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Thoughts from a Midwest Transplant - 5/27/2019
The reason I chose to write a review is because, while a few were indeed quite concise & accurate (looking at you, J.T.), some were astonishingly biased and/or isolated critiques that painted this small city with a broad brush. I, therefore, thought I would offer my perspective.

My review needs to be qualified as insight coming from a "transplant" rather than a native-born Arizonian. My bride & I have no kids, and we relocated in 2011 from the Midwest. I will only offer a review to what I have repeatedly experienced -- climate, housing/crime, roads, culture, shopping & entertainment, commute and friendliness -- and will leave out categories with little-to-no personal exposure.

With that in mind, for those readers with children, my exposure to the educational system as a resident without kids is quite limited to the same sources that any person can obtain online: beter-than-average elementary and high school (Gilbert High). Like everything else, parenting and Read More

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Lived in Gilbert for 4 years now & love it - 6/29/2018
Great community for families, couples, retirees and anyone looking for a safe, friendly, clean suburb with shopping, restaurants and a growing economy. The Town government is well-run and business-friendly. Activities and events are offered and anything not found in Gilbert, is just a short drive Read More

Gilbert AZ a wonderful place to live - 4/12/2017
A family friendly town with great schools and low crime. The people are friendly, there's plenty of shopping, and easy commute to Phoenix etc. We have experienced a great deal of growth in the last several years and that is expected to continue. There are lots of great restaurants and activities to enjoy.  Read More

Good area for children - 1/1/2014
Hello my husband just accepted a job offer in Tempe and I have been doing research on what areas around there offer the best schools for my children. We are moving from Nevada and understand the whole living in the desert and you stay inside for 2-3 months in the hot months. I have read several posts about Gilbert being a really good place to raise your family. I need to know if it is a safe place. As I said my husbands job will be in Tempe and would like to keep the commute under 45 min. I am looking for some insight on good areas to live in that have low crime rates and a school rating. Right now I am using a great school for my focal point in finding a place to locate to might but if a town is out there that might be a better choice please let me Read More

weather? - 4/14/2013
Moving to AZ soon and possibly to Gilbert. Used to live in Albuquerque. az sounds hotter but can anyone compare the two? They seem similar. Thanks. Read More

Gilbert Is A Great City For Families - 4/2/2013
I have lived in Gilbert for almost 10 years now, and have nothing but great things to say about it. I built my own business here in Gilbert providing custom welding, pool fencing, custom gates and fences, along with custom auto fabrication and welding and absolutely love my customers in Gilbert and the surrounding east valley. It is a great place to live and raise a family, and the reason that I have stayed and kept my business here.  Read More

Searching for a safe neighborhood in Gilbert, AZ - 10/18/2012
I have a family member relocting to this rea in less than 10 days. I need help locating a safe neighborhood.

Thank Read More

I miss having four seasons - 9/4/2012
In the Phoenix area, we have two seasons, not so hot and HOT! My personal aesthetic taste is for a place that has trees, water, and outdoor recreation no matter what time of year it may be. I liken our summers to the harsh winters in other parts of the country. We are literally indoors for the majority of 6 months because it is just too hot to be Read More

Arizona - my .02 - 7/13/2012
I am a long-time resident of AZ (30+ years) and wanted to share my experience with folks considering a move here. Arizona's geography and weather make it an excellent destination if you are an active person willing to get off the couch and take responsibility for your happiness. The politics and culture here have often made me very sad (very conservative to the point of being mean-spirited) but I remain hopeful that growth and economic necessity will facilitate a more progressive attitude.

WEATHER. IMHO, we have 6 months of absolutely perfect weather. No hurricanes, tornados, floods, humidity or anything else to complain about. Then we have 4 months of warm weather. The days can be quite warm (into the 90s) but the mornings and evenings are crazy-beautiful. Perfect for dining alfresco or getting outdoors for walks, sports, etc (and we have no mosquitos!). Then there are 2 months of sheer hell (july & august). The monsoons hit this time, driving the humidity up Read More

dislike - 4/6/2012
Just unhappy Read More

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