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Orange Hunt Elementary School
6820 Sydenstricker Rd
Springfield, VA 22152
(703) 913-6800
public | K-6
County: Fairfax


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Judith Ryan2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/15/2012parentI have two girls attending Orange Hunt; one in the German program and one not. The school has been an excellent environment for both my daugthers and I am puzzled by the previous posts regarding the school principal. He is young, energetic, and engaging. He is at every event and has made the school overall less 'clicky' (before there was a sense of having to be in the German program to be special). There were some issues with an under performing Kindergarten teacher, which were addresed and she is no longer employed by the school. My daughters look forward to going to school every day and take pride in being 'Owls.' When my 1st grade daughter had issues adjusting I communicated by email with the teacher and she responded very quickly and resolved the issue. I am confident that OHES is preparing my kids well and giving them a quality education.
6/1/2012parentWe just recently moved our child out of Orange Hunt elementary school and we discovered that our child does not meet standards at another Fairfax county school. The grades given and feedback from Orange Hunt said that the child exceeded standards, but now the new school is addressing these shortcomings. We find this unacceptable and alarming. There is no relationship between teachers and parents and you are really treated as a hassle. The school principal is living in his own world, does not greet parents and avoids any confrontation. He is so unfit for this position in terms of people skills. The Orange Hunt school also has a really bad environment where any parent whom speaks out or complains in order to address concerns is labeled as going against the family(the school). The school also covers up any problems instead of addressing them and pretends there are no problems. The school is overall hyped up much more than what it really is. Keep your eyes open, proactivity assess your children, stand behind your children and speak out for your child; this school has most people fooled as to what is really going on.
6/1/2012parentWe had our children in the German immersion program because we thought it would be a good fit for them. They are fluent in German. Being a native German (30years+), one would think that I would know German, but according to the second grade teacher, who is not a German, my word knowledge was not sufficient. Wrong words were taught in math, but according to her, they were correct. English only speaking parents are in the dark due to the lack of understating. Parents should not have to put up with sub-standard teaching just to learn another language. The new principal is a disaster to say the least. This is his first year and one could only hope, for the school s sake, that he finds a new job away from Schools. He lacks any basic proper communicating skills to say the least. Is this school good? Not for parents who are actively involved in their children s education and are asking questions. We have been exposed to other Fairfax county schools and Orange Hunt does not meet the standards by far. There are by far much better schools in this area to choose from. Every school goes through good times and bad times; Orange Hunt is certainly on the down swing for sure.
5/3/2011parentWe have two children at Orange Hunt. This is the second year for my older child and she loves her teacher and is thriving at school. I will say, her teacher goes out of her way to ensure good communication with the parents, which really helps. I've been in to volunteer and always feel very welcome in her classroom. My younger child is in Kindergarten. The Kindergarten classes are over crowded due to budget concerns, and are only half-day programs, for the same reason. I'm not particularly worried about him, because he's already a strong reader and good at math, but I don't feel he's grown at all from anything done at school. All of his advancement this year is because I spend an hour each day working with him at home. I feel like the teachers are doing the best they can, but really, 27 Kindergartners is just too much for one class. The ones who need extra help or extra challenges are going to fall through the cracks. Other reviewers have mentioned the unfriendly office staff. I will admit, I have found them a bit cold myself, but the more I volunteer and the more they see me, the friendlier they have become. If you're having issues, try to be part of the solution.
3/7/2011parentNew to Orange Hunt this year. Fairfax County schools are great and my children have great teachers. My problem is with the office staff. They are the most unfriendliest stuck up bunch of people I ever met. They have a cold and callous way about them. At first I thought is was just me, but after reading reviews here I see others have experienced the same thing.
2/14/2011otherI've been in the German program since 1st grade. Currently, I'm in 8th. I know that the first grade German teacher can be harsh but she is actually really nice! Make it through that year and you will have the best time of your LIFE in the German. It's like a family. All the kids stick together and there really aren't many bullies. I love this school. I did everything. From Patrols to News Crew. I really stress that THE GERMAN PROGRAM IS GREAT! I'm not even in high school and have 2 language credits.
1/25/2011parentMy daughter is in kindergarten at Orange Hunt. She is vision impaired, and the staff has been excellent. The administration support is fabulous. On the first day of school, the principal rode home on the bus with my daughter to ensure that the bus driver knew which stop my daughter was to get off at, and to assign a student helper. That alone put all of my fears at ease. It is a large school that is small in community. We love Orange Hunt.
