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School Profile

O.B. Gates Elementary School
10001 Courthouse Rd.
Chesterfield, VA 23832
(804) 768-6195
public | PK-5
County: Chesterfield


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Kasey Shane2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/8/2012otherWow, my child came home last week and said my teacher told me to SHUT UP. What ever happened to be quite , please. There was another teacher in the room who reminded the teacher that she should not tell a student to shut up and she got very offensive with the other teacher. I asked my child what he/she was doing and the reply was I was humming while I was reading to myself . Apparently, none of the other kids complained nor the other teacher. Couldn't have been but so loud. If it was wrong, she could have said be quite. But no, it was a loud SHUT UP. What has happened to Gates. This is only one of a bunch of changes I have seen at O B Gates. I hate even visiting for a party or any programs that hey kids are involved at PTA meetings. I heard one parent complained and because they gave their name, that this parent is being treated very rudely whenever in the school. Maybe the staff, the principal and some of the teachers need to go back to the way it was when everyone loved Gates. A large amount of parents are fed up. I hope to either move or ask for a transfer for next year.
3/28/2012otherO B Gates School has definitely changed. I agree that there is one office worker who sits out front in the office is very rude. I think the new principal is rude and is not effective at all. Going from assistant principal to principal has changed her completely. The teachers don't communicate with the parents as they should. It was once a truly exceptional school. Now I would not recommend to anyone. Whether you call to ask a question or go by the office, it appears that you are really bothering them and so the looks and rudeness begins. I agree that alot of people are lableled according to their address. Guess what the children are all children no matter were the parents live or work.
3/17/2012parentI agree with the other parent not sure who is posting reviews but its not true parents. Awful school. Rude and disrespectful principal and office staff. They behave as though they are better than the rest. Horrible experiences with new principal. She abuses her power and she is not an advocate for students or parents.
3/24/2011otherMy grandson goes to Gates and it seems to be a good school with good teachers.
1/10/2011parentlow morale - poor leasdership-lack of comminication between staff and parents not a happy place- have witnessed teachers and aides verbally belittling students - what a disappointment
12/20/2010parentI don't know who is posting these reviews. It must be staff due to the whole time my child has been there, the office staff has been rude and if you are not from the wealthier beach road areas, they look down on you. One office secretart never speaks to yo unless you are rich or friends with her. You go to the principal if you have problem, and she says she will address it but then make you feel like you are bothering her. I have spoken to several parents who have said the same things. My child's teachers have been great but two of the office staff need to be replaced and the principal needs to be reminded about what her job is. I am very disgusted by this school.
11/10/2010parentAfter attending parent conference for both of my children, I know that the teachers are paying individual attention to my children. This is hard to do with so many students in each class!
10/30/2010parentMs. Kirk, Ms. Beyer, Ms. Blackburn, Ms. Glynn, Mr. Runak, Ms. Foster, Ms. Woodcock - all are wonderful educators making a difference in our children's lives. Likewise, the office, janitorial and cafeteria staff members do a wonderful job and are integral to opening the doors each and every day. Thank You!
10/17/2010parentThe school and staff are wonderful!
10/7/2010parentThe best school in the U.S.
10/3/2010parentExcellent School. Maintains a healthy environment for learning. The teachers are top notch. Very well organized and clean. My son loves his teacher and is very happy at O.B. Gates.
9/30/2010parentMy child's teacher this year is organized, focused, and has vision.
9/29/2010parentMrs. Cundy's class rocks!!
9/29/2010parentMy son loves the teachers there.
9/26/2010parentMrs. McMillian's class rocks!
9/26/2010parentGo Gates and Mrs. McMillian
9/26/2010parentroom318 mcmillin ... she does a great job for that school
9/26/2010parentGREAT SCHOOL - d. KIRK IN k
9/26/2010parentMrs. Peyton - welcome to Gates
9/26/2010parentMrs. Stephens - great school
9/26/2010parentJason Gill - thanks for all you do
9/24/2010teacherThere is a family feeling at Gates that is wonderful for students, staff, and families.
9/23/2010othersuccessfully teaches a diverse population
9/23/2010teacherGates ROCKS! Best teachers, students and parents in America :)
9/22/2010parentA welcoming, supportive school for teachers, students and parents!
9/22/2010parentI love O.B. Gates Elementary School because they truly care about each student!
9/9/2010parentThe teachers are wonderful, but the administration is a disaster. With some real leadership and encouragement, this school could live up to it's potential.
5/21/2010parentO.B.Gates Elementary School and Michelle Koehne are the best!!!
5/21/2010parentMy daughter attended and the faculty and staff create a wonderful nurturing environment for learning.
5/21/2010parentGates has provided an outstanding environment for 3 out of 4 of my own children. The teachers are responsive and caring. They run a professional school that has fostered my children's educational, personal and social growth.
5/21/2010otherThis school has a very strong, caring, involved leadership team that helps teachers provide a great education. They do exemplary work for students with disabilities, and help every student attain their potential.
5/21/2010parentMrs. McMillians 2nd grade class rocks!!!!
5/21/2010parentBecause if you had the choice this where you would love your children to go. The staff is wonderful and just like I remembered school was when I went.
5/21/2010otherI think it is a great school especially having a special needs program for our kids and to interact with others students. The teachers I know there are great teachers who care about their students.
5/21/2010parentO.B.Gates is a great school where every is a star! Saunders.
5/21/2010parentLove Mrs. McCormick... She is always willing to listen and go the extra mile... Not to mention she must run a zillon IEP meetings this time of year. Thanks for all you do for the many students with special needs whose lives you touch every day. The special education department ROCKS!!!
5/21/2010parentI know the kids, hard working , & caring teachers in this school represent the very best of the American Spirit that this great country of ours was raised on..they love their school & we are proud of them
5/21/2010parentGates has help to develop my two grandkids into the caring and well rounded individuals that they are today. Great job Gates !!!!!!
5/21/2010parentThey have a great special education program and the staff is wonderful with the children.
5/21/2010parentGreat staff and very responsive to parent's needs!
5/21/2010parentI had 3 children attend at O.B.gates.That's where they started to learn to become outstanding people.
5/21/2010otherIt is a great school with an awesome staff!!!
5/21/2010parentthis school serves a large group of children with special needs and they seem to do it very well. I always see a number of cars at the school for special events, indicating to me that community involvement is on-going.
5/21/2010parent I love O B Gates because it is an awesome school where the staff is caring/wonderful and the children love them.
5/21/2010parentStaff is extremely helpful and school is well organized.
5/21/2010parentMy daughter went there and her teacher was very caring and made a transition to a new school easy. The staff that work there are nice, kind, and helpful
5/21/2010parentO.B. Gates is a successful institution for establishing the early stages of life-long learners for students in Chesterfield County. The teachers, staff and administration have an outstanding relationship with the community and they create an environment conducive for educational enhancement!
5/21/2010otherThey go the extra mile to help all children reach their potential!
5/21/2010otherMy grandchildren go to school there, when I pick the boys up the staff and the volunteers are so nice and they make sure we sign the students out. many times I have had to stop by the office for my daughter while she is working and they treat me with respect and always pleasant to see.
5/21/2010parentIt is a great school for all children with all abilities.
5/21/2010parentI love O, B. Gates because some of my best friends are teachers there and I know how dedicated they are.
5/21/2010parentOB Gates houses a huge special education population. They have done a great job of inclusion! Also, the services provided the students are exceptional!
5/21/2010parentGreat programs my daughter goes there she is autistic
5/21/2010teacherThis is our special needs school for the County. The asssitive technology and special services are here at this school. Our special needs children get quality care and a quality education.
5/21/2010parentWonderful School! Wonderful Teacher Mrs. Brunner 3rd grade.
5/21/2010otherI love OB Gates, because the you see that the staff puts the childrem first at all times.
5/21/2010parentGreat teachers produce great students. Mrs Janisewki keep up the good work. Go OB Gates!
5/21/2010otherThey have always been a caring school that prepares students well.
5/21/2010otherSo many wonderful programs and performance numbers.
5/21/2010parentGreat school - does for special needs children what other schools cannot
5/21/2010parentMrs. Brunner is a wonderful teacher. OBGates is a wonderful school. I went there when I was a child and I am so glad that my children have the oppurtinity too go to such a great school
5/21/2010parentA community within itself! Everyone there and associated with O.B. Gates is geared to one purpose, the children. What more can a person say.
5/21/2010otherO.B. Gates is a school that cares. The teachers care and the students care. When you walk in the door, you feel the positive energy and the great enthusiasm for learning.
5/21/2010parentO.B.Gates School offers an opportunity for all students to master a sound foundation in education that opens doors for a well-rounded, intelligent society.
5/21/2010parentThe school overall has a very welcoming feeling when you enter any door. The office staff and other personnel are always willing and able to lend a hand or an ear!
5/21/2010otherThe school is very welcome to all. The Mrs. Koehne is always willing and able to get her all to the parents and students
5/21/2010parentO.B. Gates is a wonderful learning environment. All of the teachers have a passion for teaching and it comes through in everything they do.
5/21/2010otherGreat teachers and administration; nice facility; involved parents; everyone works together towards the goals of quality education for our kids!
5/21/2010parentTeachers, Teachers, Teachers.... and smaller class sizes..... and of course the Professional and Support Staff. I feel blessed to have both my children in OB Gates.
5/21/2010parentOB Gates is an awesome school. Giving all an equal opportunity to learn, grow and develop!
5/21/2010parentThe teachers are great and so is the administration office employees. Great kids also
5/21/2010parentMs. Stephens, Ms. Putney and Ms. Kirk have been especially wonderful to our boys. Making learing fun while still challenging them. thank you!!
5/21/2010parentGreat kids and teacher's, Mrs. Cundy is and Awesome teacher!!!!
5/21/2010parentbecause they really did help me and my son who has a disability.
