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Tempe, Arizona Reviews

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Get to know Tempe with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Tempe

Love of Arizona - 6/7/2014
Lived in Arizona 55 yrs Phoenix /Tempe lost my job and got a offer to keep my job but had to move Fall River MA. I will take the heat over days of cold anytime . January average temp was 28 this does not include the wind chill 6 days of a average 6/10 in of snow February / March weren't any better . Now April got to see two days where if got to 50 over night still in the 20/30 . Talk about rude say hello to anyone at the store and its as if you just assaulted them no eye contacted just mind your own business . I know every town has trash , but here its a right of passage to throw your trash on the ground , DAMN lottery tickets every where bottles people here just don't care. Now lets talk about the road conditions here pothole at least 6/8 inches deep on every road and not enough money to fix them properly the cities are broke and in major disrepair , drugs run wild heron is a BIG cause of the decline on any given day the newspaper has a story about a bust. Stabbings and shootings at Read More

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HOT!!!! - 12/24/2012
I love the sun, but this area is 110+ from May through November! Each year the hot weather gets hotter and the season gets longer. And it doesn't matter that there is no humidity because 110+ is still too Read More

Finally Under 100 degrees - 10/16/2012
I admit it right up front, I am not a native Arizonian! I just survived my third Arizona summer and I am so relieved it is over. It is now the middle of Oct and finally we seem to be staying under 100. People say, "It's a dry heat". One person described it as a heat that melts the meat off of your bones. My personal assessment would be closer to the second description. I find it oppressive, able to catch my breath with its intensity when we are sitting at 115 midafternoon.
But boy do I appreciate the remaining 8 to 9 months of the year in Tempe, AZ where the weather is usually much more pleasant than most of the rest of the country.
So, just one person's experiences in the desert.Read More

It's true, you can buy a very nice house for your - 2/4/2012
any other positives here. Seriously, for Phoenix being a metropolis city that has grown leaps and bounds in the last 20 year's, it is a sad state of affair's. From our embarrassing politician's to the ridiculously high crime rate and everything in between, transportation, immigration, smog and employment, it is one of the most outdated and backward state's of this country. However, Heavenly, if you like to swing a golf club ;)  Read More

Still waiting to catch up... - 6/10/2011
Tempe really is the hub of Arizona's Phoenix metro-area. Downtown Tempe Mill Avenue, blocks from Arizona State University, features a multitude of eateries and bars (not surprisingly) and lets not forget Tempe Town Lake which is a nice reprieve from desert landscaping. Mill Ave. also boasts the Annual Iron Man competition, Tempe Arts Festival, and many holiday parades.

On the flip side, parking is a beast with metered one hour parking spots and plenty of meter-maids to hand out tickets to the rogue parker but underground parking is available. Restaurants are run-of-the-mill, service can be mediocre and bars are always crowded. Summer is brutally hot and can start as early as May and continue well into October. Monsoon season is unpleasant with highs at 110+ and high humidity.

The recent opening of Tempe Market Place, about 2 miles east of Mill Ave., features many shops, a variety of family and high-end restaurants, a movie theatre, outdoor entertainment, and Read More

tempe - 6/11/2010
All these negative comments about tempe are ridiculous....take it from someone who's lived here for years, and lived in the valley since the 80's....Tempe is one of the best cities in phoenix metro area, it has the most to offer in terms transportation,entertainment,movie theatres, concert venues, tempe town lake system, buses run longer, more frequent, has the lightrail access to PHX and airport...many many restaurants and and culturally diverse as it can be for arizona due to the university, its mostly a college town, with ASU being focal point, its not too pretentious, its laid back, if you want high society look to scottsdale or newer cities, it has its nicer areas, and older junky areas, but like i said, its mostly for students, artists, regular people, and not pretentious.  Read More

Love Tempe! - 4/26/2010
I just wanted to say, I don't care what the statisics say. I came from NY 16 mos. ago. Now my family and I live in Tempe and we couldn't be happier. I lived in NY state for 42 yrs, While I LOVE NY city, I CANNOT afford it. I lived outside the city ,About 2hrs. NEVER could afford to move back in. The jobs were not there and I won't even talk about the weather, HA! Tempe has georgeous weather and you don't get snowed in for 7mos. of the yr.
I've lived in the cold, the city , the country and now the heat! I'll take a HOT CITY, NOT FLA., been there done that, TOO humid, Any day of the week, Plus I feel AZ is a very gorgeous place to live!! Don't judge by what others say, try it out you may be pleasently suprised! No it's not near as expensive as NY either! Read More

ASU - 3/22/2010
Great college town near the ASU Read More

Forget Phoenix Period! - 12/29/2008
If you like the outdoors, forget it. Six months out of the year it's at least 107 (may-Nov), you heard it right. An average of 107 for at least six months. There are jobs, but mostly call centers that pay $10-$12. (I work in sales but recently got laid off) the public services are worst then you ever experienced or read about. Most people here have never heard of getting anything right. The food is bad, the rental landlords take advantage of every law they can hand out. And do....Since the rental laws were written 60 years ago, and are still in force today and all on the side of the landlords. For instance: Should you rent, and have a problem with the owner, or management company or manager. They can evict you and you'll be on the street within 10 days. Wheather you show up in court or not. Let's say the manager does'nt like you for some reason. They can have your served to court, but not in person. The law here does not state you have to be served in person, so what Read More

Tempe is just average - 8/5/2008
I've been in Tempe for several years and am not that impressed. The university area is ethnically diverse without being culturally diverse.

The Weather from September to May is WONDERFUL!
The entire southwest is up-and-coming.

Compared to other metro areas, there isn't much to do here.
This is the most lame university I've ever been around.
The people aren't friendly here at Read More

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