LeChee, AZ

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LeChee, AZ

About LeChee, AZ

Living in LeChee, AZ is a great experience for those looking for a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle. The area is filled with spectacular views of the desert landscape, with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. There are plenty of small, local businesses around town, providing residents with all the amenities they need. With its close proximity to Flagstaff and Grand Canyon National Park, residents can easily escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life for an afternoon. The community is welcoming, friendly, and full of helpful people who make living in LeChee a pleasure. Small mountain city - North-central Arizona, 50 miles south of Grand Canyon National Park.

Location Details

State: Arizona
County: Coconino County
Metro Area: Flagstaff Metro Area
City: LeChee
Zip Codes: No Zip Codes Here.
Cost of Living: 16.2% higher
Time zone: Mountain Standard Time (no daylight savings time)
Elevation: 6993 ft above sea level
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Flagstaff, Arizona, is a beautiful city with lots of history and natural wonders. It's up in the northern part of Arizona, surrounded by forests and mountains. This place has been home to Native American tribes for centuries, and it became a big deal in the 1800s when railroads and logging were booming.

The city is pretty high up, about 7,000 feet above sea level, which means it's cooler than other parts of Arizona. It’s right by the San Francisco Peaks, the highest mountains in the state, and not too far from the Grand Canyon, making it a great spot for people who love the outdoors. You can go hiking, skiing, or just enjoy being in nature.

Flagstaff's economy is doing well, with a mix of jobs in education, healthcare, tourism, and more. Northern Arizona University is a big part of the community, bringing students and jobs to the city. Tourists love coming here too, especially to see the Grand Canyon and enjoy the outdoor activities.

When it comes to politics, Flagstaff is more liberal than other parts of Arizona. People here care a lot about the environment and sustainability, trying to keep the city green and clean. There's a strong sense of community, with arts, culture, and festivals that bring everyone together.

Living in Flagstaff is pretty special because you get the best of both worlds – a small-town feel with all the amenities of a bigger city. There are cool shops, restaurants, and lots of art and music. But, it's important to know that living here can be a bit pricey, especially when it comes to finding a place to live. The weather can be a surprise too, with cold winters and snow, which is different from most of Arizona.

New residents should come ready for the higher cost of living and the snowy winters. But they'll also find a welcoming community, beautiful scenery, and endless outdoor activities. Flagstaff is a unique place with a lot to offer, perfect for people who love nature and want to be part of a close-knit community.

LeChee Cost of Living

Nearby mountains, low heat and humidity, and attractive setting make LeChee a great place to live.

-111.0% lower than avg
-19.5% lower than avg
$1,185 /mo
Monthly rent (2br)
+3.1% higher than avg
LeChee Crime
38.1 / 100
Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low) to 100 (high). US average: 35.4
Minimum annual income
To live comfortably in LeChee, Arizona
for a family
for a single person
Pros & Cons of LeChee
   Nearby mountains
Rising living costs
   Low heat and humidity
Growth and sprawl
   Attractive setting
Some winter cold
Cost of Living
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