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School Profile

Northwood School
N14463 Highway 53
Minong, WI 54859
(715) 466-2297
public | PK-12
County: Washburn


  School Head OfficialYear
Joshua Tomesh2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/27/2011parentNorthwood School has made a lot of improvements in the last few years. Students are doing more hands-on, real world projects and technology is being integrated in new ways. We enjoy seeing the examples of student work at the Academic Fair each year.
12/15/2008parentAll of our children attended Northwood and all have done very well as a result. We now attend many extra-curricular events and are always amazed at the talent and poise of the students. The music, drama and sports departments all do a great job. We are proud to say Northwood is our school.
10/2/2008otherNorthwood prepared me very well for college. I never felt lost and was prepared for evey subject. I graduated from college and was accepted into medical school.
6/30/2008parentThe teachers are dedicated, for the most part, and my children learned a lot at this school. Unfortunately, the administration changes all the time, so there hasn't been much leadership. The new administrators seem to be doing a better job of trying to make it a great school. The elementary and middle school teachers really do a great job of coming up with exciting projects for learning.
5/8/2008parentI say in with the new out with the old! This school has a long way to go compared to other schools in the area. I too feel that the only way my child will get the extra help they need is to move. This is a shame. The school is great for the kid that does well and does not rock the boat but if they need extra help go elsewhere. They also need to get away from favortism based on what family you were born into. Teachers that have been there along time do not seem to care and the new ones do not stay long enough to make a difference.
4/7/2008otherNorthwood school lost an AMAZING music teacher because of budget cuts. They used to have 2 full music teachers, then cut down to 1.7. The music/art department are suffering because of lack of budget. We need more parents complaining and start telling Northwood that the arts/music are important to all students!
11/2/2007parentI think the majority of the elementary teachers are doing a great job. And also the middle school teachers. It seems to be lacking in the high school though. The music program is lacking so much. We have extremely talented singers and musicians whose talents are being wasted. Our shop/woods program is a joke. These two programs have been poor for many years. However, this year I believe the new administration is looking at every aspect of Northwood and are making great changes. It will take a while and cooperation and support from all of the teachers and parents. We need to work together and be diligent!
7/6/2007parentNorthwood School is truly wonderful!My 3 children learn a lot.This school has many great teachers.We have had a little trouble finding a principle,but they will find the right one.If u r looking for a school i recommened this one!
5/3/2007parentThis school is horriable. Don't send your children here. It is a waste of time and money
2/27/2007parentNorthwood school needs to hire new teachers. All of the teachers that were very good have retired and Northwood is soon to lose more. I hate this school! The teachers are awful and it doesn't matter what principal Northwood has, he is never in charge! Where is the superintendent? I once had a lot of respect for him, but I see him giving up on the school too. It seems no one is in charge and those so called teachers do everything but teach! I wish I could get my children to another district. I am about ready to start up a car pool with all the other dissatisfied parents and get out kids a real education elsewhere!
2/19/2007parentI have two children who attend this school and if I had a choice, I would pull them and enroll them somewhere, anywhere else! The teachers are horrible. They are young, have their little clicks, and problems taking any criticism or suggestions. The discipline is less than fair. As for sports, they don't offer much and have been trying to get rid of more because of the budget. Or at least that is their excuse. I have tried to get myself involved with this school but I don't seem to have the right last name. They can't keep a principal. But I don't blame them for leaving. Please pray for my children! Thats all I can do, other than teach them myself! which I do!
10/4/2006parentMy daughter graduated last year and could not get the classes she needed to get into college. That was very disappointing. I also have an 8th grader and cannot get any help from his Social Studies/History teacher. The only reply I get from this teacher is sarcasm. Recently I have been very disappointed with Northwood School. Kids are put into Special Ed and then are allowed to slip through the cracks. I have paid 20,000.00 on my 8th graders education to get him up to grade level and the teachers can't even keep him there. The problem is they labeled him. This is very disappointing to me as a parent. The school has no stability - we cannot even keep a principal. I graduated from Northwood and thought it was great, but currently I would never recommend it.
5/15/2006parentI give this school a F. I'm shocked at the lack of education my child receives. I did bring my concerns up to the principle, he disagreed and praised the good jobs that the teachers at Northwood do. In comparing the schoolwork that my daughter brings home to the homework that childern in Duluth bring home Northwood is way behind! This crushes me as a parent. When people say certain people are 'counrty dumb', now I know why.
3/2/2006parentThe children are very mean and angry kids. It is very tiny and groupy. The academics are very behind, and the teachers really don't know how to teach well. The need to disipline a lot more and get more things to do with the school!
10/22/2005studentIt is very small. There's not many activities for students to participate in, only a few sports. Some teachers are young and don't know how to teach very well.

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