5/21/2010parentMy daughter attended Gates...they have wonderfully dedicated and caring teachers.
5/21/2010teacherThey do amazing things with all students,but especially with their special ed. students. Great program and school.
5/21/2010otherIt has great teachers such as Ms. Laine and Ms. Cimbal
5/21/2010teacherIt has an excellent staff and there program for disabled students is top notch
5/21/2010parentBecause the principal is outstanding and really cares about the kids and parents who support the school.
5/21/2010parentMy son has an awesome teacher. She is very dedicated and truly loves to teach!!!
5/21/2010otherWonderful special ed dept. all students learn acceptance of those with special needs. The students love to help the special needs children throughout the school. Many class combine for morning meetings. What a wonderful place it truly is!
5/21/2010otherThis school always puts the student needs first and foremost.
5/21/2010otherThe teachers and all staff are so dedicated to the students
5/21/2010parentIt supports the special needs community and needs of students
5/21/2010otherI worked in this wonderful school for 4 years and the environment is motivational and positive for all the students that attend it!
5/21/2010otherKids deserve the best opportunities possible. Former students have gone on to great things, and this will help continue that trend.
5/21/2010parentThe administration and staff are very nice and they greet you when you come into there school. Good job OB Gates.
5/21/2010parentMy daughter attended OB Gates and had a wonderful experience! Mrs. J's class Rm 109
5/21/2010otherdrove a bus for this school and its a great school. Wish all our county schools were just like this one.
5/21/2010parentI think this school is well organized and well run. The school is clean and well kept which makes an impact on anyone entering the school.
5/21/2010parentThe teachers are GREAT and they really care about their students.
5/21/2010parentThey have a great Curriculum for special education and a large support for PTA
5/21/2010otherlocal school has a great student body and wonderful teachers and staff
5/21/2010parentO B Gates Elementary has so much vitality and the teachers go the extra to make sure the students are first.
5/21/2010otherMrs. Logan is the most patient and loving reading teacher.
5/21/2010parentThe teachers and staff are compasionate about the students and teaching them. They are inovative in the manner in whch they teach the students and are open to the parents input.
5/21/2010parentIt is recognized as one of the GREAT places to learn in Chesterfield County!
5/21/2010parentMy son is learning so much, there are great activities for him and for the families.
5/21/2010parentI have had three kids in this school. O B Gates is number 1 in the USA.
5/21/2010parentThey have excellent teachers who do whatever it takes to make sure every student learns!
5/21/2010parentthey have great loving and caring teachers and staff.
5/21/2010parentA very good school to prepare the children. Good teachers and Staff. Ms Laines class especially.
5/21/2010parentOB Gates Elementary opens the doors for so many children to get an education. Without schools like OB Gates, the child would have no future. Education is the key that opens so many doors, why keep a child from opening that door.
5/21/2010parentI've been very impressed with the quality of education at O.B. Gates. We currently have a child in Mrs. Howard's class and she is doing great.
5/21/2010parentits a great school, great teachers and staff. They fell like family,very loving and caring.
5/21/2010parentThe staff and students do a good job with the disabled.
5/21/2010parentthe teachers bring optimism and energy into the classroom
5/21/2010parentO.B is a great school for kids I believ they have the students best interest.
5/21/2010otherMy cousin's daughter is in Mrs. Brooks class and she is a great student and so is her teacher.
5/21/2010otherbecause the teachers really do care and are helpful.
5/21/2010parentL. Smith is the teacher of the world. She puts extra 'jam' on the bread in her teaching style!
5/21/2010otherSuch a great school!! I remember cheering there as a child! I hope this school gets the money and is able to do a lot with it.
5/21/2010other great teachers and not overloaded class size. Good student teacher ratio. really like mrs. baake!
5/21/2010otherThe teachers are wonderful. and they have lots of school spirrit
5/21/2010parentIt's a great school with terrfic educators and kids.
5/21/2010parentI believe in kindred minds that come together for the well being of one another as well as helping the children
5/21/2010parentPersonality full kids always emerge from this school always been big help in special ed and disabled programs too
5/21/2010parentthe school and the teachers do a wonderful job to educate our children
5/21/2010otherThis school consistently strives for excellence, regardless of the tough times we are facing. Courage, stamina, and humility mark it as the best deserving candidate for the $20,000 award.
5/21/2010parentThe teachers make all the difference. My child can read and she is not yet six years old.
5/21/2010otherbest school i've ever been affiliated with. the teachers challenge the students and hold them accountable for themselves. kids learn a TON at this school!
5/21/2010parentThey have very caring teachers. Go the extra mile to make sure all of their students are really learning.....
5/21/2010teacherIt is a wonderful school. Great teachers and great administration. A great place to send your children to school.
5/21/2010otherMs. Spaid is a very caring and devoted teacher. She works hard to help pave the way for her 'Spaidlings' and to teach them how to help themselves. She instills a desire in her children to learn and is determined that her kids will be ready when they reach the next grade level. We need more teachers like Ms. Spaid.
5/21/2010otherMy grandkids are excellenting at Gates. They have wonderful dedicated teachers. I enjoy visiting the school.
5/21/2010otherGates rocks! Wish central office was more supportive of teachers!
5/21/2010parentThe teachers are fantastic and the handicapped program is unbelievable. They work with wonderful children and give them the attention they need to have a better, more fulfilling life:)
5/21/2010parentThey have the most devoted teachers! They are the best!
5/21/2010parentThey have the best teachers and students in Chesterfield County
5/21/2010parentThe school has a phenomenal special education program and has a knack of bringing the best out of its students.
5/21/2010parentMrs. Copeland is an excellent teacher. The school is wonderful and the curriculum is great.
5/21/2010otherBecause my granddaughter is a special needs child and the entire school (children, teachers, office staff, everyone loves her and looks out for her).
5/21/2010parentO.B. Gates has great teachers and staff and make the school an enjoyable place for my son to learn.
5/21/2010parentOB Gates wants to make sure kids at all levels are stimulated.
5/21/2010parentO.B. Gates has classes that include handicapped children. The teachers are very dedicated and the education is superb.
5/21/2010parentMy three daughters went to O.B. Gates and everyone was wonderful. The staff was very well informed and everyone worked together as a team.
5/21/2010teacherMs. Daniel is an awesome reading teacher. She is innovative, and willing to go the extra mile to support literacy at O.B. Gates Elementary.
5/21/2010parentThe decisions I've seen have always been based on what is truly best for the students and not necessarily best for the Administrators and staff.
5/21/2010otherI think this school has alot caring and loving staff.
5/21/2010parentEducation is so important...please support our teachers regardless of locality. they need our support. they work hard for our kids.
5/21/2010parentGreat opportunity for this school!!! I love teachers who love to teach as it results in students who want to learn more!
5/21/2010parentBecause it is a warm atmosphere for the children to learn.
5/21/2010parentExcellent, provided great foundation for my child who is now in middle school!
5/21/2010parentIt's a great school in a great community. Excellent administration, teachers, and staff.
5/20/2010parentOur granddaughters attend there and we are so impressed with the faculty and what they have done for them.
5/20/2010parentGreat School - and wonderful teachers who really take pride in what they do and more importantly, the students that they teach! Ms. Laine is the best and she is a huge advocate for the school.
5/20/2010parentThe Reading Specialist Teachers are so friendly and hard working teachers.
5/20/2010parentMy daughters went to OB Gates and are now both honor students. My daycare children go there now and I still love the school!
5/20/2010parentThis school has treated my family wonderfull, and hopefully, this can continue in the future.
5/20/2010otherO.B. Gates Elementary has an incredibly rich learning environment!
5/20/2010parentExcellent school. I love that my son attend here
5/20/2010parentBoth of my children attended O.B. Gates and have gone on to Specialty Centers. Gates prepares children for middle school and higher learning. Awesome school, teachers and administration!
5/20/2010otherBecause parents of past students still care and love this school.
5/20/2010parentGreat school because it has great teachers!
5/20/2010otherMy two grandsons have done very well at O.B.Gates, and I especially like the Chinese language classes there.
5/20/2010otherBecause my granddaughter attends O.B. Gates and I believe she is getting an excellent education there.
5/20/2010otherThis school has fabulous and dedicated teachers on staff!
5/20/2010parentthey help the children in need. hard working , caring teachers
5/20/2010otherOB Gates provides such great care for all it's students - including those with special needs!
5/20/2010parentIt's one of the best elementary schools in the area! And I know the kids love it!!
5/20/2010parentMy grandchildren are military children, my daughter speaks highly of a Vice Princ. (Mrs. Brink) her leadership has enhanced my grandson's education.
5/20/2010otherit is a great school... effecient, great teachers, care about the students.
5/20/2010parentGates has a long reputation of embracing and successfully working with an array of different students.
5/20/2010otherStudents come first. Teachers care about students and teach with enthusiasm.
5/20/2010parentWe love Mrs. Koehne's Third Grade Class!
5/20/2010parentThe teachers are awesome there and so caring. Their Parent Teachers conference does so many great things for the students, teachers and community.
5/20/2010teacherI taught at Gates for 10 years. It was a wonderful place to work! Dedicated, kind and caring staff!
5/20/2010parentI couldn't be prouder than to have a son at OB Gates! Teachers, faculty, and staff are fabulous!
5/20/2010otherI use to work as a OT in the Chesterfield County and always enjoyed going to OB Gates because they are a welcoming school and care for all children including special education
5/20/2010otherThe teachers are great with the Special Ed students
5/20/2010parentI love the way the faculty and children help the disabled children
5/20/2010parentParent volunteers are really welcomed in classes and with school projects. The school staff are all friendly and professional. Teachers communicate via email with educational material and they inform parents of educational goals they seek to reach with our children.
5/20/2010parentWe love Gates, especially Mrs. Hart's class!
5/20/2010parentI love to walk down the halls and see the artwork on the walls and see the kids laughing together. I feel that my son is safe there during the day and that the teachers and office staff actually know each child there.
