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Union Gap School
3200 South 2nd St
Union Gap, WA 98903
(509) 248-3966
public | PK-8
County: Yakima


  School Head OfficialYear
Michele Southwick2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/7/2010otherI'm an ex-student from Union Gap School, I went there from 2nd to 8th grade and I honestly don't know how most of these rumors came about. I've been visiting and working there off and on throughout my high school career and the things that people have been posting are mostly absurd. It seems like there are a lot of misinformed parents and a lot of students wanting to make things up about my school. Dances are full supervised, by both parents, AND teachers. They are only available for 6th to 8th graders (Middle School) and the music isn't as loud as what people seem to be saying. Yes it's loud; but so loud it causes permanent hearing loss? Not even. And I agree with some of you, a few of the teachers there are under appreciated, while others are overly praised. Oh, the principal teaches math, just so you know.
6/27/2010parentMy children attend this school. The class sizes are so large because half of the students live out side of the district. Some children are expected to teach their peers and grade peer papers, often grading incorrectly. The grounds look like a prison yard, as this is the only grade school to employ a fulltime police officer to patrol the school. It has security cameras over every inch of the property and really no place for the children to play, at least not any place that isn't fenced-in blacktop. The administration makes no attempt to lower the class room sizes. If you value a good education for your child, look at the other local school stats and choose the school that has lower student to teacher ratios. Unfortanately, this is the only school in the district and surrounding districts, do not accept students outside of their district. Administration should be re-evaluated.
6/15/2010parentThis school was a fairly good school a few years back. It has since changed, for the worse. I have three children that attend this school. The school administration really ignores child safety. They have policies in place that they do not follow. Administration tends to talk down to the parents, as if they are delinquent juveniles. There is an attitude that exudes from the staff that this is just a baby-sitting job and please don't bother me because I have more more to do than to listen to your concerns. Promoting parent involvement is just in words and not truly practiced or desired by staff. There are some good staff at this school but the admin leaves a lot to be desired.
5/2/2010studentUnion Gap School is a very good school it may have some flaws but what school doesn't? So before you start judging maybe you should see for yourselves. As for your children if they don't like and you dont like it maybe you should move them to a different school but good luck trying to find a better schoolthan this one!!!
4/20/2010parentUnion Gap School personnel disappoint me because they do not seem to be working for the welfare of the children but only their own paychecks. Every time that I as a parent try to interact with the school in a positive manner, they act like they don't appreciate parents around. Sometimes they are downright nasty. Some of the teachers are good and some are not so good. A little respect and good manners go a long ways. My hope is that my children will be able to attend a private school next year. Public schools in the Yakima Valley just don't seem to be doing a good job with the students.
4/16/2010studentThis school is like home. Of course, it has a few problems with bullying, but every school does. And the dances are not as bad as others have led you to believe. They are for 6th grade-8th grade (middle school) and it is supervised. There was at least 10 adults supervising, also. So, don't judge the school if you haven't spent enough time there to decide for yourself.
4/12/2010parentThe Union Gap School building is nice and new but school officials do their best to make parents feel unwelcome on school grounds. There does not seem to be any type of functioning parent teacher organization. School board meetings don't include parent participation either. Parent teacher conferences are held during the day so that parents cannot attend. Parents need to be able to hold the Union Gap School accountable for things they do with our children. My children talk about how teachers tell kids to 'shut up.' They also talk about the rudeness of school officials when giving them instructions. This is not acceptable behavior for so called 'professionals.'
3/21/2010otherAs a grandmother of students at Union Gap School, I am shocked to hear about all of the bullying going on there. Why can't the people in charge stop this type of emotionally damaging behavior. I would think that the teachers would just kick the kids doing the bullying out of class and not let them back in until an agreement is signed between the bully, the parents, and administration. Public school has really changed since I was a student many years ago. The community back then would never have put up with this bullying nonsense since it seriously distracts from the learning that is supposed to be going on.
8/4/2008parentI have 4 kids in school at Union Gap. I have never been happier with a school or its staff. Union Gap is very family oriented and I would recommend it to anyone as a great school.
10/3/2005parentThe Union Gap School is outstanding. My children have attended this school for the past four years and we couldn't be happier with the quality of instruction and the personalized attention our children have received. Even teachers who have not specifically had my children in their classes are friendly and welcoming to my entire family.
9/16/2005parentWe have two children who attend this school, a 4th grader and 1st grader. This school has given them education that one needs for this day and age. We as parents are very pleased with the administration and staff, they are very caring people. We appreciate that they accepted our children, who live out of district, to attend this school. We would not enroll them any where else.
2/3/2005teacherI have personally attended Union Gap and it was the best two years of my life. Teachers were activly involved with the students, and provieded many exciting learning opportunities. All of the teachers, and staff, were committed to helping th estudents at practically any cost. Attending Union Gap were the two best years of my life. Every teacher that I had made a personal connection with me, and that greatly effected my overall experience there. I can only hope that Union Gap will continue to be the outstanding school that it is. Brandon Greening 2001-2003
8/2/2004teacherI am a parent with young children, but I'm also a teacher here at Union Gap School. I got my teaching and masters degree at Central Washington University. I have had the opportunity to be around many teachers from all over the state. I have heard many comments about other schools and I can honestly say that not one of them comes close to the greatness of Union Gap School. If you are thinking about working here or sending your child here, you will be more than happy. The teachers are wonderful, the staff gets along very well, the prinicipal and superintendent are very supportive of the school and all who work there. I am proud to say that I'm a teacher here. Every school has room for improvement, we know that, but it's the great schools who keep working towards more success -together. And that's who we are.
1/20/2004parentMy three children have been attending Union Gap School for a combined total of thirteen years, I have one in 1st, one in 5th and one in 7th grade. I have never been involved with a school staff that cared about my children in the way the staff does here. We went to Yakima school district for my oldest from kindergarten until 2nd grade, we transfered to Union Gap and I could not have been happier with the results. My daughters are given every advantage at this school, from extracirricular activities to their day to day learning. The teachers that work at the school really care about their students and so does the entire community. We no longer live in Union Gap and yet the educational advantages are so great that I get my girls up thirty minutes early everyday so that we have time to make it to school! I appreciate the staff at Union Gap and so do my children!

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