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Live here bruh - 5/16/2019
Dis place lit no Read More

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Fort Smith is a wonderful place to live! - 3/22/2017
I have lived in Fort Smith my whole life and I love it here. I enjoy traveling so I have seen many small towns and big cities to compare it to. Being a part of "The Natural State", it is beautiful. Its parks a gorgeous and the people are great. Downtown Fort Smith is a site to see with its colorful murals painted on the side of buildings by the two high school art departments. The schools here are impeccable and are some of the best in the state. It is great place to raise a family and I am proud to tell people that I am from Fort Smith, Arkansas, whenever I travel. Read More

Great City for Physicians and Families - 12/12/2014
Very physician-friendly community. Great community for families with top-rated schools, low crime rates and low cost of Read More

I am the EXPERT on Fort Smith Arkansas. I use an alias since I was never proud of my "home town city". I grew up in Arkansas for many years. Let's just say that my family has been in the town for millennia and I know it very very well. Too well. I know the people, the culture and the history. I know how the typical "Fort Smithian" thinks to a "T". I know what they are gonna do before they even do it as I can predict events in that town and always have and been able to. Since leaving Fort Smith to go over to MUCH GREENER PASTURES IN THE USA, I NEVER tell ANYONE that I am from Arkansas, let alone the south. I lie like a rug. I do not want anyone to know I was born in Fort Smith Arkansas. It's heyday has come and went many moons ago. Arkansas is one of those states that is the butt of jokes on TV constantly along any mention of a "pet pig", the movie Deliverance, banjos playing, kissing cousins, or bestiality. When I "LEFT" Fort Smith in 1988, I left for good. I have read many of the Read More

Living a life - 12/5/2012
It's ok in the Fort Smith. Not too big, just rednecks to contend Read More

Living n Fort Smith, Ar - 10/27/2012
Good place to raise a family. City of 80,000 with lots of good churches. Schools are pretty good with a very good 4 year university. Low cost of living. Housing is low compared to many places with bargains for those that can be selective. Winters last only a few weeks with cold weather being 15-25F for lows to 40-60F daytime highs in Jan and Feb. Summer months of Jun-mid Sept can be very hot 75F lows to 100F highs and humid. Must have A/c in your house and auto to be comfortable.  Read More

Crime rate climbing - 8/14/2012
The crime rate is climbing in Fort Smith. It is still not as bad as crime rate within a larger city; however, it is becoming more noticeable.  Read More

Crime - 8/12/2012
Feels Read More

Relieved - 11/29/2011
I'm VERY relieved that some people don't like it here. This city is just the right size as it is...don't need more people, more crowds, or more traffic.

Born and raised in Madison, WI, lived in St. Paul,MN, Seattle, San Antonio, and Omaha. Wife lived in Westchester County, NY until 8 years ago. We LOVE it here in Fort Smith. More Western than Southern. Yes, it's conservative (and we're not) and yes it's religious (and we're not) and yes, good restaurants are rare. It's still a good place to live and we're glad we retired here. Great for history buffs, mild spring, winter and fall. Summer is hot and humid. Not paradise, but paradise is no good if you can't afford to live there. People are very friendly - and by the way, they are from all Read More

Awful place to live. - 11/5/2011
The people of Fort Smith are nosey,rude and confrontational...If you are having a private conversation with another person,they butt in and offer their opinion even though they were not asked...They are also a city full of deceptive liars and if you are looking for a great place to live,move somewhere Read More

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72903 72904 72901 72908 72916

3020 S P St
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

8113 Mark Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

4320 Presley Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

6001 Bolton Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

1608 N 32nd St
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

3007 Osage St
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |


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