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Cam Junior Senior High School
715 NW Onsdorff Blvd
Battle Ground, WA 98604
(360) 885-6800
public | 5-12
County: Clark


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5/17/2011parentWe have two students that attend CAM. They've had very good if not excellent teachers. The atmosphere is unlike any school you'll likely see. The students work diligently in class and aren't easily distracted. Their focus is definitively academic, allowing them to pursue whatever interests them artistically or physically outside of school or Wednesday. There is a religious element to it, in that there seems to be many nonsecular students there. I believe the word is out at the private Christian schools, that this is the place to send your child for a less expensive education. Both of my kids are aware of this and the Christian kids are respectful at school in keeping their opinions private. Parent involvement is what you'd expect at such an academically rigorous school. I would only suggest this school to parents that have children that are focused and self motivated, for others this may be an unpleasant experience. This is a great school if you know what to expect.
11/20/2010parentAmazing school in mediocre school district! This school is a gem in the rough! The teachers are the best of the best & the staff keeps the parents very informed. The schedule is unique & won't work for every family. The students have to fulfill their art & PE outside of CAM. The students are expected to be respectful & responsible & there is no tolerance for misbehavior whatsoever. Children who care about their education flourish here! The workload is not as bad as we expected but the children need to stay on track or they could quickly fall behind. My only small complaint is that there is a large percentage of students who are there because they are religious & there is some talk about religion among the students. BUT there are plenty of other students who are secular & are there to learn & not concerned with others' religion or lack thereof. I think a lot of parents think CAM is a safe place for Christian children to not be exposed to the 'real' world but as a totally secular parent, I see it as an education opportunity. WE LOVE CAM & the staff!!!
10/24/2010parentThe teachers really enjoy teaching, my daughter loves it.
9/12/2008studentI've attended CAM since 6th grade and am now a Junior. My older brother has also atteneded CAM from 7th grade until he graduated (we were also involved in Homelink from Kindergarten until we started CAM), so my family and myself are very familiar with the school. I would not describe CAM as well rounded simply because their goals for the school and its students are extremely focused in specific areas. I found the main benifit of this to be that students have the tools and are presented with the ability to succeed. Academically I trust CAM, believe they do excell the norm, and although it was difficult I am glad I have attended CAM because I feel well prepared for college. Socially, however, it cam be difficult if a person does not fit the standard. Students are always kind to new commers and the teachers are great.
6/20/2008studentI went to CAM and graduated in '08 and I can't think of a better place to go to school! I loved every minute of it, even as I fought hard to keep my grades up to the high standards they expect there. It's an exceptional school that I was extremely lucky to have attended. The focus on character and application of education in the real world makes for a well rounded and enjoyable education. I loved the teachers and my class as though they were my second family and I miss it! Check into it and ask about the amazing senior east coast trip! No better school. -N
3/26/2008parentI love CAM! Our children have really excelled in their program, and it's definitely great preparation for college and just being successful in life. The teachers really care for the students and want to see them succeed.
9/24/2007parentOur daughter went to CAM last year for 5th. grade and is now in 6th. grade at CAM. We have been overly impressed with every aspect of the school. The teachers are amazing and truly care about the students. Our daughter has learned more in her time at CAM more than any other year and she feels safe to learn and develop close friends because of the consitent expectations and follow through of the teachers, staff, and principal. The teachers have high expectations but at the same time they are very warm and available to help the students do their best and learn. The learning is made to be exciting because there is a lot of hands on verses just 'busy work'. The principal, Coleen Oneal, has just been amazing. Our daughter had a problem with a boy last year and Coleen was kind, consistent, and proactive. We love CAM!
5/22/2007parentNo extracurricular activities. Social circles are limited, forcing children to spend time with people who they would not normally enjoy spending time with. Bad influences are unescapable in such a small school.
4/2/2005parentThis school is wonderful for families who want to be able to have a strong hand in their child's education. All fine arts/physical education credits are expected to be gained outside of school hours. School is focused only on the academics of your children. The program is college prep and requires 4 years of math, science, english and history to graduate. If you have a child that is able to handle more difficult academic regimen and is involved in outside activities that would count for credit. ex. piano lessons, tennis, karate etc. This is the place for you. Test scores are always in the highest brackets of Washington State.
1/16/2005parentThis school really depressed my child. She had no social life, because she did not really enjoy the company of the students because they were so focused in their schoolwork. My child had B+'s and A-'s, and of course she strived for A's, but what all the other students wanted was 4.0. This school is not my opinion as an academic sanctuary. Think twice before sending your child there, unless you would like your child to strive for a 4.0 all their life and have friends and family second.
12/3/2004parentMy daughter and son left this school and went to a new school this year. The leadership was unneceptable and the teahcers didn't seem to care about the students success. No a school I would want any child to go to.
10/13/2004parentI have a son and a daughter that have been attending CAM for four years now, and we all love it. It's a great school in all aspects. The teachers are wonderful, the students are well-mannered and very smart, and the overall atmosphere is great. Though the school does not receive much money, the staff knows how to spend it wisely via many ways. Parents, if you are tired of the horrors of regular public school and want your kids to have a bright future, this is an ideal school for you and your family.
4/9/2004parentCAM Jr High had very strong academics which is what attracted us to the school. With exception with English. It was strong in 6th grade although fell short in 7th & 8th. There are many options for PE and other extracurricular activities you just need to be creative. I love the fact that they had Wednesday's to catch up with homework or explore other interests such as art and sports. We recently moved to TX. We shopped for the best school district we could find. They told us most students struggle to make it when they move into their district we chose because they are so strong academically. Our student is doing well and has been placed in advance courses. I believe a combination of a parent partnership of home-schooling and Cam Jr High are the reasons for our students success. I would strongly recommend CAM Jr. High.
2/23/2004parentMy child attended CAM Jr for 2 years and found it to be a very positive experience. The teachers are strong but the largest advantage over other schools is the quality of the students. Students have to test to qualify for admission and overall are a group of well-behaved students which makes the learning environment better than other schools in the area. My child had to work hard for A's at this school! It is a good school for a student who wants a strong academic environment. It is not the right place for a student who wants to participate in PE, band, or other elective subjects. The only subjects taught at CAM are core academic courses.
12/11/2003parentThis is a truly 'outstanding' school. Academic expectations are high. Student character and morale is also high. The teaching staff is outstanding and extremely responsive to parental input. As a parent, 'you' are able to provide leadership for your child's education and your input and involvement in Jr. Cam is welcome and expected. Students take Wednesday off for extracurricular activities which are the responsibility of the parent. There are several after-school activities available for students'. This is the best school I have seen in southwest Washington and I wouldn't have my child anywhere else.
11/13/2003parentThis is not your typical public school. First, you have to get tested and pass to be accepted. The academic standard is very high. You must maintain a certain GPA to continue to attend. Second, the teacheing staff is second to none. They are genuinely concerned about the well being of your child. They make learning an adventure not a chore. I have been very impressed with all the staff. Finally, the school does not offer any extra curricular activities, but you know this going into it. The kids have Wednesdays off of classes to pursue outside activities. They must maintain a log that shows that they are involved in extra curricular things. I feel that our children are getting a very well rounded education at Cam.
9/3/2003parentHorrible leadership...no extra-curricular activities

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