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Randolph High School - Universal_City, TX

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Randolph High SchoolBldg 1225
Universal City, TX 78148
(210) 357-24009-12BexarpublicRandolph Field Independent School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic55.66042009
Black, non-Hispanic24.52832009
Asian/Pacific Islander5.031452009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.3144652009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/21/2012parentMoving to the area, seriously look at other schools before enrolling your child here. Ask yourself what your child needs and can this small close minded school which is unable to think outside the box to accommodate a student that has special needs (I am not just talking learning disablities, but anyone considered anything, but average). The administration and counseling staff does not know how to deal with transferring credits and would rather make everyone fit into their archaic system that only benefits the students who start and finish their high school careers at Randolph versus looking at what is in the best interest of the individual student. God forbid a transfer student should upset the precious balance of the status quo and interfere with the class rank of those students who have been around forever. Ask them to calculate GPA, convert credits or actually transfer a class that they don't offer and accurately label it and weigh it for class rank purposes, counseling department is no help. Think it doesn't matter as long as they meet Texas standards to graduate, well think again it does when applying to colleges. Again look at other options, before enrolling here.
3/21/2011parentI have two boys who have been in the Randolph Field ISD from Kinder to current. Although the school is small, it gives a personal feel, the kids have a safe environment, I never feel as though my kids are in danger. It could be due to the fact that its located on a US Base. I feel confident that they are receiving a good education. The teachers are caring, they do show that they would like all students to succeed. The extra help the students get during tutoring is very helpful. And the testing center allows teachers be sure that a student completes any assignments that are missing. I think it is a very good school and if anyone is able to have their student attend they should. Due to the base removing most of their housing, majority of the students do live off base, therefore, you must submit a transfer, good thing is that you must be active duty in order to apply. I love this school and so do my boys.
2/1/2011parentI certainly agree with the October 2009 comment. Randolph High School "The Platinum" of schools, has great teachers and strong leadership. The school staff is helpful and caring. There are volunteers who add to community atmosphere. If you are serious about academics Randoph is steadfast in their commitment to helping your child's success.
5/25/2010parentI would really like to rate this school higher but having three years experience with the staff, I am somewhat disappointed. Some, if not most, of the teachers seem to be waiting for retirement. The others should already be retired. Not much energy or imagination. Too bad my daughter has already invested too much to turn back.
3/1/2010studentI am CURRENTLY attending randolph high school. As a parent, no offense, but many of you are obilvious to what is really going on. Someone in an earlier post mentioned the limited classes. And this is true. There isnt a wide range of classes to choose from, besdies the given state required classes. There isnt any classes that may help in a career field. Few of the teachers are good at what they do. I personally feel that I am not learning that much. It is a small envornment, and the admistration is mostly close and it does become a personal feel. In many cases, some of the administration hold students to certain rules, and not to all. Over all Randolph could use a facelift. From the structure of the facility to the teaching and admininstration.
2/24/2009parentI am the parent that posted on October 18th and I think the other commenting parents did not understand the post entirely...My children were accepted to Randolph HS and attending. What my concern was stemming from was the lack of help on the part of the administration to integrate the courses taken from previous schools and what was needed from the state of Texas to graduate. Also just for your FYI if you PCS and live on base your child attends Randolph period so don't think that only the 'Supreme' elite go to Randolph because they are hand picked! I do believe with some of the hiccups Randolph ISD has it remains the best education bar none! I am very proud my children attend the Randolph ISD and always have....
10/4/2008studentRandolph is not what it used to be. When I was a freshman the students were much more focused on getting the best education possible and preparing for college. However, as each year goes by everyone seems to be more and more solely concerned about partying, drinking, and doing drugs. If you don't do those things, you just don't fit in. The classes available are extremely limited, so you'll take many classes more than once or ones you don't even get credit for simply to fill up your schedule. The staff is ignorant and flip flops on many issues. We had hidden cameras installed in the hallways to monitor students, but nobody watches them and when I asked a staff member if we could review some of the security tapes to find out who stole something out of my locker, i was told it would 'take too long.'
5/4/2008studentThe lady who posted October 18, 2007.. is not correct, I went to this school and now I am graduating next year. THanks to the school, the students are nice,the people are very accomodating and they won't push you away.
11/17/2007parentAs a parent, I am most concerned about the safety of my child while I am away at work. I believe that the Randolph High School is a wonderful environment for children of all ages. The athletic program is wonderful and has high standards and also keeps children off of the streets and out of harm's way. The marching band is equally wonderful. I just want to deeply show my grateful appreciation. Thank You.
10/18/2007parentOverall I think the education is outstanding. If you are active duty and will be transferring your child to this school be warned that the school is not accommodating to transfer students. Although the school is on a military base many 'homesteaders' and 'retiree's' children go to the students and people with a vision unlike their vision are not welcomed! I found the school's discipline to be very subjective and grossly different when addressing MALE athletes versus female athletes for the same offenses. I agree with the other parent who said that the children will thrive without the flip-floping administration.
5/31/2006parentThis is one of the most awesome! schools my children have attended. The teachers are very concerned with the learning of the students, (not just concerned with their test taking abilities) Administators are excellent to work with. Discipline problems are almost non-existant!
12/19/2005parentMy son had a wonderful 2 years at Randolph, despite being on an IEP. The teachers go out of their way to make sure he is successful and involved in school life. The classes are small and we are going to miss this school when we move next year. Also the kids are all military and friendly. There are no worries about fights, drugs, etc. as there are off base.
7/28/2004parentMost of the teachers are great - kids are prtty good - the principal is in his own little world, the school succeeds despite him, not because of him, there is a small drup problem also.

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