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Billings Middle School
7217 Woodlawn Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 547-4614
private | 6-8
County: King


  School Head OfficialYear
Ted Kalmus2008
5/29/2012parentVery pleased with this school. My daughter has almost completed her 6th grade level and is thriving in the direction we were hoping for. The school encourages children's creativity and values academics that's not monotonous. My daughter looks forward to going to school and is rarely bored. Very strong outdoor program. In addition to high regard for traditional academics, the school also offers weekly classes in Yoga and is well-rounded in exploring other unique learning experiences. Staff is welcoming and insightful to middle school age complexities. Makes good use of its community base at Green Lake.
1/29/2011parentThis wasn't our first choice for a private school, but we've been pleasantly surprised by our first few months. Billings saw something in our son that other schools overlooked, and he has already developed some close friendships and relationships with mentoring adults. Pick this school for its individuality and well-rounded education, along the way you'll find a challenging program designed to allow students to grow their confidence and abilities.
11/16/2010parentIt is frustrating to read the overly positive reviews, clearly planted by the schools administration. It is unfortunate that Great Schools does not have a way to guard the integrity of this site. Really now, 40 reviews from a school with fewer tht 100 students? Sudden spurts of positive reviews whenever a genuine negative is posted? Maybe you could loop back and confirm posters at the email they used, perhaps rooting out some of the false ones?
11/5/2010parentWe are a new Billings family with a 6th grade girl. In just 3 months, we've been blown away by the community that has both welcomed and guided us. This is a school where passionate teachers take the time to find out what inspires your child. From the extra-curricular activities to the hands-on learning and outdoor expeditions, every day at Billings is a day of discovery and growth.
10/27/2010parentMy son went to Billings Middle School for the last three years and is finishing his second month of high school now. I think that at this point I can say Billings did an outstanding job preparing him academically and socially for high school. He is in a competetive honors program and doing a great job of managing his workload and time, communicating with teachers, and navigating the social scene. He entered math and Spanish at a sophomore level and is getting A's in all his classes. I can't express how much I appreciate the preparation Billings gave him for high school! I also have to say I am continuing to enjoy the friendships I developed with the other parents at Billings - a unique opportunity provided by the small, cohesive middle school setting. Thanks Billings - I will continue to be a loyal supporter!
10/9/2010parentOur child graduated 2 years ago from Billings. After he graduated we were concerned about him moving on to high school. Would he be prepared? Would he survive the rigors of high school? Yes- is the answer. He has the ability to advocate for himself . He is choosing classes that challenge him. He has surrounded himself with a diverse group of friends. Aside from getting good grades, his solid academic foundation allows him to be self confident in his high school studies. In addition, and maybe, most importantly, he came out of middle school as a- good human being. I attribute these successes directly to his Billings education. Ultimately, they truly care for, understand, and educate the "middle school child". I remember middle school as one of the worst times of my life- In my late 40's, I wish I could have a middle school "do over" at Billings!
7/1/2010otherI just graduated last week from Billings and am personally offended by the person who said we have "social challenges" and are "not particularly concerned with academics." I am definitely not socially challenged and next year I will attend one of the most prestigious high schools in Seattle. If you "step back from involvement in your child's school life" it's your own fault - my parents stayed involved all along while I learned to take care of myself academically (the correct spelling, BTW). The interviewer at my new high school told me that they love Billings kids because they are great self-advocates. The teachers are amazing. Sometimes I felt like they know me better than I know myself! I played competitive sports, was in plays and musicals, and got to be a leader when I wanted to. I also got a great education and am ready to rock high school.
3/1/2010parentMy 8thy grade son is in his 3rd year here. He has loved it every step of the way as have we for him. He has gotten to participate in a wide variety of extra curricular activities from ultimate Frisbee to Macbeth. The staff loves this age and it shows. He has been supported academically both in the areas that are a challenge for him and in the places he excels. A self-esteem building atmosphere!
1/2/2010parentWe are utterly disappointed with every aspect of this school and will not be returning next year. Any family considering Billings needs to set aside anonymous ratings and polished admissions programs, and insist on an unescorted day at the school (stand outside door ways to hear what really goes on inside classrooms, hang out at the park with 6th graders after lunch) talk to parents who are leaving and form your own opinions!!
