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Miserable place to live
Star Rating - 8/6/2019
I lived here for nearly twenty years and hated every minute of it. It is very conservative and intolerant and the crime is rising every year. The weather is horrible--hot and humid from May through November and rainy in the winter. There's mosquitos and roaches and it just doesn't make having any sort of outdoor activity possible; when it's cool enough to go do something in the evening, you have to deal with monster mosquitoes. If you don't drink the A&M koolaid then you are considered an outsider and there isn't much to do unless you subscribe to the whole football mania and sports craze and an Aggie fan is a true lunatic. I was never so happy as to see Bryan in my rearview mirror. They have the saying HWY 6 runs both ways, it sure as heck does and I'd say keep on driving.
Suzanne | Walnut Creek, CA
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No culture?!? Have you people never attended the Thursday night Drag Shows at Papa Perez in Downtown Bryan? Queenz Maria would beg to differ!!!!
Queenz | Bryan, TX | Report Abuse

I agree wholeheartedly with Suzanne. This city and its residents are very disagreeable unless you are a strong supporter of the same political party, are a church goer and are not critical of the lack of diversity, the lack of arts or want to city to come into the 21st century. Coming from a larger city with aggressive and supporter of left leaning politics, you are frowned upon and become an “outsider” no matter how long you live here or your character. I strongly encourage people who are more liberal and want a vast array of culture of expression as to your way of life, skip Bryan as a place to live. Unless you are a church goer or are a strong right wing supporter, you will be looked down upon. This was only to be a temporary stop to Austin, and since my husbands business changed to permanent residence, I have been extremely unhappy all 19 years that we have lived here and see no chance of moving in the next 15-20 years!
Sandy | Bryan, TX | Report Abuse
- 9/29/2015
response to Kelly and this place sucks, rednecky,
I got a good laugh from this item. About This place sucks, TAMU Bryan Tx, etc. Did you not...
Ted | Beaumont, TX | No Replies

- 3/20/2015
Bryan-College Station,Brazos Valley,Texas A&M and
I moved to the Brazos Valley in 2007. The twin cities of Bryan and College Station are the...
Chris | Bryan, TX | No Replies

- 7/16/2014
Bryan Almost a great place to live
I've lived here all my life and it amazes me that the citizens of Bryan aren't forced to c...
C | Bryan, TX | 1 Reply

- 2/19/2012
Public Schools
I live in the Bryan/College Station area in Texas. This area is very good with real estat...
dawn | College Station, TX | No Replies

- 2/5/2012
different place compared to ten years ago
I returned to the Bryan area after living here ten years ago. The area has not changed for...
Sarah | Bryan, TX | No Replies

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