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28.03% of the people in Rockport, Texas are registered as Democrats. 70.79% are registered Republican. Remaining are independent: 1.18%.

  VOTINGRockport, TexasUnited States
  Democrat  28.027%51.066%
  Republican  70.792%47.205%
  Independent Other  1.182%1.729%


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Family-friendly Rockport
Get away from the noisy, crowded beaches of the north Gulf Coast and come to Rockport! The small, seaside arts community is friendly and affordable, with one of the top... (read more)
re: Rockport Texas - 10/28/2007
Hello Steve, I enjoyed reading your review of Rockport, Texas. I would like to ask you, how is this climate for people with severe allergies? I'm currently living... (read more)
Rockport Texas
Yes there is new construction in Rockport. Rockport's economy remains vibrant because its perhaps the nicest coast town on the Gulf. Its beach is rated #1 in Texas by... (read more)
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re: Rockport tx - 2/22/2010
Bill, 5 years after your posting....What are your feelings of Rockport now, still the same. Thinking about relocating and want to be on water,... (read more)
Texas Waterfront Properties
Do you think that Texas is just ranches and desert? Think again. Texas has some of the best waterfront properties in the US. From rivers, to lakes, to the gulf coast,... (read more)
Rockport tx
Move here only if you have a job waiting, or are retired with a Good income stream. I you move here expect a low paying job (if you can find one). Starting in 2010... (read more)
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