Leesville, LA

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Leesville, LA

About Leesville, LA

Living in Leesville, LA is a wonderful experience. This small city of about 6,000 people offers a unique rural charm and plenty of outdoor activities to explore. Residents can enjoy the nearby lakes and woods for fishing, camping, hiking, and all other sorts of outdoor adventures. The city also boasts numerous attractions such as the local museum, library, and performance venues, providing the community with a variety of cultural activities to take part in. There is also a wide selection of restaurants and shops that offer something for everyone to enjoy. The atmosphere in Leesville is friendly and welcoming; it's easy to make friends here! Small metro area set in the forests and flatlands of the Southeast region. Primary industries include military and government. - In west-central Louisiana, 45 miles northwest of Lake Charles and 160 miles east of Houston, Texas..

Location Details

State: Louisiana
County: Vernon County
Metro Area: Fort Polk South Metro Area
City: Leesville
Zip Codes: 71446
Cost of Living: -20.7% lower
Time zone: Central Standard Time (CST)
Elevation: 300 ft above sea level
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Fort Polk South, LA, is a community deeply rooted in military history and culture. Its story began during World War II when the Fort Polk military base was established. This base has grown to become a cornerstone of the area, shaping much of its identity and economic landscape. Situated in southern Louisiana, the geography of Fort Polk South is marked by flat terrain, lush forests, and a humid subtropical climate. This environment creates hot, humid summers and mild winters, with the area being prone to thunderstorms, especially in summer.

The economy of Fort Polk South is heavily influenced by the military presence. The Fort Polk Army Base is not just a major employer but also supports local businesses and contributes to the overall economic stability of the region. Alongside the military, agriculture plays a significant role, with farming and ranching being prominent industries.

When it comes to politics, the Fort Polk South area tends to lean conservative. The residents here often support candidates and policies that align with conservative values, reflecting the broader political trends of Louisiana. The military presence may also influence local voting patterns, emphasizing support for defense and veterans' issues.

Life in Fort Polk South offers a unique blend of small-town atmosphere and military culture. Residents often have strong ties to the military, either through personal service or support for family and friends who serve. This creates a close-knit community where patriotism and respect for the military are integral to the local way of life. For new residents, understanding and respecting this military culture is essential. Showing support for the troops and participating in community events related to the base can help newcomers integrate more smoothly into the community.

The geography and climate of the area encourage outdoor activities, with fishing, hunting, and hiking being popular among locals. The nearby Kisatchie National Forest provides a natural escape for those looking to explore the outdoors. However, the area is rural and lacks the amenities and entertainment options found in larger cities, so new residents should be prepared for a slower pace of life. Embracing the community spirit and getting involved in local events and organizations can make living in Fort Polk South a more enjoyable experience.

In summary, Fort Polk South, LA, is a community where the military plays a significant role in everyday life. The economy is driven by the military and agriculture, and the area exhibits conservative voting patterns. Life here offers a close-knit community feel within a unique military culture. Newcomers should be ready for the hot and humid climate, embrace the slower pace of life, and get involved in the community to fully appreciate what Fort Polk South has to offer.

Leesville Cost of Living

Low home cost, mild winters, and excel health resources make Leesville a great place to live.

-151.0% lower than avg
-104.4% lower than avg
$830 /mo
Monthly rent (2br)
-72.3% lower than avg
Leesville Crime
86.4 / 100
Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low) to 100 (high). US average: 35.4
Minimum annual income
To live comfortably in Leesville, Louisiana
for a family
for a single person
Pros & Cons of Leesville
   Low home cost
Stifling humidity
   Mild winters
Summer heat
   Excel health resources
Losing population
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Leesville is the gateway to toledo bend lake. The lake is 85 miles long and 15 miles wide at the widest point. Recreation and quality of life are terific. This is a  More

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