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If only wasnt so sunny woukd be perfect. - 6/12/2019
Have lived here for 25 years and alternate with east coast where i grew up. The ine and only thing i do not like is the intense sun and extreme dryness. Otherwise, it is so friendly and peaceful, nice housing is affordable, high quality restaurants, great hiking nearby, dark nighttime skies, easy driving and parking, excellent medical care from university, ditto mostly liberal politics from university, quiet. Try talking on the phone to soneone who lives in Tucson and soneone who lives in the NorthEast. See who yiu get better service from and who is nicer and friendlier. Once you experience both you come to appreciate tucson. Read More
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Depressive heat, a dying city full of retirees - 4/5/2019
I was stationed at DMAFB in Tucson in 1993. I lived there for 15 years until I retired. Tucson is a wasteland with depressive heat, no freeways AT ALL! A dinky horrible zoo, crime like I have never seen, no jobs, drugs from Nogales like a river, dirt, more dirt, and sand. There is NO WATER, they call their dry river beds as rivers but they are bone dry. No grass, no real trees, except some palm trees. Albuquerque is where we live now, and it's far better in everyway. Albuquerque has a REAL river running right thru it. Albuquerque has the largest Zoo in the southwest, I25 running North to south, I40 running East to West, the countries longest tram to the ski resort on top of the Sandias, an Aquarium, Cliffs playland, mountains everywhere near by, summer temps at 90° Winter rarely snows much. After leaving Tucson, I can really see what's missing in Read More

A beautiful, vibrant area with great weather - 9/19/2018
Tucson has four very warm months, June through September. Any one is easily more acceptable than November through February in most states. Temperatures do not vary radically, but trend upward slowly and then downward slowly. There is still a monsoon season, although many long-term residents see them as stronger and less frequent than the predictable daily rain mid-afternoon of a few decades ago. The town is nestled among five ranges and has outstanding character. It values its history and preservation is high on the list of things the city traditionally values regardless of most political trends. Being higher in elevation, Tucson trends four to nine degrees cooler than Phoenix. Tucson gets water from the CAP program, which is dependent on water from the Colorado which is in jeopardy from years of drought and global warming. However, there is a large aquifer beneath Tucson, and the city has used some of the CAP program to recharge the aquifer. Water conservation in the city and Read More

IT IS HOT AF HERE - 8/22/2018
You need to know one important thing before moving to Tucson. It's easily 115 degrees throughout the months of June and July. The temp never drops below 80 (at around 4:00 in the morning.) It remains at least 105 from July through September. There is NO LET UP in the heat factor or the insanely bright bright sun that will blaze your retinas out... so you better have really excellent sunglasses and several backups as well.

Now the locals claim there is a monsoon season here. What that means here is that it might rain heavily in one neighborhood of the city for about 20 minutes. It doesnt ever last long and you can bet that wet pavement dries up the instant the rain stops. It doesn't rain often at all, TBH. I've lived in Portland, OR, so I do know real rain. This place does NOT have real rain. And it isnt a monsoon by any means at all.

There will be a lot if static lighting everywhere though, so don't let that kill you.... if the heat hasn't yet. Dont Read More

Mediocrity at its best. - 6/10/2018
After getting a job in Tucson and moving here, I started looking up mediocrity quotes to explain how I was feeling. I work with young people that were born and raised here and also know how horrible it is getting here. They also comment on how bad their schooling was. Another co-worker had his african-american granddaughters staying with him and his wife from Alabama. They went to the public school here for a semester and were appalled at how the teachers didn't teach or care and the students treated the teachers horribly. One said a student threw a bag of chips at the teacher and the teacher did nothing. Even the school administration is inept. My co-worker will constantly get calls from the school saying his granddaughter skipped class when she is at a field trip or one of the grandparents signed her out. He says it never fails. People here are as stupid as can be and there is zero southwest culture. If I wear cowboy boots, people look at me weird because they all look like Walmart Read More

Fairly New Tucsonian - 3/1/2018
I love Tucson so far. Moved here in January 2017 and my husband and I both love this area. Many outdoor things to do--and if you like wildlife/nature/birds, this is your place. We live in NW Tucson, so maybe we avoid much of the crime reported in the center of the city or South Tucson. I am not a "hot weather person", but for the couple of months that it gets hot, I survive. Swimming and AC help :) Love the southwest, and Tucson is a unique, fun Read More

The Long And Short Of Tucson - 2/16/2018
If you are pondering a visit to Tucson or a move here, this review can help you, with its observations based on my nearly 18 years of residence and work in many parts of the city and its northwestern suburb of Marana. It includes recent verified statistics, superseding often self-contradictory and outdated figures provided by Best Places, and since it was first posted, it has been updated continually through June 28, 2019.

I sketch Tucson's natural surroundings and climate, some of its cultural resources and celebrations, the affordability and quality of its housing and neighborhoods, and its transportation infrastructure and crime trends. I also cover Tucson's job market, its main employers, and how much you need at a minimum to live here, as well as the city's economy and business environment, its schools, governance, and media, and its people – how they drive, what they like to do and eat, their health, and how they view their hometown and each other.
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Low Wages, Uncertainty About Growth & Recovery - 2/10/2018
My view is that Tucson is still one of the worst major cities for young people because of paucity of jobs; low and stagnant wages; and little to do outside of hiking a few cultural venues - and remains an employment trap. If you lose your job, you will be hard put to replace it. You may also be hard-pressed to keep your house.

Arizona does not believe in government or government jobs so you have very little local government presence anywhere in the state or in its counties, much less worker protections like unions. This leaves workers in Arizona very exposed as there is no government presence in most fields to provide an economic base for the field in general. And what used to be publicly-run like prisons and schools has now been privatized. In this case, what is good for taxes is horrible for workers. As a consequence, there aren't much in the way of options, making drugs an over-sized problem with young people because there isn't much else to do. This problem really Read More

Rude - 2/5/2018
Had a good time hiking the mountains. We stayed in an Airbnb and had our vehicle egged and locals scowled at us. People would flip us the bird on the road not sure it was because our rental vehicle had California plates? Anyway I don’t know if everyone’s extremely thirsty down there or what? Not looking forward to dealing with locals next time we visit my grandparents. Read More

Moral Idiots - 11/28/2017
Tucson has always liked to see itself as better than Phoenix, superior in morality and care of its citizenry and environment.
Tucson has long seen Phoenix as a cancer in the desert and caring only about growth for growth's sake. Tucson made its choice to be the alternative to Phoenix, a more down home and friendlier place.

Coming from another metropolitan area, I don't see much that Tucson has to be proud of, certainly not its lack of vitality, its decaying neighborhoods, and its dead economy.

Phoenix is booming. Have you been there? The growth that Tucson calls cancerous is coming together quite nicely. Streets and landscaping are well taken care of. The downtown is beautiful. The freeway system is among the best designed and most beautiful in the world. And the traffic while bad at times does indeed flow. It's no worse than the traffic on surface streets in Tucson with all the stop and go. Of course, Tucson didn't want highways or better flow so in Read More

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