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31.23% of the people in Bryan, Texas are registered as Democrats. 66.49% are registered Republican. Remaining are independent: 2.28%.

  VOTINGBryan, TexasUnited States
  Democrat  31.230%51.066%
  Republican  66.490%47.205%
  Independent Other  2.280%1.729%


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keeping touch with home
I've been living in Bryan since the day i was born and i finally moved from there in 05 but that but that's not keepin me staying in touch with things there now im... (read more)
Hot, rednecky, no class
This place sucks. I came here to get my Master's degree at Texas A&M, and can't wait to finish it so I can high-tail it out of here. There is nothing to do here, it... (read more)
8 months of perfect weather
Bryan/College Station is in South Central Texas about 100 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Rare freezing temps may occur from late November to mid-March. However most... (read more)
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Bryan-College Station,Brazos Valley,Texas A&M and
I moved to the Brazos Valley in 2007. The twin cities of Bryan and College Station are the heart of the Brazos Valley and both are dominated by the large educational... (read more)
re: Bryan Almost a great place to live - 7/16/2014
That would bug me... (read more)
Bryan Almost a great place to live
I've lived here all my life and it amazes me that the citizens of Bryan aren't forced to clean up their yards. No wonder our homes sell for so much less than College... (read more)
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