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Retired and became summer birds in the north! - 1/28/2020
Retired here and it is a great place in many ways. The biggest drawback I have found is the cost and lack of medical care. Its not that far to PHX to get the care you need but wish it was better here. The weather is great, plenty to do in the area, and people are friendly. We purchased in the Foothills and are enjoying it still after 2 years, we do leave for the north via RV for the peak heat of Read More

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Not a Good Experience - 9/30/2018
First let me confess that I lived in Yuma for about a year several decades ago. I was raised in NY and have lived & worked in several states & cities, most recently in CA. Tucson was my very favorite place to live; I was there in the late 60’s while I attended graduate school. The heat did not bother me, and I fell in love with the desert.

I then made the mistake of taking a position in Yuma. Just more desert and heat, right? No, no, no. Living in Yuma was like being fried alive. Aside from the terrible climate and lack of amenities, during the entire year, I met only 2 people I liked and trusted. Two of the men I worked with (including one who hired me) were inappropriate—in fact, I was assaulted by one who kept coming to my apartment & trying to force his way in. There was no one I could confide in—the town was very clickish. Drug dealing & drug use were rampant. In my innocence, I tried to bring attention to it, and I was immediately shunned and harassed. Yes, I worked Read More

John - 3/25/2018
I am moving to Yuma sometime this year for a new job. I am looking for a place to live that is safe for 1 person. Does anyone have some Read More
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Great place - 10/10/2017
I love Yuma! It's a great Read More

My home town! - 9/18/2017
I was born at the Yuma County hospital 66 Years ago. I am planning to make it my winter home. I have family there and want to make a different in this community. It has great restaurants, recreation and a positive outlook. More people would discover this desert Read More

Johns' review - 12/4/2016
Sorry John, I have a hard time taking the word of someone who can't even spell. It really undermines your Read More

Comparing YUMA as to where I’ve live elsewhere! - 3/13/2015
I was raised in the North east corner of KS, spent a lot time there. Till I became a teen then I just had to
get away. That’s how I ended up traveling, joining the service and experiencing the world. NE-Kansas isn’t bad it just wears me out to stick around in one place for years – and years. I’ve been to a few different county’s, been all over the USA, I’ve always seem to think I can see a little bit KS in every place I go. YUMA is just that a Kansas Town without the cold winters. Agriculture is important, it’s a who’s –who town, in other words it’s who you know will get the job, or how beer you can drink will get your promoted or more than just a second chance. That’s great if you’re in, it sux’s big time if you’re not.
The town is dominated by the Hispanic language, culture, and the who’s -who’s. You have to adapt in order to feel at home, nobody here cares about much outside of YUMA unless it’s about the West Coast.
MY Likes are – The winters are the best, The Read More

Terrible place to have new business - 9/15/2013
If you start a business here you will not get any support from the Yuma Police Department, Yuma Sheriff or the Superior court for any crimes against your business. This is "The Good Ole Boys" town, just like any small town. If you open a business and get harassed by another business the local enforcement is too lazy to do anything about it. That is why justice means "JUST US" in Read More

Retire to Yuma Foothills - 5/25/2012
Yuma Foothills area. 14 miles east of downtown Yuma. Definitely a snowbird destination. Very inexpensive place to retire. Lots to do for the over 55 crowd. Not hispanic. Everyone is more or less in the same boat. July and August have a few days over 115. But everything is air conditioned. Humidity runs 0 to 15. Means when you live here a couple of summers your body clematises and 100 out of the sun is very comfortable. I wouldn't want to work outside in this July weather but for retirees its wonderful. I'm 75 and very active. My hands pained me, my back hurt etc. up north. Here very little arthritis. Sun all the time. If everyone with arthritis knew how much better they'd feel here Yuma would be 10 times the size it is. Imagine, no humidity, no mosquitoes, very few flies, birds galore. In the Yuma foothills everyone is friendly and easy to talk to. Most of the business places are staffed by retirees. You can talk to, and understand all. If you like the action Read More

Yuma "NOT as BAD as you think" - 1/18/2012
Yuma does have some "HOT" months...the worst in my opinion are July August and September if you can get away for just those few months I find the rest is great. plenty of Restaurants,malls and nice theaters. Yuma has lots to do Line dancing, bowling, out side activities. and close to Phoenix,San Diego,Vegas and great dental in Algedones Mexico, SO don't sell Yuma short like any place it has it good and bad. I moved here from the North West "beautiful" but plenty of rain that's why it is so green LOL. Nice in the summer month's mid June, July ,Aug, "Fall" Sept, Oct that's it.....my opinion on Yuma & the Read More

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85364 85365

822 S 8th Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

S Ave 4 E Unit-002 Parcel 197-19 and 003
Bed | Bath 0

3573 S 18th Ave
Bed 5 | Bath 3

1259 W 19 St Lot 11
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1829 W 17th Pl
Bed 4 | Bath 2

1247 W 19 St Lot 12
Bed 3 | Bath 2

E 30 St Unit Ficticious
Bed | Bath 0


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