12/29/2009parentWe are totally disappointed with every aspect of this school -- Lots of high-level chatter, but no follow though. Arrogant, ignorant, frustrating, and honestly, damaging to our child. Worse than any public school experience I could imagine.
12/28/2009parentI had 2 daughters attend Billings, graduating in 2004 & 2008. It was the best money I have spent on them yet. Socially they are able to talk to teachers and speak up in class with ease, and to problem solve with peers at a very sophisticated level. Academically they were extremely prepared for highschool. Physically they were challenged to do many things they might not have done and learned an enormous amount about the world through that experience.The only complaint I have is that there is no Billings High School or the equivalent.
12/7/2009parentJust received midterm comments from Billings Middle School...and now we know our child in a new way. Essentially we received a letter from our son's advisor. He spoke of our son's strengths and struggles, along with quotes from all of his teachers and words directly from our son. We couldn't be happier with the personal attention that our family receives, and the opportunity to be involved in shaping our child's academic, social and emotional future. Wish they had an elementary school too!
11/9/2009parentMy Billings alumna daughter just got her first grades from High School. All A's and more importantly so many complements on how well she speaks up for herself, collaborates with her classmates and is a considerate member of the class. Thanks Billings for giving her so many of the tools she uses every day to be a successful student and good person.
10/23/2009parentBillings is one of the few schools I've encountered that actually walks the talk. Everybody says they have the skills and vision to understand and address your child's individual needs, but that's a very hard thing to live up to. The teachers at Billings are remarkable--observant, thoughtful, responsive. They seem to know so much about what's going on developmentally and individually with their students--when to push and when to pull back and when to invite a kid out for a hot chocolate. Even if you don't think you can go there, I encourage you to do the interview with Head of School Ted Kalmus. I learned more about my daughter's learning strengths and challenges and opportunities after she spent a day at Billings than in six previous years at a small private school. Also, don't worry about high school. The kids from Billings get in where they want.
9/19/2009parentNo school is right for every child and it is a shame that those who chose the wrong match for their child now choose to take it out on a fabulous school. Lovers of Billings are far from the dysfunctional sociopaths some choose to depict - rather, they are people who value the chance for their children to gain independence, learn self advocacy and social responsibility, value experience over rote memorization, and know the importance of acceptance and self-confidence. Billings has been an exceptional environment for our daughter, a socially active, bright, engaging, athletic, and articulate young woman for whom the sky is the limit! Kudos to Billings amazing faculty, who have nurtured a little girl through the hardest years of life!!!
9/17/2009parentWe are enterring our third and, sadly, last year at Billings Middle School. Billings is an academically rigorous school dedicated to the specific development of middle school children. The campus is situated in the heart of the dynamic Green Lake neighborhood. The teachers, the staff and the director are respectful and nurturing while maintaining high expectations for academic standing. Due in part to the smaller school and class size, the teachers and staff know my child well, in some ways better than I do! What never ceases to amaze me is how passionate the teachers are about teaching middle school kids. They are always available to discuss and questions or concerns I might have, and are positive in their communications with me. My eighth grade son has learned more about self-awareness and self-advocacy, and has thrived there. I could not recommend it more highly.
9/17/2009parentMiddle school is the time for children to begin becoming independent and thinking for themselves. My daughter is now an 8th grader at Billings and I can't imagine a better place for her. Billings doesn't just make rules and enforce them; the school actively involves the students, therefore teaching them how to make decisions, advocate for their views, and listen with respect to the opinions of others. For parents who want their children to grow into fair-minded, community-involved, independent-thinkers...this is the place! I believe that academics and social/emotional growth are equally important and Billings delivers on both fronts.
9/17/2009parentBillings is wonderful for our seventh grade daughter. She is inspired by her teachers and loves going to school--not true most years she was in a good suburban school. Some teachers should push her more and others perhaps push a little too hard, but the school provides an environment for students to learn to advocate for themselves. Much depends on the philosophy of the parents and whether it fits with the school's mission. An ideal Billings parent is highly involved with their child's school but shares the belief that handling problems with as little adult help as possible is the way to make a healthy, happy person. Our daughter wants to avoid her weaknesses like most of us. Billings does not let her. She stays challenged on all fronts and has even come away convinced that she is good at phys ed and math after all--a great moment. 5 stars for us.
