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Osbourn Park High School
8909 Euclid Ave
Manassas, VA 20111
(703) 365-6500
public | 9-12
County: Prince William


  School Head OfficialYear
Timothy Healey2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/7/2012parentWhen it comes to the principal of OP and administration at PWCS forget it. The Superintendant will NOT deal with ANY student issue he will send you to the Associate Superintendant of High Schools who will not do a thing for you or your student. If it is wrong... too bad, we made a mistake regarding your kid...oh well, they didn't follow policy.....the policy was a mistake. He has an answer for everything but nothing to help your student. I think they must practice their speeches together. Power play on all their parts because they can but they do NOTHING for the students. Love it when the Principal knows he is in the wrong and basically tell you he calls the shots!! The Associate Superintendent of High Schools says "you can talk to whoever you want, its a free country" but will not help a student.
8/31/2012parentAs a parent of two kids at O.P., I am happy with the school MOST of the time. Someone else mentioned the bad kids get away with things and I have to agree to some extent. Though both of my teenagers, when in trouble, definitely had consequences. They also both have stories of other kids that just don't get in trouble. Overall I feel the teachers are sincere and try very hard to help the troubled kids as well as the average or above average student. I have been very impressed by the teachers in fact because of how hard they try. The school is doing something right, test scores beat the average in VA consistently. They have been nationally awarded too! In Prince William County, this is some of the best schooling a kid can get if you ask me. Coming from Fairfax, we researched alot and narrowed it down to Osbourn Park, nothing else. My kids struggle at school, they are not perfect, but this school is doing everything in their power to help my kids succeed and for that I am thankful.
5/18/2012parentOP has one of the finest teaching staff and administrative team in Northern Virginia. As a parent of 3 daughters, we did considerable research before moving to Prince William County from Fairfax County -primarily because of our concerns over schools. We could not be happier with our decision! Our oldest daughter is beginning her Senior Year 2012-2013 at VT on the Dean's List. Our middle daughter has just been accepted at JMU and our youngest just completed her Freshman Year at OP. The students are well prepared to succeed in college and learned many valuable life lessons while in high school. They had opportunities to travel, play sports, volunteer, join clubs...good balance of school and social life for teens without the overwhelming pressure of some of the other top Virginia schools. This is a NATIONAL Award Winning school - parents should be very proud of their students and school. Fantastic inspiring teachers and administrative staff. Go Jackets!!
5/17/2010studentOsbourn Park has a great team of teachers who will go to all costs to help a student. However, the administration has absolutely no regard for county policy, and simply do not care. Ever heard of the Code of Virginia or Code of Behavior??? They befriend troubled students and constantly leave them off the hook for all offenses. The result of this practice is that teachers and bus drivers have to deal with these kids with absolutly no support or backup from the admin. Kids are constantly distracted due to teachers having to due the job of the administration. I put my sympathy with the teachers and commend them for taking on this poorly managed school.
4/23/2009parentI am very happy for the quality of the teachers.
2/28/2008studentI am currently attending Osbourn Park high School and do not think its the best. The teachers do not care what happens to many students and the administration does not even think to care about what students do during school whether its good or bad. I think they should worry about whats happening inside the schools.
2/5/2008parentOsbourn Park High School is a wonderful school. The principal is a wonderful leader and classroom teacher. We had one daughter who graduated two years ago and our youngest is a sophomore this year. Teachers have been terrific and respond to our emails through the Edulink system for adults. This school has a wonderful active sports community the halls bustle with activity every afternoon. I have found if you keep your kids involved, check on their grades and stay involved in their lives and invite their friends home you end up with a wonderful well rounded happy student. Osbourn Park High School has been a wonderful for the past six years. OP Mom
11/4/2005studentOsbourn Park is really the best school that I know of. The teachers are staff is magnificent and the students love how the school offers them a higher level of independence than they got in middle school. The kids always rally around each other for support and help whenever anyone needs it. Honestly, in the movies you see the stories of kids being bullied and pushed around or of freshman 'hazing', but at OP the students are much more mature than that. While OP, like any other school, has its problems it has been named a Prince William County school of excellence 5 years in a row. Also, the school is getting a facelift. We are getting brand new equiptment (desks, books, computers) along with a much needed romodeling of all 3 floors. So, for those who dislike OP, they are wasting what could be the best years of their lives.
6/26/2005parentOsbourn Park High School is a diamond in the rough. If parents keep a positive mental attitude and create a home environment around their kids to allow them to excel, their success at OPHS will me limitless. Our daughter just graduated and had a great four years. The quality academic and athletic programs at OPHS allow kids to excel to any level they desire. If parents want their kids to excel at OP they need to set the example in the home. All paths from the most positive to the lowest negative exist to some degree at every school. It's the choices and decisions the kids make that determine their success. Yes we were there for our daughter and supported her the best we could in both her academics and athletics. We met some really wonderful kids, parents, teachers, coaches and administrators at OPHS. Thanks OPHS you are the BEST!
2/7/2005former studentAlthough it may sound that Osbourne Park is a really good school its not. We just recently moved to Virginia and we found this school having expectations for it me and my brother were hoping for better a better education but were we wrong. the hallways are over crowded, the techers barely get through teaching due to the distruption in class and never take disiplinary action.
1/29/2005studentThis School has great teachers, but the problem is that the discipline stratagies is not doing oh so well. There are so many after school activities. Most of all it is really hard to get through the halls due to over crowding.
5/12/2004parentThis school is really one of the good schools in the 'Prince William County' and the teachers are really showing and putting up their effort on the students and students also produce their result in the form of their studies and good grades. And my one daughter already goes to this school as a sophmore and my other daughter will also go to this same school.
5/4/2004parentI do not like this school, the teachers do not really care about the students, and when you try to contacrt them they never contact you back
8/31/2003parentGreat school and the best high school in Prince William county due to parent, teacher involvement and a great principal.
8/26/2003parentOverall this is one one the finest school in the county for several reasons, first, the students really do want to excell here, second the teachers do set expectations high and the students relish the challenge, third after school programs are not just fun and games but serious activities in which the students will carry on to college. Safety at this school as well as all the others in Prince William County is very good simply because the Sheriff's office and PWC Police considers these kids just as their own. Last but not least My first son graduated and went to Liberty University with no problems in transition and my second son who is in 11th grade is on the way in getting full scholarship through ROTC at Liberty, so credit is due to the staff of Osbourn High.

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