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North Elementary School - Colonial_Heights, VA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
North Elementary School3201 Dale Ave
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
(804) 524-3430K-5Colonial Heights citypublicColonial Heights City Public Schools

School Head OfficialYear
Thomas M Pond2009


Students Getting Free LunchYear

2/3/2012otherMy grandchildren's parents chose North Elementary. My G-children love their school. The classes are small which gives the teachers the ability to give more individualized attention and more parent-teacher interaction. They offer tutoring before and after school. The student body is extremely diverse giving the children a more real world experience that serves to build well-rounded individuals; more understanding of and empathy for those that have a vastly different life experience than their own. My main concern is the student pickup arrangements. I suppose a more suitable arrangement will be implemented when there is an unfortunate injury (or worse) caused by the traffic situation after school. Tussing has a safer situation. Why can't the city provide a safer environment for North Elementary?
5/11/2011parentNorth Elementary is a wonderful school, the principal, teachers and staff are all very dedicated individuals who take their jobs seriously and have the best interests of the children as their number one priority. The principal is very focused on student safety which as a parent I appreciate. Students attend PE every day and class sizes average about 19 per class.
9/7/2010parentI'm not sure about this school. I cant find any information on the web but something is not right. I went in to meet the teachers & principal to possibly enroll my son- they seemed to act like they had something to hide. Especially the principal- so much so that I called him on it. He had a calmer manner once we went into his office, maybe I did to, but he sure acted suspicious. It was over cell phone usage...He said he owned the kids in the school and that everybody had to follow the rules- the lines of "if I bended the rules for one, I'd have to bend it for everybody"...thank God we still live in a free country; he doesn't own my child and he will never own my child, but I still wonder what he is hiding?!
12/16/2009parentThere are good in bad in every school, but I expected better from North, given the small student body. I will be transferring my students for the next school year.
12/1/2006parentoverall I have been very pleased with my 3rd graders experience at North Elementary.
10/13/2006parentI am a member to the PTO, and I am very active in my daughter's academia. I appreciate the school size and the curriculum. The teacher to child ratio is more than encouraging. If I have any complaints about this school, it would be about the administration, and not in regards to their behavior with the children, but with me. ~Momma Rose
4/28/2004parent'I attended North Elementary as a child, and now my daughter does and my middle daughter will start in the fall. Everyone there is wonderful,the administration, teachers, cafeteria, paraprofessionals and custodial. The PTO also works real hard. Every child is special at North. Everyone there cares about all the kids not just the ones they are responsible for. North Stars are the best! There are even a few teachers still there that were there when I attended!'

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