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Small city feel and beautiful outdoors - 11/25/2019
Every place depends on what you are looking for. So I will say a bit about me so you can assess where the review is coming from.

I am a professional, single, female in my 30s with a graduate degree. I make 80k. I am *not* a party person. I live a quiet life where I enjoy the outdoors and a coffee with friends. Before coming to Flagstaff I have lived in Southern California, Northern California, Saint Louis, Kansas City, and Hartford CT.

I moved here for work, and I was pretty hesitant to do so because I absolutely loved Orange County, CA. Much to my surprise, after two years I would put Flagstaff and Orange County as a tie for my favorite place to live.

What I love about it: it is a great city for those who don't like the craziness of a large city (pop 70k in Flag) but also don't want to be isolated in the country. The downtown area is very cute/unique with lots of great shops. There is a community feel to things that you don't get in a big Read More

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Not perfect, but pretty darned nice. - 11/16/2019
Flagstaff is a city that enjoys clean air, a mild four season climate and abundant natural beauty. Nestled near the San Francisco Peaks, approximately 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon Flagstaff is a paradise for anyone who enjoys nature and the outdoors. As a place to live Flagstaff is very different from many other sunbelt cities. On the positive, while it has become more populated in the last 20 years it is still far less congested than nearby Phoenix or Las Vegas. Traffic is typically problematic only when your travels take you near Northern Arizona University’s campus. Crime is relatively low, and the city still enjoys a small, community feel. On the negative, Flagstaff housing is costlier than the state average. This is exasperated by the fact the City’s primary industry is tourism (and the typically low wage jobs it creates). Beyond the University, Gore Medical Devices and the Flagstaff Medical Center it can difficult to find a job that pays a living wage. The city government Read More

youve lost your beautiful downtown area - 10/12/2019
we have visited your city a couple of times and absolutely loved it until our recent visit in early october 2019. you had a beautiful downtown area with lots of unique shops with native american items and great gifts for family and friends. it's been several years since we had visited and can not believe the changes! all the shops are gone,replaced with breweries ,bars and restaurants. your city leaders did not have a vision and did not preserve your historical beautiful downtown and that is a crime. we will not visit here again because you are just a typical college town now with nothing worth seeing. so sad and Read More

Poverty with a view - 8/14/2019
I work in Flagstaff and live in Sedona out of necessity, I have the deal of a lifetime for housing in Sedona - couldn't touch an outhouse in Flagstaff for what I am paying in Sedona. Flagstaff housing enormously expensive as well as food. NAU is the largest employer in Flagstaff and due to the wages they give being suppressed in comparasion to ASU and UA I cannot see Flagstaff becoming the " next best place to live " anytime soon. NAU is losing talented professionals YOY because of the enormous pay gap and the product NAU provides has taken a hit. Administrators think there is a bottomless well of talent and I can assure that the well is deeper than most think but inevitably mismangement by this university will cause Flagstaff to remake itself or die. It is unfathomable that over the last decade when the economy has thrived that the University hasn't addressed this issue other than to give it lip service. The hook the university uses is that a person / family cannot make it on a Read More

Some Honest Thoughts on Flag. - 4/23/2019
Lived here for 1 year, and don't think it will be a final landing spot. It depends on what you are looking for.
-Clean Air
-No massive superfund sites or radon issues (some, but very minor, do your homework before moving to the Denver area folks)
-Nice Weather, very mild seasons compared to other places I have lived
-Beautiful views
-Grand Canyon, San Francisco Peaks, Sedona, etc. all out your back door
-Short commutes
-Nice people
-Decent trail system
-Mountain Biking
-Shooting ranges
-Skiing (both cross country and downhill)
-Fairly Quiet
-Dark Skies Compliant (Beautiful Night Skies, Seriously)
-Decent Snow (If you like snow!) and it melts quickly
-Beautiful monsoon season and wildflowers
-Fun Holiday events
-Arizona has very low income and property tax compared to other places we have lived

-No water. Lake Powell is over 2 hours away, Lake Read More

Poverty with a view - 1/24/2019
I've lived here since 1998. This town is very beautiful with the scenery and the community. But it's literally the "poverty with a view" town. NAU had been taking over the town by building and buying new buildings for the students, the town is very crowded and it makes it difficult to find jobs because of the college students.

The cost of living is outrageous. Theres loopholes the real estate and property management that they raise rent or price of a home as soon as someone moves out or renews a lease. I know people who have 3 jobs just to make it here.

The town in split because of the minimum wage increase. Half the people are relieved to make a decent living and not have to struggle paycheck to paycheck as much. The other half is worried about price hikes of everything, in business and cost of living. So the town is torn whether to barely afford anything getting paid less or living moderately comfortable and paying a bit more.

As there Read More

We Love Flagstaff Arizona! Great Place to Live - 6/8/2018
My family and I have lived here our entire lives. We love the atmosphere, the people, and the activities available to us. Our family started Polaris Roofing Company in Flagstaff and have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful homeowners and business owners in the area. From our family to yours, we know you'll love the Read More

Retired and loving Flagstaff - 5/18/2015
My wife and I retired to Flagstaff in 2012. Our search criterion was for a college town to add culture, good medical facilities, four seasons, within two hours of major airport and low humidity. We vacationed in several cities to get a feel for them. Denver was over crowded, suffered from traffic and polluted while Santa Fe did not inspire us. Flag has very youthful feel with the NAU's 25,000 students, hiking and biking trails abound the Falstaff peaks at 12000 feet above sea level with a ski area. Blues skies most days so we enjoy getting out side. Culture comes in many forms from the Lowell Observatory, Museum of Northern Arizona( native Americans), to a 10 day Science Week that provides an astounding number of events to excite us. Downtown is packed with good restaurants, bars and 5 mini-breweries. Friday Nite Art Walks at the first of every month gets us out for a dinner date and a stroll of the town where music is played on the street and in the many art galleries. During Read More

Climate change; quality of living - 3/29/2015
I'm afraid these postings are from 2008. I have lived here 23 years and consider the city to be deteriorating. There is very little winter and more and more wind. It has been over ten years of constant elongated construction which has ruined the ambiance of the town. We began to have a rush hour Fridays from noon on, which blocks intersections, but now other days, too. It is poverty with a view, but the view is becoming blocked. Notice these reviews were possibly before the market fall. Jobs are hard and low wage, and quality of living is poor compared to when I moved here. I escape into the back country and SE Arizona and longer interludes. It is still centrally located for some of these things but has lost charm and I find it in other towns which retain their quality of life and prioritize better with little money. I still have to work here until I finish some projects but that is my unfortunate experience. You will get heat-sick in June, and if the rains don't come summer is Read More

High cost, low wages, growth limits, second-home m - 8/12/2014
Flagstaff is beautiful but the high cost of living, low wages, high housing costs (from the second-home market and university rentals) S,art-growth limits, tourist industry service jobs, and lack of community make it less than ideal to live in. I have been here 17 years and only have one close friend and one sort of friend.  Read More

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2438 S Polaris Way Unit 2
Bed 3 | Bath 3

3609 W Ceres Way Unit 7
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3618 W Ceres Way Unit 34
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2525 W Owen Way Unit 14
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2835 N Prescott Rd
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417 W Tucson Ave
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1713 N Kutch Dr
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