5/20/2010parentMrs. Hart in Room 319 is a great teacher
5/20/2010otherLove this school and allllllllllllll the teachers~ Go Mrs. Giorgi's class!
5/20/2010otherGo Gates Elem! We all know you're the best school!
5/20/2010otherGreat teachers, wonderful programs, parents who care and student who try very hard.
5/20/2010parentThe teachers are the best!!! Especially Ms. Broas in room 120!!!! 1st Grade
5/20/2010otherthey have the best library and librarians in chesterfield
5/20/2010otherVery nurturing environment. Maison Laine's class rules!
5/20/2010parentI went to O.B. Gates and love the fact that my son goes there now!!! Great teachers and great admin!!!
5/20/2010parentMy kids went there and it has great teachers and a really positive atmosphere.
5/20/2010parentGates is an awesome school. All of the employees really care about the students.
5/20/2010parentMrs.Stephens 4 grade class is great my daughter has had the best year in there.
5/20/2010parentI have substituted at this school. They staff there have a very positive attitude!
5/20/2010parentThey have special programs for special kids
5/20/2010parentGreat opportunities for all levels of education and needs.
5/20/2010parentMy son has learned alot. It is a great school! Mrs.Smith is great!
5/20/2010parentO.B Gates is an excellent school. My daughter is currently a 4th grader at the school. She has been attending the school since Kindergarten. We have been fortunate enought to have some wonderful teacher throughout the years. One of our teachers was Mrs. McMillian. She is a great teacher. O.B Gates offers fabolous programs especially for our Special Ed students. The school has one of the best principals' and assistant principals' in Chesterfield County!!! They do soo much for these kids. And our PTA is outstanding!!! They definitely get the whole community involved in fundraisers!!! I believe this school should and will rise to the top!!
5/20/2010otherIt has a great special education program!!
5/20/2010parentThey provide support for special needs kids.
5/20/2010parentMy daughter transitioned from another elementary school to this one when she was 9 and everyone made her feel very welcome. It is a great school. My son will be beginning there in another year :-)
5/20/2010parentThese teachers work so hard, and it's such a great school, doing wonderful things for their kids!
5/20/2010parentThey make learning a fun and positive experience. Students with special needs are made to feel special in a very positive way and are always included in school activities. Students and staff bond like a family to make sure that everyone is successful and supportive of each other.
5/20/2010parentThey do great things for children with learning disabilities
5/20/2010parentGreat staff they really care about the students and work as a group to see that everyone gets the education and help they need to succeed in school and life.
5/20/2010otherThe teachers put out so much effort they need to be rewarded.
5/20/2010parentMason Laine is a wonderful teacher, the school is lucky to have her!!!
5/20/2010parentAwesome teachers! Great students! My children enjoy going to school!
5/20/2010parentMy daughter started school at Gates, and they prepared her for the challenge of Middle School honors classes by setting high academic standards.
5/20/2010otherI have two grandchildren there now and a third attended previously.I can see first hand they are learning in a caring environment. It is a joy to watch them grow intellectually and they surely do love their school!!
5/20/2010parentGates Elementry has our future in its classes and has a excellent teaching staff.
5/20/2010parentgreat memories and personal, loving care from the teachers!
5/20/2010parentI love O.B Gates Elementary School because...we moved to Virginia during the last 9 weeks of my daughters 4th grade year. The teachers and faculty embraced her and made her feel welcome. Thanks to the expectations of Sophia Cimbal and Mason Laine she is thriving in Middle School.
5/20/2010parentO.B. Gates has an amazing staff that encourages the students to do their best to achieve excellence.
5/20/2010otherMy grandchildren are getting a terrific education. Mrs. Saunders is a top teacher!
5/20/2010parentClassroom 211! Mrs. Beyer is a compassionate teacher who exudes professionalism. She recently took her students to their first Special Olympics event---it was covered in the Chesterfield Observer! She is always finding new and creative ways to involve her students in the community!
5/20/2010parentO.B. Gates have wonderful caring teachers. The staff is very helpful and their updated security screening and sign in is great.
5/20/2010parentThe teachers are wonderful and patient with the Special Ed students.
5/20/2010parentThe staff and teachers are amazing and work so hard to better our students. Ms. Wrona
5/20/2010parentAmazing school and staff. My kids love gates! Ms. Moyer
5/20/2010parentThe teachers at Gates work really hard and they do it all for the kids!
5/20/2010parentThe school teaches values, while stressing local and global diversity through teachings of multiple languages.
5/20/2010otherI am voting to support Mrs. Beyer and the entire Special Education Department at OB Gates. They are the best!!!
5/20/2010otherI am voting for the caring faculty at OB Gates specifically Mrs. Stacy Beyer. She is number one in my book!
5/20/2010parentI have 3 wonderful children who attended O.B. Gates and I am sure the education and care they received there has had an impact on their lives. They are very happy and successful and that makes a happy mom!!!
5/20/2010parentThe teachers are amazing! As well as the students!! I can send my kids to school and know that they are safe.
5/20/2010parentI think it is a great school with dedicated teachers that truly care about the kids.
5/20/2010parentMy niece and nephew attend OB Gates and I am very pleased with their progress and how attentive and engaged the teachers at this school are with the students
5/20/2010otherThe academic programs have really helped the kids know how to further themselves and how to help in their community. The staff is wonderful and the school deserves everything that it receives.
5/20/2010parentWe moved here from North Carolina and were welcomed easily to the school . Our 2d grade teacher, Mrs. Thompson, is fantastic!
5/20/2010otherBecause of the excellent programs and personal attention to each student.
5/20/2010parentboth my children have IEPs and have achieved great things as a result of the help they have received.
5/20/2010parentO.B. Gates' teachers, administrators and staff are wonderful! My children love their school.
5/20/2010otherFantastic academic programs to support students. Mrs. Hart is an exceptional teacher.
5/20/2010parentI love this school because of the teachers and entire staff.... they care about educating our kids and being positive influences.
5/20/2010parentThey have very dedicated teachers and are involved in activities that are pro-active in a time of economic decline...it's all about the kids.
5/20/2010parentThey care for their students as well as their community.
5/20/2010otherO.B. Gates has teachers who care about the students, school. parents, coworkers, and community.
5/20/2010parentI like the school, the teachers the location everything-
5/20/2010parentBecause two of the brightest, most adorable children have thrived there and it is due to the teachers at O.B. Gates!
5/20/2010otherThe parents work hand in hand with the teachers and staff in mutual respect.
5/20/2010otherGates has an amazing special education department. The teaching faculty is extremely dedicated and they go the extra mile to reach all kids. Gates is truly a place where all means all!
5/20/2010parentHas an excellent Librarian the really loves the kids and does a fabulous job with them!
5/20/2010teacherIt has wonderful staff and the parents are amazing too!
5/20/2010parentGreat staff! Everyone from the janitors to the teachers are there becasue they want to be there! Mrs. Broas
5/20/2010parentThese teacher work so hard to provide a wonderful education for the students of our community.
5/20/2010parentThis school is very inclusive of children with a variety of disabilities.
5/20/2010parentA very good school, in need up updating their equipment, books, etc.
5/20/2010parentIts a great school, I've been with gates since the doors opened with my oldest son, now with my grandchildren. The staff and teachers are number 1!!
5/20/2010parentI think the school is an excellent learning environment for students of the elementary school level. The teachers are outstanding and are so so encouraging to the kids. It really shows when the students shine and excel in their academics as well as as a person.
5/20/2010parentBest teachers in the county! Mrs. Chacko and Koehne are tremendous
5/20/2010parentWonderful school environment for the children, great teachers who care about their students
5/20/2010otherMy daughter is employed at O.B.Gates. Mrs. Allen's first Grade class. Her class is her pride and joy. I am very proud of her.
5/20/2010parentThey are doing wonderful things with their special education program because my son is progressing more than I ever expected. The staff is wonderful and very helpful
5/20/2010parentMy children went to Gates and I was a substitute there for 10 years before I returned to teaching. It is a fabulous school!
5/20/2010parentGreat staff and excellent learning environment for the kids. We have two children attending Gates and they love it.
5/20/2010parentGreat school, great teachers who really care about making childrens lives better
5/19/2010other318-Our grandson goes to Gates and has done amazingly well. They encourage and support the students to achieve their best always!
5/19/2010parentIt's just one of the many schools in chesterfield county public schools that really work for the interest of success for our children
5/19/2010parentI enjoy teaching in Gates, because of its creative , friendly working enviornment.
5/19/2010parentO.B. Gates has dedicated caring teachers that work with parents and the community to help the children.
5/19/2010otherIt's a GREAT community school and the teachers and staff truly care about the children.
5/19/2010otherGreat School, Great Teachers, Great Staff and of course Great Students - like our Grandson!
5/19/2010otherGreat teachers who care about the students and really go the extra mile to help them learn.
5/19/2010otherO.B. Gates Elementary is a quality school with superior administration, staff, teachers, and students.
5/19/2010parentThey do an excellent job working with special needs students.They focus on assets not deficits.
5/19/2010parentO.B.Gates is the most caring school because of its special education population and the creative way they can mix the students with the regular education population. Each group brings special gifts to the other that are unique blessings.
5/19/2010otherThis school is giving my grandsons a very good education and they are very happy there.
5/19/2010parentThey have a GREAT program for special needs children. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK team
5/19/2010otherO. B. Gates elementary school has great teachers who care about their students's success!
5/19/2010otherThis school is a true community school. Parents, faculty and students all work together the enrich the learning environment.
5/19/2010otherThe teachers strive to engage the students and to make learning fun.
5/19/2010parentIt is in the business of helping kids learn. That is always a noble thing.
5/19/2010parentThey have wonderful and dedicated teachers!!
5/19/2010otherHigh teaching standards, parents are kept informed on all happenings
5/19/2010parentI was a substitute teacher there. Great people!