9/16/2009parentOur son is in eighth grade this year and is loving it! The past two years at Billings have been outstanding academically, our son has a group of really nice friends, and I have been very impressed with the caring and skill of the teachers. Billings has just expanded and modernized their campus and it has brought a lot of excitement to the kids. When it was time to look at middle schools I was sorry his elementary school didn't go through 8th grade because he was so happy there - now I have the same feeling about Billings. I wish it went through high school (although that would change their whole mission of focusing on middle school-age development) because it has been such a positive experience. It is clear he is going to be well-prepared for high school, but academically and socially. Thanks Billings!
9/16/2009parentBillings is a fantastic small middle school in Seattle. Located right near Greenlake, the students have many outings, both close as well as many overnight trips each year. Plenty of chances to learn by experiece!
9/11/2009parentAny parent considering this school will be confused by these reviews: Love and hate are what abound!! Unfortunately, both are true (with little middle ground) for a private school that promotes itself to all comers, but actually best serves a limited few. To be among the 'lovers,' you should be: the parent of a kid with social challenges, not particularly concerned with academics, and ready to step back from involvement in your child's school life. However, if your child has learning challenges, you really want him/her to advance acedemically, you want a relationship with the teachers and admin, and/or if you child might be the victim of bullying: Run, run, run away! It is truely time for the trustees to step up to the plate, table the idea of doubling the size of a school in turmoil, and insist on a thorough examination of real strengths and goals.
7/16/2009parentExposure and insight abound! As the parent of an eighth grade student we have been delighted by our son's middle school experience at Billings. The school has exposed him to both variety and rigor in academics as well as offering a diverse set of extra-curricular activities. As a result the staff has tremendous insight into our child's strengths and limitations. This is where we see the impact Billings has had on his development and growth as an adolescent. The teachers are very thoughtful about the curriculum and cross-integrate key concepts into nearly every aspect of learning. We are consistently amazed at how intimately they understand our son and provide feedback about how he can aspire to the next level. 5 stars!
6/5/2009parentWe won't be going back. Terrible experience for us from beginning to end. The administration and many of the staff were unwilling or unable to respond positively to our requests and concerns. Defensiveness often turned to avoidance. Class expectations and assignments seemed all over the map, and there didn't seem to be any coordination between teachers. We also had some safety and social climate concerns. Some people seem to feel good about the 'self-advocacy', but in our experience it was the instant defense to any request, passing responsibility from the school to the student. As many have said, middle school is a transition period. It is not, however, a time to throw up our hands and dump all the responsibility on 12-14 year olds.
5/21/2009parentI am the parent of an eighth grade girl at Billings and I have to add my enthusiasm for the school to the list. My daughter came to the school as a bright, curious and socially unsure child. Her many fabulous experiences with the extraordinary Billings faculty and the amazing things she has accomplished with her peers have prepared her not just for high school but for life. 'Self Advocacy' is not just a buzzword it is a deep value which when taught allows kids to be who they want to be in relation to their peers and adults. My daughter will be able to ask for what she needs and know how to stand up to people who don't have her best interest at heart. What's more she's had fun and was accepted at all of the high schools she applied to.
5/19/2009parentWe love Billings Middle School!! it is the best three year investment you can make. I am the parent of a sixth grader, as well as an alumna who is off to college this fall. Middle school is the time students begin to exert independence and yes, begin to learn self-advocacy. Billings provides a safe and supportive place to begin learning these skills. There are always adults around to help, but sometimes middle schoolers need to begin to learn this on their own and sometimes there are hard challenges to overcome. There are bright and highly capable students here. Our oldest left Billings ready to enter Integrated Math II, Spanish II, Honors LA, and is ending highschool with Calculus, Adv Physics, AP Spanish, and AP European History. I expect our youngest to be equally prepared, Not every school is right for every kid. Check it out, it is worth your time.
