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Widewater Elementary School - Stafford, VA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Widewater Elementary School101 Den Rich Rd
Stafford, VA 22554
(540) 658-6380PK-5StaffordpublicStafford County Public Schools

School Head OfficialYear
Kristen McKinney Nash2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/23/2012parentWe love this school! Widewater is an excellent school. Our son has attended Widewater for the past two years (Kindergarten and 1st grade) and have found that the teachers are very attentive to the childrens needs and their education. The curriculum is excellent; my son arrives from the school excited to learn new things and I am always amazed at what they are teaching them a such a young age. As volunteers, we see first hand what the daily agendas are and the effort that the staff puts into every child. I would recommend this school to anyone. The staff is friendly and it is evident that their students interests are their priority.
3/15/2011parentThis school has a very poor special education program and policy. I have a special needs son that qualified for services immediately in other districts, however, Widewater has fought me tooth and nail over every single issue they could possibly fight over. Other parents have also told me that the curriculum is totally inadequate. Kindergarteners still learning letters, colors and shapes (rather than any sort of reading skills), and much of the school caters to minorities with english as a second language, and this puts other children at a disadvantage.
9/21/2009otherI now have 5 of my grandchildren who have or are going to WCES. I think the teachers have been friendly and quite competent. The children seem to enjoy the environment and the extra 'family' activities planned at the school.
7/10/2009parentOur daughter is doing very well academically and socially at WW Elemenatry School. She transfered from Anne E. Moncure this year due to redistricting. Her SOL Scores were very good, and she was elected to serve on the student council. We are very pleased with the school as a whole and her 3rd grade teacher was fantastic.
5/20/2009parentThis school is fantastic! I am very pleased with the new principle and assistant principle of this school. They have the kids best interest at heart. The teachers are good too. My child is in fourth grade and his teacher is constantly keeping in touch with me. Great school!
4/10/2009parentWe've lived in Stafford for 2 years now (military family) & Widewater has been great for my son. He was diagnosed with a developmental delay when he was 3 years old. He's in fifth grade now and began at Widewater with behavior problems and below average scores. He is now on the Honor Roll almost every quarter. The staff always treat us with the upmost respect. Thanks so much Widewater!
10/8/2008parentNow that Widewater has new leadership, the overall atmosphere has changed for the better. I no longer receive last minute notices on school activities and now able to attend those activities. The new principal and assistant principal really convey that they truly care about the school and the children in it. A great improvement over the last 2 years that my son has attended!
8/7/2008parentthe best school my children ever been and thats their third school
8/11/2007parentWidewater is a wonderful school! However it does need work with a gifted program for the younger students! 3rd grade is fine however when it is obvious that a child is gifted Widewater needs to make sure that they are helping those children as well. Also the inclusion classes need serious help. Last year in my sons kindergarten class he was placed with many special needs children and it was so difficult to be in a learning environment for the regular child. My suggestion is to break up the amount per grade level and place 2 or 3 per class and not in the same room its just not fair to have one teacher always having to stop. And its not fair to the other students that can't get the education because there is to many special needs children in one room. I want fair for all children!
6/8/2006parentMy children have attended Widewater Elementary for two years now. My daughter has been in first and second grade and my son in third and fourth grade. I was disappointed when we arrived here and found out that there was no gifted program available for children until they reach third grade since my daughter had already been part of a gifted program in her previous school. My son had also been part of that program but he had to go through all the testing again before being accepted into the current program which took half of the school year to accomplish. Although this school is clean, safe and has a pretty good program for average kids, they do not offer much for children who are advanced in earlier grades and do not encourage challanging younger children. After school activities and clubs are plentiful.The teachers are approachable and well educated.
1/27/2006parentWidewater is an excellent school. The faculty is extremly helpful and kind. My child is receiving a first rate education, which will cement his foundation for the rest of his academic career.
3/30/2005parentI have had my children attending Widewater for 5 years. I have loved each teacher my children were placed with. They look after them as if they were their own. The teachers are not just outstanding in the academic field. They care abour the children as people!

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