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Seattle Waldorf School
2728 NE 100th St
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 524-5320
private | PK-12 & ungraded
County: King


  School Head OfficialYear
Tracy Bennett2012
8/11/2012parentThe experience your child has in a Waldorf school is dependent on who they have as a teacher, because teachers stay with the class. If you are going to have a new teacher I would reccommend doing as much information gathering as you can. Even if you get a strong teacher be prepared to pay for additional tutoring because they cannot deal with learning differences. The school is ideologically rigid about believing that learning disabilities are developmental. Parents who advocate for their children are discouraged or ignored. I have never been treated so disrespectfully as a parent. There are many beautiful things about the curriculum but the program is not very academic, behavior problems and bullying are prevalentt, and there was more media influence than there was at our neighborhood public school. I wonder if Waldorf isn't best for girls, and those girls who would do well anywhere.
6/10/2012otherI attended the Seattle Waldorf School from kindergarten through 8th grade. While I received an interesting education, much of Waldorf is teacher dependent (in Waldorf, a teacher takes a class from 1st to 8th grade). From 1st to 5th grade, my teacher was less than spectacular, and as a result I did not know how to read until after 5th grade, when my parents paid for a tutor. After 8th grade I left the school to attend a public high school, where I received a very hands-on education. Waldorf will not teach children to take tests, and is very clannish. They advertise themselves by putting-down other schools, calling them "materialistic"and "not student-oriented" which is very frustrating and hurtful to those who leave for financial or personal reasons. There are some teachers at the school who were fantastic; Janet Lia, Wim Gottenbos, Marry and Kelly and Elaine Klansnic. The Language program is a joke. I cannot stress how amazing the kindergarten program is, but if I were a parent, I would only send my child to Waldorf through 3rd grade; while not an ideal merit assessment, children do need to know how to take tests (assuming they go to an accredited university).
5/4/2010parentThis school has a wonderful Kindergarten. My children have enjoyed every minute of it.
11/4/2009parentThe curriculum is awesome, the teachers are great!
9/15/2009parentI've been a parent at SWS for over 10 years. I am the proud parent of a high school graduate, high school sophomore and eighth grader. SWS is a school that nurtures the whole child while at the same time providing a rich and comprehensive curriculum that creates life long learners. I'm so proud that my children have been to attend SWS and I'm grateful for the community that is provides for our family.
2/25/2008parentMy child attends the preschool and enjoys it very much. The preschool has such a warm, inviting and friendly environment that a child cannot help but feel welcome. Every week they back buns and the children help with the dough making process. Every day there is 45 mins spent outside - rain or shine which is great for the mind, body and soul. I would highly recommend this preschool.
1/11/2008parentIf you want your child to be encouraged in their artistic, spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual capabilities, this this the place for them. A remarkable program led by remarkable teachers. This is truly education at its finest. My son has developed into amazing young adult and my daughter is an amazing teen. Don't settle for less than an exceptional education. Send your children to Seattle Waldorf. It's worth every penny.
1/21/2007parentIf you can afford to give your child the best and are willing to provide a creative loving media free home environment - the people at this school will help your children develop to their potential, thinking responsibly and independently. I am constantly amazed by the accomplishments of the students and classes as a whole at this school.
1/21/2007parentThis school has provided my family with a rich understanding of childhood learning and development. The lessons are each thoughtfully prepared and presented with intention, beauty and soul. I believed that the perceived lack of extracurricular activities is in error as the everyday lessons are weaved with that which other schools consider extras (dance, various art media, musical instruments, multiple languages, drama, athletic skill building). Most remarkable is the devotion and loving focus of the teachers, who move through the eight grades with your child.
11/13/2006parentGreat hands on learning experience that addresses multiple intelligences when presenting material. Rich in visual arts and music. Lots of language arts, cultures of the world. Age appropriate material that recognizes that childhood is a journey not a race.
11/12/2006parentI value Seattle Waldorf Schools focus on the individual needs of the child and its efforts to educate our children to be balanced human beings. Also I appreciate the Schools efforts to foster an appreciation of the true,the good and the beautiful in the world and in themselves.
11/8/2006teacherA wonderful community where your child's development counts! Your child learns to think outside the box, through an imaginative approach of the lesson content. It is a school where the HAND is the other brain of the human being.

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