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School Profile

Ridgeline Middle School
10605 Carter St SE
Yelm, WA 98597
(360) 458-1100
public | 7-9
County: Thurston


  School Head OfficialYear
John Johnson2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/17/2011parentI kept telling my kids that once they hit middle school, it will get harder. WRONG! Not with this school. My son's NEVER get homework. I see math come through once in a while, but that's it. I had to check out a math book from their library since school books stay in the classroom. What happen to studying or trying to advance? Frankly I think the teachers must be lazy and not want to grade homework so they don't assign it. I am thankful to be moving out of WA state so that my children can have a better education. If you don't care what type of education your child gets, then sure this is a great school, if you do care, then you should really really do your research before enrolling in any Yelm School District schools.
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2/3/2011parentThis school is great. It does have strict rules and guidelines for behavior and if you are an inattentive parent or one that does not like to be involved with your childs learning or classroom issues or problems it is not the school for you. I have two more kids that are excited to be heading there. Teachers and coaching staff are great with communication and student preparation. This school benefits from a belief that you have to take responsibility for your own actions both in success and failure.
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3/1/2010parentThis school is horrible, I hate having my son in such a dangerous environment. The rules are unfair. The faculty especially the vice principle is the worst and most unprofessional administrator in the united states
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3/6/2009studentThis school is so cool. They always do fun activitys and make sure we always have fun. Im a student there and i love it. Im moving soon and im dure my next school wont be as cool as this one. The teachers are cool and the food is great. If i could pick any other school i would always oick this one cause its so cool.
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10/10/2008parentI am confident that when my kids go off to school they will be invited into a safe and welcoming environment that was developed for the sole purpose of providing excellent education for all students.
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12/27/2007studentthis school is awesome. I am a student attending this school and I'm impresed by the staff that teaches there. the teachers inforce the rules fairly and give the support your child needs. the success rate in my opinion is high. the only reason some (and this is very minuet)fail is they don't care however so the teachers may care verry much about how far they will succeed in life. the students may have thier problems but ridgline is such a supportive enviroment that we are peacefully able to resole our problems with our peers. the leadership program is simply delightful. through this students who show great characteristics in lesding people are able to put thier minds together with other students like them and chang the school the way they would like to see it.
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10/12/2007studentI'm a student at ridgeline middle school.the teachers are pretty good.the other kids are nice too.but there are way too many rules.like no gum,no mp3,no P.D.A.(public display of affection).the food is good.but the staff also lack a certain quality.
1/29/2007parentRidgeline has proven to be an awesome addition to the Yelm community Schools. The staff really cares about the students. The principal and vice-principal are providing a safe,fun yet disciplined environment for our children. I drive my son to school each day in order for him to attend this school as opposed to the one that is within our boundaries. The vice-principal set up a 3 on 3 basketbal 'tournament' during lunch for the kids. The top two winners won a pizza lunch and a t-shirt. This is just an example of the creative way the leaders of the school keep the kids involved and in a positive way. Go Ridgleline Storm!
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1/10/2007studentRidgeline Middle School is a very good school, and I love attending school there. It is very clean, and everyone is very friendly especially the staff. I enjoy the learning environtment and the fact that bathrooms are not dirty. The staff handles things well, and we have rules to follow. I also like the fact that there are cameras around the building to make sure students do not get into any bad stuff.
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