12/7/2010otherI LOVE orange hunt and i have been here for 7 years. I am a sixth grader and me and all my friends love our school to, And if your to snotty, stuck up, and spoiled to realize that, your loss.Sure they dont have the friendliest office staff, but the age of a teacher doesnt matter! Just beacause they are old doesnt mean they are a bad teacher! Orange hunt is the best elemtary school ever, Those sangster kids think they are so much better than us just cause they are in a gifted school that isnt even any better than orange hunt! Listen to your kids for a change instead of being selfish, your kids will say they love the school, take it from a student that went there for seven years. I LOVE my school
11/6/2010parentOur son attended for 1st grade after "winning" a spot in the lottery. Although he learned German, his teacher was past retirement age and should have been retired a decade ago. The term "helicopter parents" was probably coined at this school, which we found out when turning in special assignments: the parents had completed them ! The front office staff were miserable, unpleasant at best and were rude numerous times over the nine months that we attended. The kiss and ride line was conducted like a military drill and the chiidren were constantly yelled at and called by a number, not their name. The worst straw that broke the camel's back was the day that - on my son's birthday - they shut the door in his face as he was walking in with arms loaded down with cupcakes...and we weren't even late! Wouldn't go back if you paid us.
9/14/2010parentThe most unfriendly staff and school! The Kindergarten program is a joke. We are fortunate that our 3rd grader got a good teacher. If I had known what I know now I would not have moved into this neighborhood with this school!
6/15/2010parentOne of our kids has special education needs and the "teacher" from Orange Hunt didn't help with any progression- didn't even listen when being spoken to! Spoke AT our child and heard what s/he wanted to hear. Administration and environment of the school is overall unfriendly. Our child didn't attend full time, but even with the few amount of visits there we still dreaded it. We recommend Sangster.
4/24/2010parentI love Orange Hunt Elementary because it has dedicated teachers and a great learning program, including German immersion. Both my children, one in K and one in 3rd grade, like to go there and have always liked their teachers. The principal is extremely dedicated as well. I can highly recommend this school.
3/2/2010parentThe German Immersion program is a big pro. All German after school activities are paid completely by German Club dues and not PTA money like one reader suggested. This school has the most unfriendliest front office staff one can imagine. 'Barracudas' comes to mind. I also agree that the school teaches just for the SOL testing. GT is a joke! Even the kids think so. The school does not put any attention on spelling. No spelling tests what so ever. Worked out great for my oldest who despite 6 years Orange Hunt is now a great speller at Washington Irving MS but is not working at all for my younger two. I had to hire a tutor and hopefully they will catch up. This school does indeed not cater to special needs. They drop kids with reading problems and you have to fight to get them any extra help. Change is needed!
1/19/2010parentTeaching to the test, unfriendly staff who prefers to communicate via email, unresponsive leadership. Best features: partial German immersion and art/music. Without that, a pretty mediocre school.
10/15/2009parentLast year, our twins went to 1st grade at Sangster Elem; they received a great education and we were most satisfied with the entire staff. Because my wife and I are German speakers, we enrolled our children into the 2nd grade at Orange Hunt to participate in the German Emersion Program. This was a terrible mistake. It seems the culture at Orange Hunt discourages parent involvement. Interactions with our children's teachers are conducted primarily via email. Our children's teachers have also demonstrated an inability and unwillingness to conform to the special needs of one of our children. After speaking with other parents, who expressed similar concerns, we decided to pull our children out of Orange Hunt and put them back in Sangster. BTW, the German teacher's command of German was only mediocre.
6/25/2009parentI am very surprised by the high rating on this site when over the past three years, I have heard so many complaints from parents. Of course, these parents do not have children in the German Immersion Program. It is well know through the school that the Germon Immersion parents run the school. I particularly like how they use funds to sponsor German events but say the events are open for 'all the students.' My children have no interest in German events, but they would like to see a Smartboard in their classroom. And we'll celebrate the German holiday Sankt Nikolaus Tag in the classrooms, but forget Christmas. And I will echo the sentiments of others on this site, this school has given up on differentiated learning, or maybe my children have just not had the teachers who demonstrate differentitated instruction to GT learners or special needs.
