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Coles Elementary School
7405 Hoadly Rd
Manassas, VA 20112
(703) 791-3141
public | PK-5
County: Prince William


  School Head OfficialYear
Alfie L. Turner2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/30/2012parentThe change in aura in this school since the previous administrator left, is unbelievable. The warm, embracing feeling you get from the minute you walk into the door speaks for itself. The teachers also do not appear beaten down, as they have in years past. The new principal and assistant principal bring a new level of warmth and approachability that was not there before. Coles is a small, family friendly school. I am happy my daughter goes there.
6/18/2012parentMy child's kindergarten teacher was excellent. The ESOL teachers and front office staff are very friendly and helpful. I am so glad that Principal Alfie Turner is leaving Coles (I feel bad for Potomac Middle, though). Principal Turner reprimanded me publically in front of other parents and students for accidentally picking up my child using the wrong procedure at the beginning of the school year. I agree with the other reviewers that Principal Turner is a very gruff person. I heard from another teacher that Principal Turner yelled at a teacher and made her cry. Very sad.
3/14/2012parentMy son attends Coles and is in Kindergarten. He has been very happy. He is inspired by his teachers to want to learn. His teachers work closely with him as he is advanced to ensure he is being challenged on all levels. The staff is top notch, friendly, quick to help and resolve any issues. This first yr has been a great one and we look forward to the next school yr. Principal Turner is amazing. She definitely is about making sure the quality of education is at its best and expects no less.
1/13/2012teacherColes is rapidly declining. It is amazing how many fantastic teachers leave every year due to the authoritative leadership style of the principal. Education has no place for this type of leader. PWCS will never be a world class school system if it allows for this type of principal.
9/28/2011parentI love this school but they are lacking in communication. The supply list that was mailed home was incorrect for 3rd grade. I spent over $40 and a quarter of the supplies were sent back home - they were the wrong color - but no colors were specified. The agenda that we purchased isn't used except to send home their behavioral sheets each day. In the past, the monthly newsletter has had incorrect dates and the Sunday phone calls are so long winded that they are often cut off before any real information is shared. I am also concerned about the division of the 3rd grade classes this year. There are kids with extremely varied learning abilities in my child's class. Why weren't the like learners grouped together? Kids are told to ask the peers at their tables for help before going to the teacher. Was this done to increase test scores?? My child is bothered by other children for answers constantly and stated on many occasions that she is bored. Last year, the teacher was amazing. The teacher this year didn't even bother to introduce herself during the open house and seemed indifferent. This is not a great way to start the school year!!
9/27/2011parentI second the comment below regarding the decline of this school. In 6 yrs time this school has gone from being the place to be to the last place you wanna be. The staff turn over has been a sure sign of poor leadership. The teachers are great teachers but are so beat down, stressed and under motivated that it shows in the overall mural and atmosphere. There is a string disconnect between the patents and staff leadership which hinders the school from having wonderful events for parents and students to enjoy. Thank God she hires great teachers otherwise this school would be a 0.
7/27/2011parentcoles school was a great school several years ago, but recently has been greatly suffering from poor leadership. the current staff moral is extremely low, and is reflected in the schools test scores which have declined in recent years. the county needs to step up and find a new leadership for this school.
5/10/2011otherhello i would just like to say coles elementary is a great place to be
1/28/2010parentMy kids enjoy Coles. They run a tight ship and we have enjoyed all the teachers we have had there. They run a no bully program that I love. There doesn't appear to be many after school programs, but I would use them anyway. I could be happier with my childs progress in school and their enjoyment of school also. Great School!
9/20/2008parentWe have three kids that attend Coles Elementary. We could not be happier with their progress. The Principal runs a tight ship and expects the best out of everyone who works there (she is a military wife) and the kids.
6/19/2008parentDon't get me wrong Coles is a great school, however I think that the Principal needs to treat her teachers different as we have lost many great teachers since the Principal has come to our school. I think sometimes she is to harsh- on the staff. I for one as a parent feel that she is to harsh. Not only as a school we should appreciate our teachers, janitors, school bus drivers, office staff as equal. I think as a parent I would like to see the school do more for others as well (janitors, bus drivers) I do not think we do enough to show our appreciation to them. The Janitors clean the school and take pride and the Bus Drivers drive our kids to and from school. I hope that the Principal will take care of these for the 2008-2009 school year.
6/12/2008parentWe were going to send our daughter to private school after kindergarten. However, we're so impressed with Coles that we've decieded to keep her there. I can't believe how well she reads already! She has Mrs. Rucker and Mrs. Hupman and loves them. I feel the school strives to go well beyond the state standards and I'm impressed with how much she has learned. The principal, teachers and staff go above and beyond on many levels. We're happy to be a Cole's family.
1/13/2006parentI also wanted to say that in AZ they had after school activities for kids. My daughter was student council historian, she was also historian for the drama club, she had cheerleading, and karate. School's for elementary kids out here don't have anything for them. I think the extracurricular activities would benefit kids <and they have to maintain a C average in order to participate> I don't think they should have to wait till middle school.
11/8/2004parentThis is one of, if not the best school I have ever seen. My son (kindergarten)loves coming here and I can tell that the teachers go out of their way to help all the children. Keep up the great work!

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