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Tuscaloosa, Alabama Reviews

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Get to know Tuscaloosa with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Tuscaloosa

The Most Generic City in America - 9/17/2021
Tuscaloosa used to have some character. We had a decent live music scene, an up and coming artist community, affordable housing, and there were even several places for LGBT people. Now, it's just football and giant generic overpriced condos. ALL of the cool music venues are gone. Not that it matters, since the local musicians can no longer afford to live anywhere near them. There's only one gay bar left. It doesn't open until around 10pm.

If you enjoy art, original music, diversity and most anything else except football, don't come here. Oh, and if you do like football you better have a substantial income. Those tickets are not cheap. If however, you are one of those generic rich people with no personality who enjoys living in giant cubes and who wants to be surrounded by other equally uninteresting people, this is your town.
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A Great Place to live. Lots of conservatives here? - 4/12/2020
I’ve lived in the city for 40 years. Love the small town feel. The only negative I would mention is being in the Dixie Alley for tornadoes in the Spring and Fall. Tornadoes are a negative for Tuscaloosa. We have had some really wicked Read More

tuscaloosa - 8/26/2010
Time to move on Read More

good place to live - 11/20/2008
university of Alabama home town .It have greet football Read More

Public Transportaion is Poor - 9/27/2008
Very mininal public transportation Read More

A wonderful home for families - 6/15/2008
Tuscaloosa is a beautiful, quiet city and is absolutely ideal for families looking for outdoor activities and educational opportunities. Our family moved here with the military and are very sad to have to leave. The climate is hot and humid in the Summer, but Fall, Winter and Spring are all very comfortable! Much of the town is centered around the University of Alabama (especially the football team!) and having the college students gives a nice variety of people from different areas across the country. Because of the high humidity, the landscape is breathtakingly lush and colorful. We have loved living in Read More

disadvantage of living here - 6/7/2007
Extremely humid, unpleasant in winter; practicaly unbearable in Read More

Beautiful place but.... - 5/23/2007
Like many cities in Alabama, Tuscaloosa has that small hometown feel to it. Southern Hospitality is evident anywhere you go. Education-wise there is the University of Alabama, Stillman College and Shelton State. I have lived in larger cities and compared to that, there is very little crime and it isn't too expensive to live here.

Having said that, there are few jobs here unless you want to work for UA, a service job or in a factory. This is your typical college town and many of the places for rent here are geared toward college students and not families. You can buy a relatively inexpesnive house here, but this town is centered so much on the University, it may not be a place to stay long-term.

If you want diversity, you can forget getting it here. Although there is a growing Hispanic populaton, race is a major issue here, especially between white and black. At times, Tuscaloosa seems like it's stuck in the Civil Rights era. Honestly, if you are non-white but Read More

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