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Hot And Dry - 1/8/2020
I lived in tucson for about 3 months and I Hated it it was so Hot and Read More

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NO WORK!! - 1/5/2020
I just moved here from Los Angeles, CA and I got nothing kind to say about Tucson! I hate it here. The people are so incompetent and slow. They would never make it in L.A. I also hardly can get work here. I have been a variety entertainer for over 30 years and I only get one or two shows a month. What's with that. Read More

An "interesting" place - 12/9/2019
I've lived in Tucson two times. The first time, the city had a 1% for the Arts fund, and there were some creative, interesting people living in there. The second time, that had disappeared, and so did a lot of those folks. I have mixed memories of it. The positives were: the cost of housing, whether you rented or bought, was low and there was plenty available. People were pretty friendly, although too conservative for my tastes. Tucson is seen as a liberal city, but that really means liberal by Az standards. The university was OK. Not as nice by far as UNM in Abq, but you didn't have to dodge bullets and worry about your car being stolen, so it was far safer than UNM. The Tucson college football team was pretty good too. The desert is beautiful there! Just amazing. The air is clean, and for some reason my allergies didn't kick up. The ersatz hippie area of 4th Ave had good eats, good coffeehouses, some music, and an outdoor vibe. Nice place to hang out. Food could be very good in Read More
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Tucson? The Town Too Dead to Die - 11/29/2019
Tucson: "The Town Too Dead to Die."

The weather is awful; maybe 4 months tops is the weather bearable. What isn't bearable is the traffic and refusing to build a modern interstate system that gets me across the city within a reasonable amount of time.

The city has a failing school district and, year after year, it is the district and the teachers' faults for the failure. High-crime ridden areas are never blamed. Neither are broken homes and neighborhoods were meth has taken over pointed to as the culprits.

Tucson's response is to not fund the local schools, through voting against bonds and propositions, to put more funds in classrooms, and it is to change and replace the superintendent every other year, denying the district much-needed continuity and stability. (Tucson's other response to a failing school district is "culturally relevant pedagogy," which should exist but is not a solution to city-wide problems that have actually destroyed Read More

I moved to Tucson a year ago from beautiful New England. I absolutely hate the desert. It's funny when you see people walking around in winter clothes in 80 degree weather in November pretending it's winter. Lol. There is no winter in the desert. There is one season; fkn HOT!!
The air is dirty, dusty, and dry. It burns and shrivels your skin. It is hard to breath and it gives you headaches if you are even mildly sensitive.
The water is equally as bad. You cannot drink it. It is hard, chlorinated, and mineral laden. It also saps your skin.
So as I said, this is an almost uninhabitable place to live unless you are a rattlesnake or a cactus. There is no humidity, no break from the relentless heat and filth, no rain, no wind, and lots of crime. Read More

A Word To The Wise . . . - 10/26/2019
. . . from someone who until two months ago had lived for 19 years in Tucson, regarding reviews that enthusiastically endorse the city.

Note carefully where a reviewer who extols Tucson reports that he or she lives, and whether throughout the year there, or as a part-time resident. Often the writer lives outside – sometimes well outside – the limits of the city or only winters in its vicinity, in its most clement season. This invariably outfits that person with rose-colored glasses.

As examples, some positive reviewers give their opinion from Oro Valley, a town to the north of Tucson, with far more effective municipal administration and law enforcement. Others write from Casa Adobes, an unincorporated zone of affluent homeowners and upscale restaurants and boutiques to the northwest. For decades its residents have resisted annexation by Tucson, it not being to their taste to pay high taxes for low quality in the delivery of public services. And still others Read More

Blue skies and fabulous sunsets - 10/10/2019
I've lived here for 23 years and love it. It's a beautiful, colorful city with clear blue skies and the most amazing sunsets. The population is diverse and people are friendly. Read More

David Gorgie Variety Entertainer - 8/12/2019
I hate Tucson! I have been a master impersonation expert for the past 19 years. And I am homeless now cuz I moved to Tucson. People do not give me hand outs and are rude. Read More

Don't bother with Tucson, many better places - 8/10/2019
I have resided in the Tucson area for about fourteen years watching Tucson basically deteriorate into a congested dirty and dangerous city. Tucson last year was ranked as being 5th poorest major city and ranked as having the 4th lowest employment pay scale of all major cities. Add to this a violent crime rate that is twice the national average. Tucson is becoming very congested with vicious traffic and some of the worst drivers you'll find anywhere. No city planning is in the pipeline to address this problem either. Tucson has very few good jobs as well, most pay about 30-32K on average and Tucson's largest employer the University of Arizona has much lower salaries than neighbor universities like New Mexico State University even. Tucson is growing rapidly with all the California transplants so housing and rent prices are rising quickly as well, in five years Tucson will probably be mostly unaffordable just like Denver and Portland have now become. To add insult Tucson roads are Read More

Start a business so you can pay for air conditioni - 8/3/2019
It is like living inside an oven or furnace from June 1st to September 30th. The rest of the year is nice. The sunshine is great.The job market stinks...if you are a native Indian or Hispanic you can get a decent job. Otherwise you will likely not. The cost of living is about Read More

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9133 E Elderberry St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1339 E Mountain Pl
Bed 2 | Bath 2

2844 W Greenstreak Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

4279 W Jupiter Pl
Bed 4 | Bath 3

14241 W Scotland St W
Bed 2 | Bath 3

32 W Rillito St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

6855 W Quailwood Way
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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