6/12/2009parentWe are an AF family and have lived all over the U.S.. Orange Hunt is a good school. Dr. Ryan is nice and some of the office staff are very nice, but I have to say that I have not been pleased this year with a few things. My number 1 complaint: USE BLACKBOARD!!! Kids forget to bring papers home! Parents need to know what's going on! Utilize parent helpers if teacher's don't have time! Esp. in the 6th grade! Responsibility is one thing...Being able to check up on something is crucial. 2. Kiss and Ride needs to be overhauled! Use parent volunteers to help keep the line moving. DON'T lock the doors when you clearly see that someone has held the line up!! Especially when it's raining! It was very, very irrritating and it happened many, many times! 3. Be more welcoming! It makes a difference.
9/6/2008parentGreat school, particularly for the Partial German Immersion program. The teachers and principal have been great so far, after four years of attendance from our oldest daughter. They definitely drive the academics, but there are also a lot of extra-curricular activities.
5/3/2008parentFinishing our 4th year and have been happy with the school. Friendly environment.The PTA has provided lots of extracurricular activities, community events, and helped fund excellent field trips.
10/3/2007parentOrange Hunt is fantastic - Mrs. Cunningham (1st grade) is wonderful, structured and great w/ the kids. We have 3 children there now and they all love the school and thrive academically. Everyone on the staff is helpful and friendly.
8/10/2007parentI really like Orange Hunt. The school is very well organized and has many parent volunteers. Dr. Ryan is a fantastic principal and the teachers really care.
12/29/2006parentIf you are the parent of a special needs kid, do your research. OHES has limited resources & knowledge for dealing with 'challenging' kids. OHES has the potential just like all Fairfax County schools to be exceptional but falls short. Staff & leadership, with a few exceptions, is average at best.
12/28/2006parentWe moved to Fairfax County last year from California. So far, OHES has lived up to the FCPS reputation. Mrs. Cramer and Mrs. Doyle are fantastic as a kindergarten team. Our son is way ahead of his friends in California and he is thriving socially. It seems like the school is dedicated to the kids and not a flaky social theory or political agenda.
5/10/2006parentOverall unfortunately disappointing. We thought it was ok until we found out about Sangster. If you want German immersion, then Orange Hunt is of course the way to go. It's GT program is poor, though, and they don't even seem to be too interested in catering to GT students. I guess they've just given up competing with Sangster in that arena and it shows.
3/18/2006parentI love this school.When i se my kides oll the taim i se a change that is way .I now they have a good teathers.To.Thank u to help our childerns to be a good citizens.Bay. Tibebe
11/19/2005parentLovely facility and wonderful programs, and there are good parent school communication programs in place but there is a 'cliquishness' in place that is sad to say divided along socio-economic/ racial lines. My children are happy and this is due in no small measure to their teachers and our efforts on their behalf. We moved to Orange Hunt Estates so they could attend and recommend the school on its academics, fine arts, and German Immersion, but if your child is gifted and black you will have to fight hard for services and recognition and you will never get the warm fuzzies from parent groups or staff.
6/22/2005parentThis is our first year at OHES having moved from another Fairfax County elementary school. I am tremendously impressed with the PTA and the new Principal Dr Judy Ryan.
10/26/2004parentThe administration and the teachers at Orange Hunt Elementary School are top notch. The love and care they show the children is evident. We have excellent teachers who are dedicated to the students' achievement. I am happy to send my children to a school where they get a great education, make good friends, and are being prepared to be our future leaders.
6/10/2004parentOrange Hunt is great! I'm impressed with the parental involvement and volunteerism. We moved here about 8 months ago and my daughter loves it. The teachers bring out the best in kids. Before moving here, I've always heard that fairfax county has some of the best schools in the country. If Orange Hunt is any measure, then I definitely heard right. I wouldn't think of sending my daughter anywhere else.
4/13/2004parentOrange Hunt has a false reputation. The principal, administrators, teachers and parents are very snobbish. Children there act like total brats. In the upper grades 5, 6, if you dont belong to the cool group count on your child to be treated as an outsider. I took my children out to a school where kindness and family enviroment counts.
8/2/2003parentOrange Hunt is filled with great teachers, great kids, terrific administrators, and wonderful parents. The German Immersion program is fabulous and the new renovations are beautiful. Orange Hunt is an outstanding school.

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