4/8/2009parentBillings Middle School has been a very expensive mistake for our family. Yes, the teachers are very nice and the kids seem to love all the fun field trips. I would also agree that there are some very nice kids and families here. However, at the high cost of tuition, we expected a lot more. When we interviewed with the Head of School we were impressed by his keen insights into our child's personality, learning style, and academic strengths and weaknesses. We also really liked the school's promise of personal attention and guidance. However, in our experience, this was a promise without much follow through. We found the staff, including teachers and administration very inflexible, and were dismayed by the lack of communication between staff about our child, and felt the communication with parents was especially poor. We,too, have been extremely disappointed
4/5/2009parentBillings has not been a good experience for our family. We are currently in the 6th grade, and will be returning to public school next year. In reading the recent reviews, I noticed that the highest rankings are from alumni families, while those giving the lowest marks are from current families. Our family is experiencing many of the problems discussed below, including bullying without any effective solutions, defensive teachers and a curriculum that is not integrated and does not show a good understanding of age appropriateness. We feel that our child is falling seriously behind and have hired tutors to prepare our child to re-enter public school. We chose Billings based on impressive marketing materials and convincing conversations with the administrators, but we have not seen much of it in action. When discussing these issues with teachers/admins we hear a lot of understanding, but have not seen follow through. Disappointing.
3/23/2009parentMy older daughter graduated last year from Billings and my younger daughter will attend next year as a freshman... I've continued to volunteer during this past 'gap' year, because Billings is too great a place not to stay involved. One of the best parts of volunteering has been the opportunity to watch the staff work with the kids outside of the classroom. The interactions are skillful -- even masterful -- at creating inclusion for all the diverse students. The teachers know the students inside out after the first few weeks of school, and work carefully together to create a comfortable cohort. My older daughter and 5 of her Billings cohort were accepted by the prestigious Northwest School. Four of these students chose to attend, and all are thriving thanks to the preparation they received at Billings.
3/22/2009parentI enthusiastically recommend Billings! I am an alumni parent, 2007 & 2008. I can not say enough about what this school did for both of my children. Billings has a strong curriculum, a passion for self advocacy (that I didn't fully understand until they entered high school) and a staff and administration that goes above and beyond the call of duty. While my friends were relating their horror stories of the 'middle school years' we had happy, successful kids. Upon entering middle school, both of my kids suffered from what I call an 'educational lack of self-esteem.' Boy did that disappear quickly! By the way, I am a certified Trainer for the Johnson Institute's No Bullying Program - professionally speaking - this school does all the right things when these problems are brought to their attention. Billings was the best thing we did for our children's education to date!
3/22/2009parentThis is a really great school. My son has a diagnosed language-based learning disability. Billings embraced his learning challenges and helped him figure out how to overcome these. I am thankful for the attention that the teachers devoted to him - I know this has made a difference in who is today. I think the school could improve their communications with parents but I am very happy with the education my son is receiving.
3/19/2009parentOur son entered Billings with all of the trepidation a sixth grader could have. He was shy, a little behind in his reading and math, and blessed with a touch of ADD. Enough issues that the public school system, and most private schools were simply not prepared to help him through the adolescent years. Billings not only embraced our son and his learning issues, they virtually became a non-issue for the full 3 years he attended (graduated in 2008). As a parent, you want the middle school years to bolster basic skills, teach your child to apply those skills, advance the child's understanding of where they fit in the world, and advocate for themselves in a broader context. And by the way, deal with mass hormones, incredible physical growth, and a new awareness of their own bodies. Billings did all this and more. I cannot recommend the school more highly.
3/19/2009parentI can't say how pleased we were with our son's educational and personal growth while he was at Billings. He is a bright boy who needed some extra support with time and attention and he received both generously. He loved to go to school every day! He learned how to advocate for what he needed and developed deep relationships with teachers and administrators. His ability to advocate for himself has really helped his transition to a large public high school. Teachers encouraged his musical talents and helped build his self confidence which transfered over into his academics. Billings was a wholeheartedly positive experience for our son and our family.
