academic abilities. Creatively the children are challenged and exposed to the arts including drawing, painting, music, gymnastics, karate etc, but I feel they should be challenged just as much academically.
6/4/2010parent(Previous Poster) PS I guess I should also mention that my child LOVES Vanguard. I've asked my son if he misses his old private school, where he had all his friends and was a student for 4 years. His answer? Not at all. "They were all spoiled rich kids, these kids are more down to earth" So if my child is happy in his enviroment, he is more apt to learn and retain!!! Which makes one happy mom! We as parents want to know that our children are happy and learning and safe. After all, their teachers have them alot more than we do during school months.
5/26/2010parentThis is my daughter's first year in this school and I like their challenging academic programs as well as developing their students God given talents and creativity. My daughter loves all her teachers except one that gives them a lot of work to do so she can spend more time in the computer and texting rather than teaching.. I hope this teacher will improve because students are very observative and they need a role model to look up to. Overall, I like this school.
4/26/2010parentVanguard has grown in numbers in the last few years. However it needs to improve in the number of computers per classroom definitely a library and participate in UIL competitions. GT students need to have a little more rigor in the curriculum with a more hands on approach such as developing products, creating a newsletter, researching a topic and just overall 'thinking outside of the box' Less time she be spent on TAKS only preperation.
3/14/2010parentAfter attending a private school for four years, we transferred my son to Vanguard and were just as happy there. He attended Vanguard for 5 years. We were very pleased with the atmosphere and faculty who were all a positive influence. I have passed by the school and it is growing by leaps and bounds! I am so happy for them. My hope is that Vanguard will blossom into a full, well-rounded high school. It is Pharr's best-kept secret.
9/24/2009parentthats not ture each teacher has 20 to 25 children there makimg vanguard to very pretty its not
9/22/2009parentThe After School Arts Program has been a real blessing to me... where else can a child remain at a place where they feel safe and be allowed to stay until my work day is over. All the while, they learn karate, gymnastics, choir, art and more. I feel like I'm sending my children to one of those fancy private schools- the kind that many families, like mine, just can't afford. Vanguard is a fantastic school with great teachers, great academics, piano & dance classes. Most of all a safe learning environment for my children. The punch line is that this is a public school! I have to pinch myself when I realize that this is available to my kids! Thank you Vanguard & thank you Mr. Olivarez for what you do for my kids everyday!
8/21/2009studentI went to this school, I am now in High School. It was great the teachers were awesome and it gave us a religious experience as well. Great school, send your child
8/12/2009parentVanguard Academy is a school that nurtures children, encourages good citizenship, embraces prayer in school, provides excellent educational opportunities, allows creative expression, and is generally a dream-come-true for my children. My oldest son is somewhat socially akward; however, he has truly blossomed at V.A. Unlike in most public schools, there is no tension between educators and administration, and teachers are young, idealistic, and absolutely love the children they have in their classes. The atmosphere at the school becomes obvious the minute you step into the school building - peace, acceptance, and love. Kudos to all those involved in the planning and implementation for educational and artistic programing.
8/3/2009parentMy children attend Vanguard Academy and have for 7 years I am sooo. glad I found this school for my kids. They all have preformed above and beyond my expectations. My daughter is going to 7th grade next year and has had all A's since the 2nd grade, my two boys, one going to 5th grade and the other is going to Kindergarten. My sons have also had very good grades. I would like to say that this is a school of choice and I choose to have my kids at VA. Public schools now a days are not safe for your chid to learn . Our teachers and staff are the BEST and you don't have to kiss up to have your child recognized. Your childs actions are what make them stand out in the crowd. Our staff does so much they are what make VA the great school.
6/15/2009parentThis was my child's 1 full year at Vanguard...I never expected Vanguard to have 'favorite'...even the teachers...my child is not an outgoing person and came from an outside school...at an early stage my child was 'marked' as an problem child child...only because my child will defend themself. My child was was never given the opportunity to explain but the teachers and principal were ready to cast judgement on her... I like the school and she will continue to attend I just hope that the staff will change their and learn that there must not be any favorite students...my daughter doesn't kiss up to anyone and she noticed that alot of the students and parrents do that...is still call discrimination?
6/11/2009parentThis was my daughter's 1st year accepted into 3rd grade. I recommend this school to anyone interested in having their child into a 'christian' atmosphere. My daughter improved in her 'praying' skills. They do at least 3 prayers in the morning before starting the day as well as for lunch and the dismissal prayer when classes are over. In this school the students and parents want to belong in here. All students have to show good manners and respect at all times and all places. Lastly, parents have to be active participants in every aspect of the school's events through fundraising and attending the meetings.
6/10/2009studentThis school rocks. When i left my old school. I was worried that i wouldn't have any friends. At my old school, I only had 1 friend. At this school I have tons of them. THe teachers here are the best teachers ever. I am in the 4th grade. i had 4 teachers (not including my karate teacher) I am so glad my mom chose this school.
5/7/2009parentI have a son and a daughter at Vanguard and I'm very thankful that I chose this school versus public schools. The school atmosphere is extremely positive and uplifting.
