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Nova High School
2410 East Cherry St
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 252-3500
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public | 9-12
County: King


  School Head OfficialYear
Mark Perry2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/18/2012parentNova has my 5th child now; it's been 6 years since I've posted. I feel this outstanding and flexible school should be defended. First, please note that students are NOT routinely graduated. Check their SAT scores; they are among the highest in the state. One of my 5 was shown the gate for not attending class. Yes, you CAN get kicked out of Nova, but they will try to engage the student first. OSPI awarded ONE school in all of WA state the lang. arts award...NOVA. There's a reason for this. Before that child leaves school to start forging checks or burglarizing your house and car, they try to work with them, find their interests and passions, and build a curriculum (but real work) around that topic if it's what it takes to keep them in school. This is not a slacker school, but it is also not sink-or-swim. Students see the faculty and administration (outstanding!) as part of "we", not "us" vs. "them". This is especially critical for very bright students with power issues. This is how drop-outs turn in to high-scorers. And this is why my children and I love Nova.
1/29/2011studentThis is an add-on to the last comment This school is really fantastic, its the only alternative school in Seattle so we better keep it loved as much as possible. Thats my review, please consider visiting Nova if your looking for schools. You won't be disappointed. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! One thing that has changed that I notice this site didn't change.
10/9/2010parentNova empowers students to find their own voice. The grading system does not allow a student to fall through the cracks- if you don't "pass" the class then you don't get full credit. This system makes sure students comprehend the subject before moving on. There is a culture of mutual respect and a true diverse community. Our student finds the curriculum stimulating and engaging. The teachers are extremely supportive and caring- they love teaching. This is our second year at Nova and our family feels accepted and included. There is a huge amount of parent involvement. Their new building is slowly transforming to represent the current Nova students.
10/3/2009parentBecause it is original school, where true learning and discovery take place.
9/29/2009parentThis alternative high school is student-focused and student-led. Its curriculum integrates writing, arts, and social justice and creates a safe environment for students 'outside the box' who prosper under a non-traditional learning plan. The teachers are devoted to the students and the school, which has been a part of the Seattle school district for decades. The students leave this school knowing that they have been valued as individuals and how to think about more than just themselves. It has literally renewed the lives of many young adults who thought they would never find a society to believe in and belong to.
9/29/2009parentthe students who excel at this school are the kind of students who would excel anywhere. It has nothing to do with this school. It is, ironically, one of the most elitist, insular environments I have ever come across. The strident, suspicious of all outsider attitude of the staff should be a clue to the real nature of this school. It is an hypocrisy.
9/8/2009parentWhat it ultimately comes down to is your child. It doesn't matter what you are good at or what you want, what matters most is the best possible learning environment for your child. My son is testament to that. I could never learn how he does and don't really understand the Nova Project program, but I believe in it because it works for him. I doubt it will work for our daughter, she seems more traditional like me. I'm very grateful there is a program like Nova for my son. Otherwise, he would probably never graduate HS and he has very high prospects for college.
6/22/2009parenti think the only possible way to know nova ir rght for you is to go to a average school like center or ballard , and if that works for you , stay there . nova is a school for students who do not excel at normal boring schools . am a sophomore who went to the center school , and i m very shocked when i was looking at this website to see that center has a higher rating . just because nova is not in the best location and the people are not clean cut and wealthy do s not mean it is a bad school , and it hurts me to see that the world is still based on materialistic thoughts .
5/21/2007former studentAs a Nova graduate, I would recommend this school to any student who is committed to learning. The teachers were motivated and didn't seem to be waiting for their retirement. I received one-on-one assistance in math. I was able to learn about government by participating in student committees, and about economics by helping with the lunch program. There was a mutual respect between teachers and students, which seemed to lead to students behaving well on their own. I stay in contact with several Nova graduates, and they are all successful in their adult life.
5/11/2007parentI would think carefully about sending a young person to this school. Many of the teachers are quite good, decent people. The philosophy of the school and curriculum may sound wonderful, but in practice I see immature, bored students hanging out and accomplishing nothing. One should always be suspicious of schools that are tolerant of any and all behavior and schools that have an unusually high amount of 'super seniors' That is, seniors who take extra years to graduate for no other reason than not to be bothered to grow up and get and join the adult world
9/6/2006studentI am a student at Nova, I've been reading the reviews to this school and personally I disagree. The school has no structure. Also, the ONLY way that it prepares you for college is if you ACTUALLY want to go to college and work EXTRA hard to get everything you need done. I don't feel like I'm getting a good education at Nova at all.
4/6/2006studentI think this school really helps out children that needs extra helps and it's a good school for a child that's trying to find their way.
1/28/2006parentThis school is a wonderful asset for talented youths with power issues. Because students have more say in what they study and how the school is run, they are often more willing to complete high quality work and participate in building their school community. The teachers have a personal relationship with the teens they teach, and every student chooses a mentor-teacher who advises the student on academic and sometimes personal matters. I have had 4 teens attend this school, and seen countless others hug their mentors and sob at the parting of graduation. I have never heard a student or parent speak badly of this school.
5/7/2005studentthis school has a lot to offer kids planning to attend a 4-year college.
9/18/2004parentI have sent three teenagers through Nova and presently have a fourth enrolled there. I highly recommend this school because the staff are extremely involved in the lives of their students, and the ability for students to pursue individual interests is great. This site's higher than average rating both for graduation and dropouts may be accounted for by the fact that some students take five years to graduate rather than four. My daughter was able to graduate in just three years because the number of credits a student can attempt in a quarter is not limited, and Running Start is also an option. I recommend this school very highly for capable, creative teens who need a great deal of academic freedom and a solid mentor-student relationship. Because their administrator will be new this year, I am rating principal leadership unknown (but promising).

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