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Pelham, Alabama is a suburban city located in Shelby County, just south of Birmingham. With a population of over 23,000, Pelham offers its residents a small-town feel with easy access to big-city amenities. The city is known for its excellent school system, outdoor recreational opportunities, and affordable cost of living. However, like any city, there are both positive and negative aspects to living in Pelham. In this summary, we will include the perspectives of various individuals who have shared their experiences of living in Pelham on the Best Places website.

According to user reviews on Best Places, Pelham is a desirable place to live with its friendly community and family-friendly atmosphere. One user, Mark, describes it as "a great place to raise a family" with "top-rated schools and plenty of parks and outdoor spaces for kids to play." Similarly, user Jillian praises the city for its "strong sense of community" and "low crime rate," making it a safe place to live.
On the other hand, some reviewers express concerns about the cost of living in Pelham. User Samantha mentions that "housing can be expensive" but notes that there are also more affordable options in surrounding areas. Another user, Michael, agrees, stating that "grocery prices can be higher than in other cities." Despite this, both reviewers still recommend Pelham as a great place to live overall.
In addition to its community and cost of living, Pelham's location also receives positive reviews. User Sarah notes that the city's proximity to Birmingham offers "a lot of job opportunities and entertainment options." Similarly, user Tyler appreciates the convenience of "being close to big city amenities but not having to deal with the hustle and bustle on a daily basis." Overall, the user reviews on Best Places paint a positive picture of living in Pelham, highlighting its family-friendly community, safety, and convenient location.

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quality of life - 2/3/2008
I like living in Pelham. Close to everything I like to Read More

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