5/19/2010parentMs. Laine is terrific. Also great programs for special needs kids.
5/19/2010parentO.B. Gates is not only great educationally, but they get their students involved in the community with various projects. I think it is very important to introduce community service to children because those opportunities can be the most educational experiences of a lifetime.
5/19/2010parentI love OB Gates because it is one of the greatest schools in the county of Chesterfield, VA - as a matter of fact, all of our schools are great. However, OB Gates stands out more for taking the initiative to enter this contest. OB Gates is involved in many outside activities that have been known better our county; their desire to achieve is beyond the normal.
5/19/2010parentAwesome principal, teachers and parents!! We love it!
5/19/2010parentMy daughter loves her second grade teacher, Mrs. Hart, and seeing her thrive in school makes me happy!
5/19/2010otherMs. Laine is a great teacher! Chesterfield is a wonderful place to raise a family
5/19/2010parentI am very pleased with this school. Teacher are excellent, really care about kids and not just getting the job done. I was amazed of how much time they spend with the kids, especially Ms. Laine. It is in teh great neighborhood and I feel like I was able to connect with other parents in participate in school activities.
5/19/2010otherThis school, its staff and parents pour themselves into the lives of its children. In all they do, they reflect love and concern and creativity in serving and educating a diverse population.
5/19/2010otherMy nephews attend(ed) O.B. Gates ES, so I know firsthand it's a school with strong teacher commitment and parent involvement. I'm also a Realtor that sells in the area...My clients love this school!
5/19/2010otherMrs. Brooks and the staff are great and demonstrate much concern for the success of the students.
5/19/2010otherCaring community. Looks out for the good of the student.
5/19/2010otherI have been a special education teachr for over 20 yrs. I have substituted at O.B. Gates and always have found it to be a an upliftinf wonerful experience where teachers truly care for ther students.
5/19/2010parentThey have awesome teachers and staff and a great WW contact Mason Laine!!
5/19/2010parentWe Love Gates - Ms. Laine's class is the best.
5/19/2010parentGates teachers are the hidden stars of Chesterfield - to bad they can't see it at Lucy Corr
5/19/2010parentThe teachers are awesome! Especially Mrs. Steele and Mrs. Cimbal!!!
5/19/2010parentMrs. Kirk is the best! Our son is so fortunate to be at this school:)
5/19/2010parentGreat teachers who care; great parent support; great administrators who work collaboratively to form a community of learners!
5/19/2010parentMrs. McMillian has more energy than I've ever seen in a teacher - can't wait to see what she does with PTA
5/19/2010parentIn today's struggling economy, the importance of education is even more prevalent in order for our children to be afforded an opportunity to excel in the future. OB Gates Elementary is one of the leading schools in the country and this small donation would help these amazing children continue to develop and build upon necessary educational skill sets needed to become successful in the future.
5/19/2010parentThe teachers are great with the kids and enthusiastic with the material.
5/19/2010parentGreat School! The teacher my kids have had are awsome!!
5/19/2010parentMrs. Steele, along with all of the other faculty do an excellent job!!!!!
5/19/2010parentMrs. Janiszewski , Mrs, j is the best teacher ever . if you need something she is the one to get it for you . and Mrs. Rohrer would be the one's to help you with everything .
5/19/2010parentGates puts children first and the special programs for those less fortunate or slow learns are not past over.
5/19/2010parentI love the way O.B.Gates integrates the special needs students with the rest of the classes by giving other students the responsability of helping these kids to classes and buses. I feel they have more respect for them and learn to serve.
5/19/2010parentO.B. Gates Elementary School has served its students and community in a stellar fashion for many years. Its caring staff not only teach their community's regular students - they also serve many of the county's special needs students, from the profoundly handicapped to those with much less severe challenges. The teachers and staff make a great team as they include all their children in the many and varied activities of today's elementary schools. From music to art to physical education, from reading to science to math, O. B. Gates'students receive the best education Virginia Public Schools has to offer!
5/19/2010parentThe art teacher is really nice and does a great job with her students. I've had two children move from Gates to my school and they both loved art and thier art teachers.
5/19/2010parentO.B. Gates has a specialized program for students with severe disabilities. We have had a student placed there who is doing very well with this program and placement. It is a very positive to be able to keep a child in the county schools instead of a more institutionalized environment. We appreciate the staff at O.B. Gates Elementary.
5/19/2010otherbecause the teahers really care and take pride in their work.
5/19/2010parentgreat caring, nurturing teachers, involved parents. the school keeps parents in the loop as to what is going on at school.
5/19/2010parentThis is a school that goes all out for its students!!! They put in the time to make the wonderfully extraordinary an everyday activity :)
5/18/2010parentO.B. Gates was one of the first schools to integrate special needs students with regular education students in Chesterfield County.
5/18/2010teacherThey hold all students to the same incredible high standards and believe that every child has the ability to learn
5/18/2010otherThe school has great teachers striving to make a difference in the community.
5/18/2010otherI love the fact OB Gates serves so many disabled students. They have a wonderful School Social Worker.
5/18/2010parentAlways heard great things about O.B. Gates. They do a great job working with children with emotional issues.
5/18/2010parentAwesome school- great, caring staff and super students - wonderful support and involvement from PTA and parent community. cundy friend
5/18/2010parentGates has such a wonderful bunch of highly educated teachers! We are so proud to be apart of such a great school!
5/18/2010otherIt goes the extra mile for the students, parents and community!
5/18/2010parentbecause this is a great school and the teachers work so hard! cundy
5/18/2010othermy grandson loves his teacher and is excited to go to school!
5/18/2010parentMy granddaughter attends. She is in 3rd grade and is honor roll. All of her teachers have been the best.
5/18/2010parentMy son attended O.B.Gates Elementary from Kindergarden through 5th grade and I was more than pleased with every aspect of Gates Elementrary; from the teachers, to the office staff, the clinic staff, the custodians, the entire team at Gates and my son was well prepated for middle school. Go Gates!
5/18/2010parentI have had a child in Gates for almost 10 yrs between the 2 of them ...and it is without a doubt my first choice in education as well as a school full of love and respect. The principal is very hands on as well as the rest of the office staff...just like family and the staff of teachers are excellent..never had a teacher that wasnt top of the line...my children enjoyed their experiences at gates and i will always treasure my years there :)
5/18/2010otherMy grandson attends O. B. Gates and has a positive experience there. His teachers have been genuinely concerned about his learning process and progress. They keep in touch with his parents.
5/18/2010otherThe diverse student population offers an education in itself for both the special and general education populations.
5/18/2010parentEveryone has treated my sons wonderfully. They are very happy and love going there. They have been great about working with my son's severe but allergy as well.
5/18/2010parentChesterfield county has the best schools in virginia. The teachers are prepared and always go above and beyond for their students.
5/18/2010parentO.B. Gates teachers go above and beyond to serve their children.
5/18/2010othergreat teachers & excellent curriculum I like that there are students of all ability levels
5/18/2010parentThis school serves a multitude of children with special needs, including preschoolers.
5/18/2010otherIt's part of a great county in a great state. The state of the economy is not as great. This school will make very useful and creative use of its winnings!
5/18/2010parentThe school is great and the teachers and staff are hardworkers!
5/18/2010parentIt's apparent how dedicated the teachers and staff are and how much they care about the well-being and education of their students.
5/18/2010parentOB Gates ES has something for all students!
5/18/2010otherGreat School!! Teaching staff is wonderful. Excellent learning environment
5/18/2010parentI love O.B. Gates Elementary School because it offers something for everyone. Students of all ability levels are provided an education that is just right for their needs.
5/18/2010parentThe teachers, and office staff, and parent participation are incredible! They set the standard of how all schools should be.
5/18/2010parentAll three of my children went to O. B. Gates. They had a wonderful experience there, and were well prepared for middle and high school. Excellent teachers and principals!
5/18/2010teacherExcellent school - meeting the needs of a diverse population
5/18/2010otherI worked at OB Gates (temporary assignment) in 2 different positions 3 yrs. ago. The office staff is an incredible team. Everyone I met was kind and helpful. And the parental support seemed awesome. Great staff, parents, and children make OB Gates Elementary #1!!!
5/18/2010teacherWonderful elementary school with a place for each and every child.
5/18/2010parentO.B. Gates is going the extra mile to make their school a superior place to learn in spite of huge budget cuts and cuts in personnel.
5/18/2010parentThe teachers are competent and caring. Both of my children have had good experiences at OB Gates.
5/18/2010parentThe fellow Kindergarten Teachers are wonderful role models, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching young children, and always ready to help in their community.
5/18/2010parentThey have an excellent pre school program that my son went to when he was 2. He is in a wheelchair and they have an excellent program for students with disabilities.
5/18/2010parentIt is an amazing school! The teachers help the students in every way they can!
5/18/2010parentO.B. Gates is an awesome school! The administration and staff are caring and highly effective!
5/18/2010other Both of my boys went through Gates. It was a great foundation for them. Mrs. J and Mrs. Z were awesome as teachers. Mrs. Evaro and Mrs. Glendenning too. Good times!
5/18/2010otherMy grandsons attend OB Gates. They are very happy and are learning wonderful things. If is refreshing to see them enjoy school. Continue the great job.
5/18/2010parentGreat School!! Lots of organized sports , academic programs and energetic teachers...
5/18/2010parentBecause its a great clean school! The teachers are very nice and they push the students. I'm glad that the students are happy and have fun and do a great job on SOLs!
5/18/2010parentThe teachers are great and really care about their students.
5/18/2010otherWhy do you love O.B. Gates Elementary School? Good teachers, including Mrs. Hart. Very active student and parent participation.
5/18/2010otherOB Gates is a great school that cares about the students, and provides a high quality education.
5/18/2010parentI had two children attend this school. I liked the administration and the teachers.
5/18/2010parentMrs. Howard and OB Gates provide a great education for my child.
