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Nice Place to Live - 6/6/2007
I've lived in Glendale,AZ (North) for the last 7 years. I grew up in Southern California, and lived in Denver,CO for 5 years. In my opinion, Glendale is a great all-around place to Read More

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Please Read Before Making your Decision - 5/21/2007
I have lived here in Glendale Arizona for four years now and I hate it more and more everyday. It is getting hotter and hotter and the crime is getting worse and worse. It doesn't matter what part of Glendale, or the Valley for that matter. People act blind and refuse to see what is happening in the Valley. If you really want to be safe and want a good life for your family you need to move as far north and west as possible. My family and I have been forced to move out of town just to bennefit the future of our children. I am a stay at home mom and housewife and I am afraid even durring the day to be home alone. The crime is moving further and further out. It doesn't matter what side of the road you are on, it is moving in. My husband and I are just biding our time and waiting for the day to move out of here. If you don't beleive me, just watch the news. My advice is; if you are single and enjoy the fast paced party life, this place is for you. If you are trying to raise a Read More

65 degrees & Sunny! - 1/17/2007
There is no place I would rather be than Sunny Arizona. You can't beat it! Today, during the month of January it is 65 degrees and no snow to Read More

Glendale Arizona - 12/29/2006
It is hot in the summer but nice in the winter. The air is pretty clear, but can get smog in the Read More

Hot! - 12/22/2006
You almost melt in the summer, the heat can get so bad. Don't really have a winter at Read More

It's CRAZY out here! - 8/13/2006
Three years ago, you could have moved in and bought a house for a reasonable price. Now? Forget it. Since the housing boom, you can't find a house at a somewhat decent price (unless you are moving in from California - which means you could buy Buckingham Palace for what you paid for your 1B/1B cottage). The houses are not worth what they have been inflated to. Houses that sold for $700k last year are really only worth $400k, but sellers are being stubborn. They think the house should still be sold for $700k and that is that.
And, if you are a teacher or other public servant? No way can you afford to live here any more. That's why I am leaving. Over priced, over heated and West Nile Virus. No thank Read More

Scruffy - 6/18/2006
It's hot. Dry heat, they say. And yes, it does make a difference. But no gettin around it, it's Read More

Great Place IF you Stay North - 3/28/2006
Glendale AZ is by far the best place I've lived in AZ. I've lived in Mesa, Scottsdale and North Phoenix. We have never felt more at home - however - I would caution that you stay North of Bell Rd. to find the "safer" communities. The Deer Valley school district is top notch, and people are very friendly. Not to mention we continually add on higher end restaurants, boutiques, etc. I do like the downtown Glendale area (way South of Bell) for some of the shopping and events they have, but would think twice about going there after dark unless there was a planned event. Phoenix is one of those places where there are no defined lines of good/bad neighborhoods. We have million dollar homes w/in blocks of a trailer park. It is a transient city and in much need of better public transportation w/the urban sprawl - but I do like Northern Read More

Live here - 3/1/2006
It is an older city that is making great strides to revitalize itself. The Cardinals Football team is building a stadium here which will generate much income in the near Read More

its a dry heat - 2/25/2006
love the weather out here. Summer is hot but i can live through 3 months of intense heat for 9 months of 70's and Read More

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