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Panther Lake Elementary School - Federal_Way, WA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Panther Lake Elementary School34424 1st Av S
Federal Way, WA 98003
(253) 945-3600PK-5KingpublicFederal Way School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic31.172010
Black, non-Hispanic16.622010
Asian/Pacific Islander25.972010
Native American or Native Alaskan0.522010

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Tom Capp2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/20/2012otherI did not have good experiences with this school. In fact, the only good times I had were in Kindergarten. Everything went downhill after first grade. I went to school here when I was younger, and one of the problems I faced was the fact that children were sometimes left unattended in a classroom for long periods of time. The classroom turned into an all-out warzone at times, and it reflected poorly on my score. One student ripped up one of my assignments and I was blamed for it. When the teacher had us line up, I was elbowed in the mouth at one point, which knocked out a tooth. The same student that knocked out my tooth had also previously elbowed a girl from another class in the eye, and he was never punished in any way. Another issue for me was the school's "reading program". It was a ridiculously long extra class, and many times I missed recess because of it. During the class, me and the other students were given 5-page long books that I was able to read in about a minute (Ex: This is my dog. The dog is big. His name is Red. etc). We were expected to read the same book several times for 30 mins-an hour. I was pulled out of this school after 1st grade. I did not like it at all.
11/17/2010parentTwo out of 5 of my kids went to Panther lake, in fact I still have one there currently. Mr Capp the principal there is AMAZING!! The staff there is very attentive and keeps on top of the kids not only academically but socially as well.
7/30/2007parentMy Son has been in Panther Lake since Kindergarten. Mr. Rosand is a wonderful teacher...too bad he can't have him the remaining years @ PL.
4/19/2007parentThis is one School that delivers academically. Pantherlake gets parents involved and the result is very positive. Thanks to Mr. Rosand, Miss. Owens and Grandsprey. Parents I will ask you now to get involved.
2/6/2006parentour son was in the gate program with mr. rosand and this was an excellent experience. he was in a mixed 3/4/5th grade class, beginning in 3rd grade and will complete 5th grade this year. terrific learning experiences.
7/6/2005parentI am a mother of two african-american boys. I was pleased to find that the school has a diverse student body. Parent involvement is excellent. The parents take an active part in their child's learning. The PTA Board comes up with creative ways to assist the teachers and make learning fun. The district overall is proactive in identifying and resolving areas of concern as it relates to its students of color. I was most impressed with the District's Superintendent, Tom Murphy, in his pro-active remedy to address the disproportionality found in special education referrals, discipline, and tracking for advance placement studies. He implemented a wonderful program to ensure that ALL children receive quality education. A fatal dissatisfaction has been the implementation of the program into the actual classrooms. Excellent in theory, but lacking in practice. Teachers have not made satisfactory efforts of addressing their personal biases to ensure better education.
3/17/2005parentPanther Lake is a great school! The teachers are so very committed, and the staff really seems to care. It's refreshing to find a good neighborhood school these days-we couldn't be happier here.

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