5/18/2010otherWhy do you love O.B. Gates Elementary School?Very active student-family involvement in all programs. Mrs. Hart is a very good second grade teacher.
5/18/2010parentAt OB Gates Elementary School the teachers truly care about the well being of each student and the quality of education that they receive.
5/18/2010parentBesides being a great elementary school, staff there provides services as a center for special needs students.
5/18/2010parentI Love O.B. Gates because I used to go there, and I LOVE the staff. They are AWESOME!! :) They each care bout about all the children and their needs. O.B. Gates needs to be #1 :)
5/18/2010otherGreat school and great teachers. The administration is wonderful
5/18/2010parentOB Gates has the BEST teachers! Especially in the 4th grade. Mrs. Cundy is the best!!
5/18/2010parentChildren at OB Gates come from various economic backgrounds and abilities but are able to achieve above grade level because of the quality and dedication of the dedicated staff.
5/18/2010parentOur two boys ages 7 and 9 have been homeschooled up until this year. The staff at OB Gates has been terrific and both are having a top notch experience in the classroom.
5/18/2010parentYou won't find a finer multi-disability school, that seamlessly intergrates special and regular education. This is an awesome group of staff that pulls together and supports the students, parents and each other. I can't think of another school that deserves this funding more than this one.
5/18/2010parentO.B. Gates has special needs children and the students get to know and understand differences.
5/18/2010teacherThis school gives every student a chance to succeed on a daily basis! The teachers work hard and go above and beyond to make sure that students feel empowered to do their best! Chesterfield County Schools are among the best schools in the Nation!
5/18/2010teacherGuided Reading groups, hard working teachers, great students, awesome county!!!
5/18/2010parentO.B.Gates is a great school with great teachers, especially Mrs. Cundy
5/18/2010parentO.B. Gates has a wonderful principal Casey Shane who loves her students.
5/18/2010parentthe teacher work so well with the kids and its a great school
5/18/2010parentOB Gates is a great school offering opportunities for students at all levels of ability. They have an excellent staff that's devoted to teaching children.
5/18/2010parentThe staff is great and the school offers great programs for the kids.
5/18/2010parentMy son received special education services here and the staff (everyone!) made this a special school altogether! The word special applies in everyway!
5/18/2010parentThe staff are the best and the students are awesome!!
5/18/2010parentI had the opportunity for my child to attend O.B. Gates for special services last year and I can't thank them enough for helping my child get alittle further ahead in schooling an really preparing him for regular school with his disability.
5/18/2010parentIt is one of the best schools in our area and has some of the best teachers in the nation!
5/18/2010parentProfessional, Education Oriented and Goal Oriented Staff
5/17/2010parentThe school is very well managed and the children are well cared for in everything they do!!
5/17/2010parentIt is a great place where everyone works hard to achieve the best for the students' benefit.
5/17/2010othereveryone is doing a fantastic job...way to go to get parents and the comminity involved in making this school great
5/17/2010otherThey are passionate about helping the children. The teachers and staff plan many fun and educational activities to enhance the children's learning.
5/17/2010otherThe faculty and staff reach out the students in every way possible to help each student achieve success.
5/17/2010otherGates has a wonderful staff. The teachers that I have worked with pour hours of outside time working to improve their lesson plans and school.
5/17/2010teacherI love Gates because they service so many special needs children with enthusiasm and a smile.
5/17/2010parentThis is a fabulous school full of great teachers and administrative staff!!!! My child has Ms. Howard
5/17/2010otherThey do wonderful things for their students and are a vital link to the high standard of living for the community.
5/17/2010parentOB Gates has been a awesome for my children. My son started at OB Gates but switch to another school. He was not doing well at all! My ex and decided to send him back to OB. Gates and his reading difficultities got better and he has maintained distinguish honor roll in 3rd grade now. I love this school!
5/17/2010parentO.B. Gates works with special needs students in such a caring manner.
5/17/2010parentNot only are the regular education teachers amazing, the special education teachers work wonders! They expect a lot from their students and push them to their full potential. Every school should be like this.
5/17/2010otherThey are very child-centered and their teaching is so engaging!
5/17/2010parentBoth of our sons attended Gates and they received excellent instruction to prepare them for middle and high school.
5/17/2010parentMy son went there for his special education and they were amazing! I support all of CCPS!
5/17/2010otherAs a former teacher at O.B. Gates, I know how great the teachers and programs are at the school. You couldn't find a more caring group of professionals who regularly dip into their own pockets to help the students.
5/17/2010parentIts a great school, and the teachers and staff always put the children FIRST.
5/17/2010parentGates is our 'second' home. My kids have learned soooo much there and love the staff....and my beautiful wife is the Assistant Principal there!
5/17/2010otherGreat Teachers ! Great Students ! Involved Parents ! They all work as a team and support each other !
5/17/2010teacherIt provides attention to the individual needs of each student
5/17/2010parentThe kind teachers, staff and administrators. They should all get paid more.
5/17/2010parentThe staff, the quality programming, the dedicated and knowledgeable teachers
5/17/2010parentOB Gates teaches life values as well as educational values to students - whatever their age, learning abilities or successes. There is learning in the halls all day long as well in the classrooms whether it is extra help for a child or a child learning to walk or manuevere a wheelchair. There is a lot for all of us - any age - at OB Gates.
5/17/2010parentAll of the staff there are great. They care about every student and do their best to make sure every child learns.
5/17/2010parentThe staff is great. They work very hard with the students and with anybody that comes to Gates.
5/17/2010parentMy daughter was born with serious physical birth defects. After 3 months in the NICU, she still required a full time nurse for the next 4 years. Over her first 3 years, she had 4 major surgeries and in order to keep her throat open and stabilize her airway, for 18 months, she was given anesthesia at least every 3 weeks but more often every other week. Science now finds that anesthesia in infants can cause cognitive dysfunction. In her case, she was developmental delayed. We were very fortunate to have an opportunity to be included in the handicap program at O. B. Grates and were graced with the loving help and support from her teacher, Ms. Jones. My daughter not only was given the opportunity to develop physically but she also made friends and learned to play with others. Thank you so much - You Made a difference in my child s life.
5/17/2010parentGreat students, teachers, support staff and administrators.
5/17/2010parentgreat school, well-managed, with good teachers.
5/17/2010otherO.B.Gates is an excellent school in that it has a staff of teachers that provide a good environment for learning as well giving students, parents and grandparents a good upbeat feeling when there.
5/16/2010teacherOB Gates is a loving caring educational enviornment. You can feel this as soon as you enter the doors!
5/16/2010parentall the teachers are really great and they always have a smile -
5/16/2010teacherI love OB Gates because of the way the school supports not just kids but families. It especial is supportive of families with kids that have disabilities. This is a group that is often under supported in other school district, but Chesterfield County is determined to improve education results for all children. They have programs in place that train and inform parents and professionals on a variety of topics. OB Gates goes one step further to help parents with disablities by connecting the parent not only to the school but to resources in the community. I work at another school and over my 12 years of teaching it is well know that OB Gates in an excellent school especially for those children who need extra support.
5/16/2010othergreat school for special needs students - very supportive of ADHD issues
5/16/2010teachervery professional group of teachers with a lot of love for kids
5/16/2010otherOur children were among the first to open this school. The school is named after a famous honorable long term Sheriff of Chesterfield County. The school is very attentive and gives the students top priority.
5/16/2010parentThis school is absolutely the best for students with special needs!
5/16/2010parentStaff at O. B. Gates meets the challenges of students with severe disabilities on a daily basis and with determination.
5/16/2010parentThe teachers really put their heart and souls into these kids..we have the best volunteers and just a true spirit!
5/16/2010teacherOB Gates does a fantastic job making all students feel special!!
5/16/2010parentgreat teachers like Spaid and Broas - just wish the principals were more visible in the school. The school is so big and I think they could lend a hand with hall behavior and respect if they were out there more. I don't understand the lunch room set up - some teachers eat in there and some don't - why? I think the principals could get the kids excited if they ate out there some too. I love librarians - they are always so welcoming to parents!
5/16/2010parentwe love Mrs. Glendenning - she's a terrific teacher, great organizatio, very thorough and professional
5/16/2010parentdon't know much about the administration - they stay in the office a lot, but the teachers are incredibly dedicated ... we really love Ms. Beyer - a friend of ours has a child that had her.
5/16/2010parentmr. jason gill is an excellent teacher - I hope all my students get him. He's one of the best we've ever seen!!!
5/16/2010parentgood school and teachers work hard - friendly custodians - Mr.Tim is really wonderful to the kids.
5/16/2010parentGet the office staff out of the chairs more and this school would be perfect! We loved seeing Mrs. Brink at the talent show! When is Mrs. Mick going to get up on stage and do a duet with Mrs. Evans!!!
5/16/2010parentOB Gates is a great school in Chesterfield County that really cares about their students. It has a very competant and respected group of teachers.
5/16/2010parentthere is a lot of compassion in that school for the special needs - Thanks Mrs. Beyer
5/16/2010parentIt's a shame that the county didn't vote for a property tax increase this year - these teachers are very good at what they do and I'd hate to see even one have to leave
5/16/2010parentStudents coming out of OB Gates are so well prepared for middle school.
5/16/2010parentThe county should take a closer look at this school - they don't 'Tuck' their special needs kids away in little rooms - they actually praise them, mainstream them, and TEACH them !!! they should all win awards for that incredible service - its easy to say a school with just the 'right' population looks like a model school, but this school IS a mode school for great education! It's everywhere! They don't need to be trained - they should be the county trainers!!!
5/16/2010teacherI have subbed at OB Gates and love the school. They have a very large special needs population. They need money to continue the great work they do.
5/16/2010parentI worked at Gates for summer school. I appreciated the effort that the school made to communicate with all parents. Since I am bilingual, the administrators asked me to translate papers going home to families and make myself available to parents to translate their needs.
5/16/2010parentGreat teachers who support their students and go above and beyond!