3/18/2009parent I cannot speak more highly of how Billings educates middle school students. Both my daughters graduated from Billings. My eldest child was highly academic, but she needed to find an outlet and experience more joy as a student. At Billings, she grew academically, but she also discovered a love for drama where she combined her love of reading with using her physical body for performance. My eldest daughter s love for literature, political affairs, and nature developed while she was at Billings, and she has since flourished in college. My youngest daughter came to Billings as someone who needed to develop her independence. Her experiences in the outdoor program gave her confidence and great pride in her achievements. In 8th grade, she went to Turkey with a group of Billings students representing the US as a student ambassador through the United Nations. She is
3/18/2009parentBillings has been a godsend for our family! We pulled our kids from public school after my older daughter had an academically vapid and socially dysfunctional experience at a Shoreline Middle School. Middle school is a difficult transitional stage (for parents too!) and we knew we needed a nurturing environment that could teach to a variety of learning styles - not just to The Test. The faculty at Billings know our daughter well, know how to reach her and how to teach her. She is thriving in a close knit, supportive community. The Head of School has an amazing, intuitive understanding of adolescents and a gift for communicating with them and with the parents. We have been involved with our daughter's education in a way we never were allowed to be in the public middle school miasma. Nurturing, experiential, conscientious, preparation for life. What more can you ask?
3/2/2009parentI'm glad someone is having a good experience at Billings. Our experience, however, has been a nightmare of bullying, bad mouthed kids, and arrogant, dismissive teachers and administrators. If I hear one more time that my chid needs to 'self advocate' when faculty or admins should be taking responsibility, I just might explode. The faculty doesn't talk to each other, and certainly not to the parents. So much for 'personalized curriculum.' What's worse is that there is very little education going on here. Public school has never looked better. Don't send your child to Billings. Based on the reviews you have at least a 50% chance of being very, very sorry if you do.
2/26/2009parentI had to double check that I was reading about the right school when reading some of the reviews here! Our student is in 8th grade this year and is growing into an amazing young adult thanks to the individual attention and mentor relationships she has made at Billings Middle School. Our daughter was assigned an advisor, who manages her social, emotional and academic successes and works as a liaison between teachers and parents. Teachers are always available to talk about what is going on in our daughter's life, even if we don't get to hear about it directly from her. The Billings faculty not only help our student, they are helping us learn how to parent a teenager - deep breaths are required as I learn not to micro-manage my independent daughter's entire life.
1/16/2009parentI agree with the parent who advised people considering Billings to 'take their money to another private school.' Billings seems to have too many behavior problems, and as others have said, the staff and leaders can be defensive or just plain unresponsive. They put way too much emphasis on student 'self-advocacy' which seems to be an excuse to dismiss or ignore parents. If one of the reasons you are considering private school is because you expect a more adaptive and responsive atmosphere, then Billings probably isn't for you.
12/12/2008parentMiddle school is a difficult time as a parent - no matter where you decide to send your student. This school specializes in recognizing the developmental needs of 11-14 year olds and providing experiences for students to succeed (and yes, sometimes fall short). I agree with a previous reviewer about the shabby facilities, but am confident that the school is putting as much money as possible towards lasting lifetime experiences for my student: trips, guest speakers, computer systems, unique PE experiences and amazing faculty. This school is definitely NOT for everyone, but if it is a good fit for you and your child, then expect to graduate with a well-rounded, thoughtful young adult who challenges the world around them and has stories to take with them through life.
12/4/2008studentI am a 7th grade student at Billings and I absolutely love it! It's confusing at times and the homework is sometimes too hard, but it's still a great school. The teachers are nice and the classwork is great. The only thing bad is the fact that there are 4 different buildings separated by streets that a teacher must cross with you. On the plus side, it's great exercise! It's also really ironic that you misspelled 'expectation'...
10/3/2008parentMy daughter had a great experience at Billings. She needed a smaller setting due to lots of illness during elementary school. By the time she finished eighth grade, she had grown so much and was really able to advocate for herself. Best of all, was that this school keeps kids moving. Lots of outdoor experiences. It was holistic in its approach and was very well-rounded. The staff was very helpful, though occasionally one or two times. Go in and see that person and tell them what you're not satisfied about. They will listen.
2/8/2008otherI loved billings. The outdoors program was great, and the teachers have time for each kid. I really loved the drama program too.
1/2/2007former studentI excelled in the small class sizes and indivual attention I recived from the teachers. Billings created a diverse learning enviroment and great hands on learning techniques. The emotinal and physical soupport Billings provided me with was fantastic! Billings taught me that learning is fun and now i love to learn!

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