4/22/2009parentThis is my daugthers first year and its great they mostly accept gt student(gifted talended) and its a really good school they dont accept bad behaved kids and bad language neither well my girl has changed alot and i highly recommend this school
11/4/2008parentThis is my son's first year at Vanguard...at first I was concern but after receiving his first report card...I notice a difference in his grades. He was alwas gotten ok grades but this time it was all A's and B's and I have notice a huge change in his writing regardng expressing himself...if I had known about this school I would have enrolled him a long time ago. In addition, I feel more at ease knowing the principal...she and the staff are excellent and I know my son is in a safe environment and is learning...they really do have the students best interest.
10/15/2008parentMy son and my dougther are in vanguard, first year there, i see that my children are teaching very well and not only that, i love their prayers they have learn at vanguard academy.
5/24/2006parentMy son is in Kindergarten. His teacher is always available for parent questions. She sends homework 3 days out of the week. I am happy with my son's education.
12/8/2004parentI would give the school a superior rating. The 'neighborhood' atmosphere, smaller class sizes, extracurricular activities (art and music) and their wonderfully conveinient after-school-enrichment program make this school a parent-friendly-experience. Knowing the difficult demographics of this area, in which this school resides, only highlights the contribution it is making to the community and the school's families. My children love their teachers and are always talking about them. The integrity, professionalism, and dedication of the faculty and staff allow me to feel that my children are safe and well cared for while I'm at work.
9/7/2004parentMy children attended Vanguard Academy last school year. As a parent who cares about my children's education, I expected the best. Yet, I was very disappointed to see that my children were not given the one on one attention they required. Lucky for me I now have them in a public school where they have caught up academically in such a short period of time. The principal has a great personality but I feel the school as well as the instructors still have a lot of learning to do. For children who are academically advanced, Vanguard will be okay. But should your children need extra assistance, you're better off in public school.
7/1/2004parentVanguard Academy is a place of opportunity for those children that have been lost in the large crowds. I like the family atmosphere that this school provides allowing my children to feel that they belong. This school has great events where the children have numerous opportunitites to build their talents. I am looking forward to next years fine arts program for my children to be a part of. Thank You Vanguard Academy for you dedication!
6/28/2004parentI just want to express my enthusiasm about Vanguard Academy. My children came from a public school that was overcrowded and poorly maintained. Since they arrived here 3 years ago they have both come out of their shell and blossomed. The teachers have become part of our family. They truly love and care for each student. I have participated in many of the school events and have been very impressed with the whole coordination of activities. Every one students, parents, and staff make this school an enjoyable learning environment. I highly recommend the school to anyone who is tired of their child being lost in the crowd of a regular elementary school.I can't wait to see how Vanguard is going to grow.
6/28/2004parentI have several family members here at Vanguard not just my own children. I, together with my sister in law and cousins all share the same gratitude towards Vanguard Academy. The curriculum taught here has proven to be intense but that's great because we want our children to know and learn more. The teachers and the principal are very nice and helpful. We get a feel of one big family atmosphere here, we love it! Our kids are happy because their cousins come to school with them.We intend to keep our children here at Vanguard Academy.
6/26/2004parentMy daughter attends Vanguard Academy. The teachers spend a lot of time working with each individual student to meet their needs especially in reading and math. Just to listen to her read and see her doing her homework, gives me joy knowing that she is being taught well. I can see that they really do want the best for each child and for the school. The office staff is terrific. They all care about our children and it shows. If there is a problem the principal will take care of it. Ms. Garcia is very good at communicating with parents. I really appreciate her great attitude toward the children and us as parents. I am very proud to have my daughter attending Vanguard. I say thanks to all of the staff at this school.
6/26/2004parentI am a parent with a son at Vanguard Academy, and I do have to say that my son's experience at Vanguard has been pleasant. I was able to see at every event how the teacher's worked together to make each event a success. This school is highly recommended by me and many parents that I know. The school is a very healthy place that offers nourishment, security, and success to my son's education. Thank you staff at Vanguard Academy! Keep up the excellent work!
6/26/2004parentI am very happy with the school that my husband and I have selected for my son. Not only has he succeded academiclly but, has also improved this behavior and now holds a high self-esteem. The class ratio of 15 students to 1 teacher has been one of the reasons that I attribute this postive change. The school promotes various opportunity for parental involement. Which has allowed me to participate in my childs education. The teachers, staff and the administrators have been of great help and support. We highly recommend this school to the parents that we come across. This is a school that nurtures a child to it full potiental. Thank You Vanguard Academy!
6/26/2004parentMy experience with Vanguard has been a positive one. It is a new school with great potential! The principal is very energetic and enthusiastic about the learning as well making the school a place where students can feel safe and proud of who they are as individuals. Vanguard is a great alternative in public education. Next year the school will offer an improved fine arts program, which I am excited about. I am looking forward to another great year at Vanguard Academy.
5/31/2004parentMy experience with this school was not as pleasant as I had hoped. The school principal is very courteous and professional, however, in my opinion, she lacks the experience and leadership skills needed in handling difficult situations. I can honestly say that the church grounds where the school is located may be a major factor. The members of the church as well as the doctrines of that same church play a big role in the leadership of this school. The majority of the leaders in this school are members of the church and others who are not members and seek to take a leadership role are almost always excluded from it. There is also a problem with the teacher's professionalism. Our children have expressed fear, resentment, hurt and anger. Concerns have been brought up but not taken care of properly. I hope other parents find the courage to speak up.

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