5/16/2010parentThis was my son's first year at Gates. He felt welcome from the first day there. He loves going to school each day!
5/16/2010parentSo many parents are there and willing to help and the teachers are great at what they do.
5/16/2010parentThe creativity of the teachers makes learning much more fun and successful!
5/16/2010teacherTheir special ed department is far better than any I have seen before!
5/16/2010parentOB Gates has great teachers who take wonderful care of the students there. They are not only interested in their academic achievements but about their social skills as well. We have been pleased with our teachers and our children have been welll taken care of. Ms. Spaid and Ms Brookes are awesome!
5/16/2010parentOB Gstes is a caring and kind school that deserves every reward. Their Special Education department is top notch!!!!
5/16/2010parentThe students are happy, polite and always say HI! The office staff know each student by name and most of the parents and always make you feel welcome and answer dumb questions with a smile.
5/15/2010parentO.B. Gates has a great program for the students. Also an awesome program for special needs youth.
5/15/2010parentMy son was a student there when it was new, and I did some substituting there a few years ago. It is one of the most welcoming schools I have ever been in, both as a parent and as a substitute teacher. The entire staff cares about kids, parents, community, each other.
5/15/2010parentMy chilren were students there and my oldest is now gaduatngfrom HS. OB Gates has wonderful, caring teachers.
5/15/2010otherBecause it is a caring place with all kinds of wonderful diverse students, parents, staff, and volunteers. Mrs. Spaids Class
5/15/2010parentThey do an excellent job of meetinghte needs of ALL students, including those with special needs.
5/15/2010parentAwesome exceptional ed program! Teachers and staff are wonderful!
5/15/2010parentroom 318 rules! Gates is the best place to learn and we love Mrs. M
5/15/2010otherOB Gates teaches such wide spectrum of students and every year I hear praise, praise, praise from its community :)
5/15/2010parentThe teachers are top notch and give their all to help the students!
5/15/2010otheranother great county school, full of energetic staff and students
5/15/2010parentGates is a kid and adult friendly school. They also have a wonderful program for preschool handicap and special education.
5/15/2010parentGreat program for students with special needs- go Beth Ann!
5/15/2010parentBoth of my children have received a wonderful education there!
5/15/2010parentLots of love toward the special ed. population that this school is a magnet for. Lots of PTA involvement.
5/15/2010parentI worked at this school a few years as an aide and i loved it.. the teachers and staff are so nice, friendly,supportive and very welcoming. OB Gates is a great school!
5/15/2010parentGates is one of the finest schools in Chesterfield. The staff pours themselves into these students. More parents need to volunteer in the PTA and the classrooms to help them succeed. There are so many teachers I could recognize ...Fitzgerald, cundy, mcmillian, thornsvard, steele! they all do a great job.
5/14/2010otherTop notch teachers and a caring and dedicated staff!
5/14/2010parentGreat teachers and a very caring staff. I currently have two enrolled (the older two have moved on) and I think it's a great school!
5/14/2010parentChesterfield County schools are the best - we are all about building great families, great communities and and great schools (it's because we have such great students, teachers and faculty) !!!!!!!
5/14/2010parentMrs. Brunner is the best!! We love O.B. Gates Elementary!!!
5/13/2010othermy granddaughter goes there and has had enjoyable years there.
5/13/2010parentThis is a great school to send your children. The teachers and knowledgeable and friendly. My child has learned so much while there.
5/12/2010parentAll the teachers are very creative and willing to go the extra mile to help each and every student. A wonderful, respectful environment for our children.
5/12/2010parentWe love Mrs. McMillian. She's wonderful!
5/12/2010parentMy daughter loves to go to school because of the teachers . . .
5/12/2010parentBoth of our kids will have gone to OB Gates their entire Elementary School years. We truly were blessed with their teachers who taught them so much and made it fun to learn. We also think highly of Ms. Mick and her front office staff. Go GATES!!
5/12/2010parentThe teachers and staff care about the children right down to bus drivers and cafeteria staff.
5/11/2010parentO.B Gates is a learning environment that my children enjoy! Keep it up, ***Mr. Gill
5/11/2010parentAwesome school! Ms. Broas awesome teacher with patience and concern for the academic well being of her students.
5/11/2010parentGreat School!- the best teachers in Chesterfield! Especially Mrs. Laine!
5/11/2010parentMy daughter had wonderful and caring teachers!!!! The administration was also very professional.
5/11/2010parentCimbal -O.B Gates is a great school teaching kids different languages like Chinese.....O.B Gates Rocks keep it up....
5/11/2010parentThe teachers and administrative staff are willing to go that extra mile to ensure an atmosphere that is conducive to learning! Thanks for all you do.
5/11/2010parentMr. Gill 5th grade O.B Gates is a great school that loves life long learning!
5/11/2010parentGlenndenning** The teachers and administrative staff are willing to go that extra mile! Thanks for all you do.
5/11/2010parentMy children are new to the school and have been welcomed with open arms. The teachers and staff are wonderful! **Mr. Gill
5/11/2010parentMrs. McMillian does a super job with her class - the children are encouraged to be thinkers and doers.
5/10/2010parentBecause they have great role models for the students, high achievers! My little cousins go there!
5/10/2010parentMs. Denby makes 4th grade FUN!! My daughter has had a fantastic year! (T1~Denby's class)
5/10/2010parentIt is an excellent school with teachers that care about the kids
5/10/2010teacherBest PTA ever! Best staff in the 5 states in which I have now worked since 1973! Best students...hard working as evidenced by coming in early for tutoring. I would send my precious grandchildren to school here!!!
5/10/2010parentThe kids are educated so well and loved by all staff. My kids love their school and they love their teachers.
5/10/2010parentwe appreciate Ms. Denby and all her hard work to make 4th grade a great year! (Denby, Trailer 1)
5/10/2010parentThe teachers are excellent and really know what they're doing. They always go above and beyond to make sure the students learn! (Mr. Gill's class)
5/10/2010parentIt is a wonderful school that prepares our students, in that early moldable age, to become critical thinkers as well as motivated learners.
5/10/2010parentAll the teachers are hard-working and don't always get the recognition they deserve. They end up spending their own money, to help make ends meet in the classroom. Thank you to Ms Glendenning in Room 317 for all you do.
5/10/2010parentBecause they mold wonderful children into being great citizens!!!
5/10/2010parentMy niece goes to OB Gates and loves it! Thanks Gates for keeping her on the right path.
5/10/2010parentWe love OB Gates - the staff is excellent! Mrs. Hart's class
5/10/2010parentO.B. Gates has a great academic program and Mr Gill is an excellect teacher. Vote for Mr. Gill's class room #323
5/10/2010otherIt is very clean, and provides an excellent atmosphere for learning. I am voting for Mr. Gill's class, Room 323.
5/9/2010otherMr. Gill does a great job - the kids really like him.
5/9/2010parentThe school is focused on teaching our young children and preparing them for the academic future. Ms. Denby's class.
5/8/2010parentMrs. Allen's 1st grade class - great!
5/8/2010otherMr. Gill - great teacher of a great school
5/8/2010otherMrs. McMillian is one of the best teachers I've ever seen! Gates is so lucky to have her!
5/8/2010parentMs karen Carter has been a wonderful asset in dealing with a child that needs remediation to help her achieve her educational goals
5/8/2010parentMrs. McMillian taught our son a few years ago and she's the best teacher he has ever had. We can't say enough good things about her. She really does make them feel special. They do so many projects and read lots of books. Reading is so important in her room. She makes them love to read. My son never puts books down now.
5/8/2010otherMy grandson is in Mrs. Allen's 1st grade class. Under her direction he has grown so much this year. He has emerged into a fantastic reader and has an overall love for learning. Thank you so much Mrs. Allen for your dedication to your profession. My grandson is truly blessed to have you as his teacher. Room 319
5/8/2010otherMy grandson is in Mrs. Allen's class. He has grown by leaps and bounds this year. I know she is largely responsible for his growth. I'm glad that he has such an excellent teacher this year.
5/8/2010parentMy best friend works at Gates and my godson is a student at Gates. My best friend is one of the most dedicated teachers I have come to know. I have had the opportunity to visit Gates on occasion and I've seen how much the staff cares about their student population. T. Thompson, Room 321
5/7/2010parentIt is a well organized school and they take care of the children. Mrs. Broas is a a wonderful teacher.
5/7/2010otherMrs. Denby offers her student's a wealth of knowledge, creative thinking, and kindess.
5/7/2010parentIt is a wonderful school, with awesome teachers and great parents who really volunteer and help out.I especially love Mrs. Jill Hart's 2nd grade class.
5/7/2010parentMichelle Koehne is an awesome teacher!
5/6/2010otherMy niece and nephew love it there. Their teachers are great!! mr. Gill's class
5/6/2010parentThey are super with the kids! They have great programs and teachers!
5/6/2010teacherO.B.Gates helps kids learn and grow and they give 110% all the time to reach their goals.
5/6/2010teachera great place for children to learn---great teachers
5/6/2010parentThe teachers at O.B Gates have helped my daughter so much with extra tutoring to keep her up with the rest of the students in the class when she started to fall behind. Im sure all the students are treated the same!
5/6/2010parentThis school is Wonderful! Very supportive in all levels. I have never witnessed anything like it before. The other day was the Variety school show for the kids to perform and they had a special education young man perform. It was the most beautiful thing I have witnessed. The kids and parents cheered him on as he performed his piece. Gates truly is a very diverse school and deserves the best. My daughter has been apart of this school for 6 years and has truly blossomed into a beautiful student thanks to the teachers, staff and surroundings.
5/6/2010parentMs. McMillan has been a tremedous help with our Child Development students -- helping them to see the need for dedicated and caring teachers, especially in the field of Special Education.
5/6/2010otherMs. McMillian is a wonderful teacher to work with CTC's Child Developments students and train future teachers.
