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Gross pass - 10/11/2021
Avoid at all costs weak job market bad schools discrimnation of disabled in workplace and schools , I have lived here most of my life and have been trying to get out for the last 10 years its a very difficult place to live and secure stable work also just avoid the entire state of Alabama its a hot bed for discrimination and indifference even in 2021 Read More

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High vehicular deaths, very low pay, no sense!!!! - 9/6/2021
someone freshly graduated from high school with no work experience can pick up a serving job and make more hourly than someone who works in an entry level healthcare position such as phlebotomy or dental assisting.

Car insurance here is EXPENSIVE because this place has one of the highest vehicular related deaths anywhere in the country. don’t expect anyone to use turn signals and always double check before going on a green light, people love to run yellow and red lights here. i’ve seen some of the most dangerous driving here that i’ve ever seen in my life.

i just moved from washington state- Gig Harbor to be specific (high cost of living equates to higher pay/higher gas prices, but also way cheaper car insurance) and just scenery alone and how much safer it is puts gig harbor on top by a landslide. i’m struggling way more in this city financially than i ever did in washington state, i did have a roommate split rent with me though.

this place is Read More

This is one weird City - 9/5/2021
I lived in that City for almost 12 years
I have nothing good to say about it I have nothing bad to say about it
People especially the cops some cricket wrong doing people
And on the other hand of that they got UFOs and little orange Read More

Rude, Unfriendly people. - 9/25/2020
I have lived in this city for ten months. I feel it is a very beautiful city. It is very green and it rains often here. It is affordable. The only downside to Mobile is the people. I was under the assumption that Southerners were good, friendly people. They are very rude. Stuck up, and unapproachable. I came from California and I feel most Calufornians are much nicer then Read More

Not a Fan - 2/10/2015
This is not an attractive or desirable place to live. We moved here in 2007, and frankly, we can't wait to move. Once we're close to break-even on our house or we work out a favorable rent situation, we're out of here.

The non-summer months are pleasant, but summer can be stifling though tolerable. The overall quality of life is fair-to-poor.

Not sure who is more eager to leave, my wife or me. If I don't keep moving as a topic of conversation, she might just leave on her Read More

Seven-year Overview - 12/16/2013
Moved here for business reasons and to try some change...but unkowingly, right into the teeth of the financial crisis and a serious, perspective is a bit biased.

If my wife and I were not still under water on our home, we'd aggressively seek another southeastern city or metropolitan are. Once our home equity situation sufficiently improves, we'll move.

It has pleasant spring, fall, and winter weather, relatively low cost of living, low taxes, and affordable housing, but Mobile has scant few other quality-of-life factors to keep one here or attract one to move here. The affordability factors are offset by very stagnant real estate values, high property insurance costs, significant poverty, and a muted economy. Prospects for tax base expansion are fair-to-low. Citywide, population is declining.

There are some economic bright spots on the horizon, aircraft assembly in particular, but meaningful trickle-down effects are years away. Read More

Old part of Mobile - 6/10/2013
I saw some pictures of old town Mobile is it nice and safe for seniors who want to do a long term rental? I am thinking of moving from San Francisco. Also people mention hurricanes so where do you go during a hurricane. I am originally from Southern Read More

Con - 12/4/2012
Too hot & humid in summer. Hurricane Read More

housing - 10/22/2012
very affordable Read More

Not a good environment - 10/11/2012
The city of Mobile continues to waste money and increase the sales tax to cover the expenses. The job market is very poor. The people seem to have given up. I have lived here for many years and am ready to try different grass even if it is not greener. It is sad to watch this great city go Read More

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