5/6/2010parentThe staff is nice and the teachers are wonderful!! i love that this school has the childrens best interest at heart and they strive. Mr. Gill
5/6/2010parentThe staff is really great and my grand-children love it there. Mr. Gills class
5/6/2010parentGates is a wonderful school because it has a great Autism program. Lower functioning Autistic children need a chance and extra support and Gates offers this.
5/6/2010otherMs. Denby is an awesome teacher. My nephew really has learnd alot from her.
5/6/2010parentIt's a fine school with awesome faculty and staff. Denby
5/5/2010parentThe teachers are OUTSTANDING, able to work with children of all levels of need.
5/4/2010parentDo such a great job with the children
5/4/2010parentI love O.B. Gates because of the teachers and staff. I have had children there for over 10 years and I wouldn't change a thing. They really care about the kids.
5/4/2010parentBecause of my grandson and they have good teachers.
5/4/2010parentMy son attends the school and has some great teachers there
5/4/2010parentI like how supportive and inclusive of speacial needs kids OB Gates Elementary is. I feel it helps kids to be more tolerant and understanding of humanity's differences as they mature.
5/4/2010parentmy granddaughter goes there and she had some great teachers there. Right now she has Mrs. Glendenning and she loves her
5/4/2010parentThe teachers and staff are very involved in making each student feel special and smart. My daughter's 4th grade teacher Mrs. Denby makes learning fun for the class and has helped make the curriculum exciting through out the school year!
5/4/2010parentOB Gates has great teachers who are committed to their students and helping them succeed.
5/3/2010parentThe staff are great. I really appreciate their communication with the parents.
5/3/2010parentI am the luckiest elementary school counselor in the world. I work with some of the best students, teachers, administrators and other staff. This is a wonderful 'village' to work in!
5/3/2010parentThe teachers and administrative staff are enthusiastic about their jobs. They show they care about the students daily.
5/3/2010parentO.B. Gates is the best elementary school in the County of Chesterfield. The teachers are great. They are dedicated and truly care for their students. I have been to the school many times and feel that the level of courtesy is outstanding. I like it that parents and grandparents are able to have lunch with their children.
5/2/2010otherThey care about giving their students more that an education - they want to inspire their students to make a difference.
5/2/2010parentThe teachers are very compasionate towards the students , very patient aswell as i meet the best teachers ever at this school called o.B. Gates. ,Many thanks to all the teachers at gates elementary.
4/30/2010parentThis is a wonderful school and near my grandaughter home. I can go and pick her up and have lunch with her plus do fieldtrips
4/30/2010parentBoth of my children have attended O.B.Gates Elementary school, I like the extra help they get with there studies, the teachers always seem like they care.
4/30/2010parentSandy Micke is the best! She is the backbone of the school. Administration needs to bring their heads out of the clouds and be more actively involved/seen in the day to day operations of the school
4/30/2010parentMost of the teachers are there to make a difference. Office Manager Sandy is the backbone of the school! I really don't think the administration realizes just what a true gem she is! Thank you Sandy for treating everyone in such a personal nature (learning people's names, taking the time to recognize each person as an individual, and making everyone feel that they are special). Administration could learn a thing or two from her!
4/30/2010otherAny time my family can have an interactive discusssion ,I am thankful for the teaching skills and cirricular at Gates
4/30/2010parentIt's our daughter's first year at the school and so far we're extremely satisfied. I will continue to speak favorable of the school.
4/30/2010otherI love O. B. Gates Elementary because we have such a special relationship between students, staff, and administration. Regular ed. and special ed. students interact on many levels and this makes everyone feel very special.
4/29/2010teacherTeachers and staff here at Gates are terrific--welcoming and friendly, generous, and caring.
4/29/2010parentI like the school. I went there as a child and now my kids go there. They help you when they can.
4/29/2010parentI work with a student who is in a wheelchair and have enjoyed working at Gates for the last two years. The staff here is amazing! Everyone is here for the students. Their main goal is to have everyone meet with some degree of success as they go through their educational experience!
4/29/2010otherIam a nurse for a special needs child that attends Gates. I have been working here for six years. The staff here is very supportive and put the needs of our children first. It's a great place to work, play, and learn!
4/29/2010otherI'm an employee of Chesterfied County schools, and I've been working at Gates for four years. The staff are extremely sensitive to the needs of all students who attend here. Everyone's attitude is very positive and that creates unity amoung us.
4/29/2010parentGates has the best programs that involve all types of learners! We have a very diverse population of students and their needs are the top priority in this school! Great job teachers and parents!
4/29/2010parentI love this school because they have teachers that care and many different programs for the kids.
4/29/2010parentTerrific teachers, a great inclusion program, pleasant support and office staff.
4/28/2010parentThe school works hard to establish the basics and a love for learning which will follow these students their whole life.
4/28/2010parentGates Elementary is a great school. The teachers and administrators really care about the kids and their successes!
4/28/2010parentI was a 3rd grade teacher at O.B. Gates for five years. The staff, students, and parents are amazing. The teachers are a very dedicated group of professionals. It was an honor to teach with them each day.
4/28/2010otherThe integration of special needs students with main stream is amazing. It is obvious the teachers are there to help the students learn good life skills as well as the necessary academics.
4/28/2010parentthe teacher and staff really care about the kids.
4/28/2010parentSmall, close knit community environment. The teachers are wonderful and caring as well.
4/28/2010parentevery teacher has the best intent for the academic success of my child. In my opinion it has the most outstanding IEP programs in the State.
4/28/2010teacherO.B.Gates has a superior exceptional education program that helps students understand their strengths and reach their potential where they are. O.B. Gates teachers love their students and it shows in student successes every day.
4/28/2010parentThe teachers are the best! I work with the PTA and in my child's class and it's a great community of talented wonderful instructors who care for our children.
4/28/2010otherI've been involved with O.B.Gates for many years in the form of having many children I cared for in the school; I have only great things to say concerning the school.
4/28/2010parentThe teachers and administrators do a wonderful job nurturing young minds to become respectible productive young people.
4/28/2010otherOB Gates IDP is an exceptional program that assists many students with needs that otherwise would be unattended to. The Staff work well with the children and they are each dedicated to excellence in education and compassionate care for the individual child. As a QMHP working with families, I am impressed with the involvement OB Gates IDP has both in and out of the school. I commend their work, their committment, and their efforts in bridging education with the personal needs of each child they care for.
4/28/2010otherSchool is providing great leanring opportunities for my grandchildren
4/28/2010parentI am a Grandparent and my Grandson loves his school and teachers!!
4/28/2010otherMy grandson attends Gates Elementary and he loves it. He is doing great and can't believe he is learning Chinese.
4/28/2010parentGreat parent involvment and PTA. Terrific teachers.
4/28/2010parentIt has a hard working staff dedicated to the success of their students.
4/27/2010otherWelcoming atmosphere while maintaining a learning environment.
4/27/2010parentThe staff is family. I love my colleagues!
4/27/2010parentI have been a PTA president at another school in the county, and the caring teachers at O.B. Gates are second to none. Their level of involvement is inspiring.
4/27/2010teacherFabulous envirionment to work in! I can't say enough good things about the people I work with! They spend much time off the clock to make the experiences awesome for the kids we teach!
4/27/2010otherexcellent school and staff. Grandchildren attend and love to go to school. Love learning and the teachers are top of the line.
4/27/2010parentThe staff and teachers at Gates are amazing!!!
4/27/2010parentThey make time for the students on an individual basis and really care about their wellbeing
4/27/2010otherAs grandparents of a student at O. B. Gates school, we are happy to hear that our granddaughter loves the school and seems to be getting an excellent education there.
4/27/2010parentThis is an awesome school! The administration and staff are fantastic.
4/27/2010parentMy son has Autism and the programs at this school were GREAT i miss the school and the teachers my son had a teacher who went above and some he did great there in fact i am moving back there as soon as school is out here in Savannah Ga.
4/27/2010parentThe positive energy is contagious at Gates! The teachers and staff work together to help our students succeed. I couldn't ask for a better place to work!
4/27/2010parentit is a great school that teaches our kids that we are all the same on the inside no matter what disability we may have.
4/27/2010otherI coulnd't ask to work at a better school, our teachers deserve this money so they can have the tools to teach our shining stars.
4/27/2010parentI'm a teacher at OB Gates and it's a great place to work!!
4/27/2010parentThe teachers and staff are top-notch and care about all of their students.
4/27/2010parentOB Gates is a safe and loving environment for my children to learn!
4/27/2010parentThe teachers & staff are great at OB Gates!
4/27/2010parentThe school is wonderful with the children and great teachers.
4/27/2010parentI love OB Gates school because it is a fun and loving place to work. We are a large school with large hearts!!
4/27/2010parentAwesome teachers, awesome support system, great activities, THEY CARE!!!!
4/27/2010parentOB Gates is Awesome! After many issues at our previous school we found what we needed here to help my son be successful! The teachers are wonderful with the kids and responsive to the parents. I really feel like part of a team here and my kids do too!
4/27/2010parentO. B. Gates is a wonderful and extremely inclusive school that provides a brilliant and positive environment in which our children can learn and grow!
4/27/2010parentI love O.B. Gates because my favorite 9 year old attends there and Mrs. Mayberry is the best teacher ever:)
4/27/2010otherI love OB Gates because the principle is such a great asset....
4/27/2010parentI love the fact that special education students are included in all aspects of the school. All children have opportunities to interact with each other during a variety of activities.
4/27/2010parentBoth my kids attend O.B Gates. They are well cared for by teachers and staff. I love both teachers and the VP is always there for me and my kids, if there is am issue. I love the feeling that the teachers work with and that everyone is special.
4/27/2010teacherI love this school. I love the diversity among teachers and students. I love that so many teachers and staff are devoted to the growth and enrichment of each individual child. If I had little ones again, Gates would be my elementary school of choice.
4/27/2010parentTwo of my children has attended Gates thus far. I am pleased with the atmosphere which is complementary to their learning. This includes the teaching staff, support staff, and administration. The PTA and parents involvement an important factor is very involved. I also like how the disabled pupulation is incorprated in a seamless manner.
4/27/2010parentThe teachers are GREAT!! They go above and beyond for the kids
4/27/2010parentI love the hard-working staff who ALWAYS place the students needs first! OB GATES ROCKS!
4/27/2010parentThis is a great school. My kids love it here. The teachers are very nice and wonderful with the kids. WE LOVE IT HERE!!!
4/27/2010parentHow lucky our son has been. His teachers at Gates have been so loving and caring.
4/27/2010parentMy grandchildren are very successful because of Gates Elementary. The staff is wonderful!
4/26/2010teacherI am a veteran speech pathologist who has worked in four states over the course of 30 years. I rank this school highest! The effort anf devotion directed towards the students here is impressive to me. Teachers are observed before and after school doing detailed prep. Support staff (aides) work as hard as teachers. Administration is focused and knowledgable. Questions? email me anytime!
4/26/2010parentI have custody of my three grandchildren and they all started kindergarten at OB Gates.The oldest will go into high school this fall, the middle child will go to middle school and the youngest will go into the 4th grade. I have had one or all three attending O B Gates for over 8 years now and it has been absolutely wonderful. The teachers and the office staff have always been great. One teacher, Ms. Sturgis, taught two of my grandchildren and was the most outstanding teacher ever. She tutored my grandson twice a week for no charge what so ever. This is the attitude of the whole staff. It is all about the kids. Thank you.
4/26/2010otherI am a child advocate in the state of Virginia and I have been impressed with the IDP program that is run from Gates. I believe that the program is right on target for working with children with extensive challenges and gives parents an option within a local school. Futher, I have been impressed with how the administration and other teachers at Gates have been willing to work with the program and the teachers involved.
4/26/2010parentThe teachers are very hands on and they promote diversity!
4/26/2010parentI think it is a great school, with caring teachers and staff.
4/26/2010parentGates is great because of the dedicated teachers and instructional assistants!
4/26/2010parentGates has wonderful teachers and staff who go the extra mile! We specifically moved (5 miles) just to attend Chesterfield County Schools!
4/26/2010parentO.B. Gates provides a nurturing environment to all students. It has natural supports that enables all students to learn.
4/26/2010parentOB Gates is a great school that involves parents in the education of their children and uses technology to make communication more efficient. I really like how much the teachers care about each and every child's success.
4/26/2010parentO.B. Gates has a wonderful staff of teachers. They are truly dedicated to helping the students achieve and become responsible, respectful citizens.
4/26/2010parentThey really encourage parent involvement. The parents of OB Gates is what makes it Great...
4/26/2010parentMy grandchildren are getting a good education with the classroom atmospheres.
4/26/2010parentMy child is in kindergarten and I cant believe how many things he has learned this year. I love Gates!
4/26/2010otherMy children had a wonderful elementary school experience at Gates. The teachers are incredible.
4/26/2010parentGreat teachers! wonderful community atmosphere, wonderful education and love the staff in general!
4/26/2010parentFantastic and very caring teachers - superior education programs. Very glad my kids go to OB Gates!
4/26/2010parentThe teachers are wonderful! My daughter has been lucky to have a wonderful teacher every year at O. B. Gates. She loves it and so do I.
4/26/2010parentI have a son who proudly attends O. B. Gates and he looks forward to going to school everyday. He loves his teacher and has really excelled. We could not be happier and we could not ask for a better enviroment.
4/26/2010parentIn my opinion, the rooms are small and crowded. However, my son's teacher has been very dedicated in challenging him in order for him to enhance his areas of specialty.
4/26/2010parentGates has been my professional home for well over 20 years. I have stayed because I love serving this diverse community of students, families, and colleagues! It is a wonderful, caring, positive, and strong school!
4/26/2010parentThe teachers, counselors, and admin staff have been wonderful,caring and demonstrate their passion and dedication to education everyday.
4/26/2010otherI am very pleased with OB Gates Elementary School. I have on several occasions come in contact with the pleasant staff in the front office. I have two friends with children who attend OB Gates and have heard nothing but great things about the teachers and rest of the staff there. Cudos to OB Gates!!
4/26/2010parentwe recently moved out of the area, but we miss OB Gates, especially Mrs. Thompson! I love how she stayed in communication with the parents about the goings-on of class!
4/26/2010parentI have had three kids go to this school and Im very pleased with the teachers and staff.
4/26/2010othergreat school and great teachers ... where else would anyone wish to send their child for a great education!
4/26/2010parentGreat school! It is very well rounded and offers a little bit of everything to students. My relationship with my son's teachers has been great - they keep us informed. The PTA is excellent as well - always looking to help the teachers and students.
4/26/2010parentthe school is great and meets the need of a wide variety of education levels and diversities
4/26/2010parentOB Gates is full of wonderful, loving teachers that dedicate their lives to giving our children the best that they can. Our children have loved it there!
4/26/2010parentMy daughter's 3rd grade teacher was absolutely awesome... truly dedicated to her passion for teaching!
4/26/2010parentBecause it's full of so much heart and caring people: teachers, parents, and students combined! The students all work hard and strive to succeed while also helping, on a regular basis, the special students who need a little extra help with everything from morning meeting, to reading in library, to even helping get onto the bus! It's a special place where EVERYONE is a star!
4/26/2010teacherGates is a great school. The teachers really care about their students.
4/26/2010parentThe teachers are very approachable and very attentive to the students' needs. The teachers are willing to work with the parents to help when and if a child is having a problem in any area, whether it be academics or other issues.
4/26/2010parentTeacher and staff are great ,and look at what is best for the students ! we love ob gates
4/26/2010parentThis school has excellent leadership and faculty. The teachers really care about the students
4/26/2010parentI love O.B. Gates because the staff, teachers, and administrators make it their mission to take great care of the children. The education my daughter has been receiving there has been top-notch, and I have been especially pleased with the Chinese program she started in kindergarten.
4/26/2010parentGates is an excellent elementary school. The teachers, and staff help creative a positive learning environment for the students. The PTA is also very supportive of the teachers and students.
4/26/2010parentI love the diversity and great educators at OB Gates
4/26/2010parentWe have had an excellent experience at OB Gates. His teachers have been wonderful! It's a great elementary school.
4/25/2010parentgreat teachers and they put forth great effort for the kids.
4/25/2010parentI love this school because of the wonderful teachers that work there!
4/25/2010teacherO.B. Gates is a great school because of their teachers!!!
4/25/2010parentThere is such joy in the learning there. You can see the genuine caring on the faces of all the teachers and staff.
4/25/2010parentGates is super supportive to the teachers, the students, the parents and the community it serves. Everyone I've come in contact with genuinely cares about the success of the kids and teachers. My child is very fortunate to be a part of the Gates family.
4/25/2010parentThe teachers are so involved and concerned about the learning of each child.
4/25/2010teacherO.B. Gates includes students with disablities in EVERY way possible.
4/25/2010parentMy children attend there and have had wonderful teachers.
4/25/2010othervery happy to have my son in this school
4/25/2010teacherO. B. Gates strives to help all children achieve their potential, both academically and personnally.
5/4/2006parentI am a parent of 2 children at OB Gates. I have found the teachers to be very nice, personable & willing to help in any way they can when needed. My children have learned a great deal & have come a long way. The Guidance staff are great. The office staff are very helpful & professional as well. I believe security should be beefed up.
3/15/2005parentI have two children that have attended O.B. Gates for 3 years. One of my children has a severe case of ADHD. While we were going through the transition from one medication to another, we all had up's and down's. The school,(teacher, administration and guidance) supported my family through this difficult time. The guidance department has peer/support groups for children that need help expressing their feelings, other than violence. I thank my lucky stars everyday for the wonderful administration of O.B. Gates. In the past, with childcare and other schools, my child was swept under the carpet because no one would help, or take the time to understand our situation. So, the extracurricular activities may be minimal but the superior academics and understanding staff far exceed any parents expectations. I encourage all parents to get involved and make a difference with your children's education. Take the time to make the time!
3/4/2005parentI am a parent of a child with a disability who attended Gates. I found the administration including the principal and vice-principal to be inadequate. They were closed-minded, and unable to keep the children's best interest in mind. The SD teacher was outstanding. She cares and has a deep commitment to the well-being and overall growth of her students.
2/22/2005parentI have had children at Gates since 1998. My children have had wonderful teachers who have always taken time to work to the individual student's needs. The exposure to cultural activities and other assemblies has been terrific. There have been great after-school opportunities and wonderful before-school enrichment and remediation programs. Gates is a very diverse school and this exposure for the children has been phenomenal. There is a large population of special needs students, which has given our children the opportunity to develop respect for peoples' abilities not disabilities. Many of the children are exposed to sign language as a means of communicating with some of the hearing impaired students. As for parent involvement, the school and PTA encourage and welcome all volunteers. The PTA is very active in the school and has raised funds to support a number of technological, academic and social initiatives.
8/17/2004parentMy son came from Hanover schools, which now have proven to us to be better. Our few encounters with the office were quite difficult. Our teacher this year was also new and was not very informed with the new situation. The school needs more activities and better communication skills.
5/27/2004parentWow! My son has been going to Gates since summer of 2001 and I can not say enough about the teachers and staff. They all care about each 'individual' child and their needs. I have loved everyone of his teachers to date. I have a few concerns about security but otherwise I am very pleased with his experience at OB Gates. To the staff at Gates I congratulate you on another exceptional year.
4/25/2004parentIn the whole time my child attened this school, there was only one teacher that went that extra mile. The learning experience was increditable. as for the others. I can't and will not go trought that.
4/1/2004parentGreat kids, teachers and parents. Have been very pleased but would like to see more school field trips and more things such as plays, musical performances.

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