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Reviews for Beaumont  based on 12 Reviews

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Beaumont, CA..... Rancho Cucamonga in the making? - 12/25/2019
My oh my has Beaumont, CA come a long way! My husband and I have resided within the vicinity from Redlands throughout Calimesa all the way to Palm Desert off and on for roughly a decade now and there's nothing like the charm wafted by way of the bustling town of Beaumont!

More upscale than nearby Banning, a bit more urban than that of Cherry Valley, we can definitely envision this place becoming the next Eastvale or Rancho Cucamonga if the city plans in accordance and does things correctly.

From Sundance throughout Plantation newly built homes can be viewed from the 60, 79 and 10 freeways however the traffic due to what appears to be an undeniable lack of preparation is what separates the apple orchards from the orange blossoms!

Simply put. Traffic in Beaumont is an absolute nightmare!

If not on the freeway (the 60 & 10 are both undergoing construction), taking the side streets are enough to compel you to reconsider staying at home Read More

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Great location - 12/23/2016
Beaumont is a great place to live! It's affordable, has amazing mountain views in every direction, reasonable weather ( not near as hot as the desert ), and delightfully chilly in the winter. It's close enough to LA to work there ( my husband does), and close enough to the mountains, beach and desert to go there and back in a day easily. True, there is not too much retail or shopping, but in a way that's what keeps it quiet and special. Shopping is just up the freeway at Cabazon or a 15 minute drive to Moreno Valley. It's a nice mix of ethnicities and age groups as well- lots of young families and a few very nice senior Read More

Place to call home - 8/12/2012
The city is a smaller, family oriented place. It's a little out of the way, but has just enough businesses to where my errands are usually in town. That's what makes Beaumont great, if you like that sort of thing. Since I moved here in 2006, they have opened an additional community center, have plenty of sports programs, have an excellent family centered library with great child/youth classes, plenty of parks, b-ball courts, a skateboard park, etc. Every couple of months there's a community event, parade, or festival. The Highland Springs resort has beautiful hiking trails, cooking classes, & summer camps. Sure there's some "interesting" people & neighborhoods, but no city is perfect. And there's no smog! Beautiful mountains suround you, it snows lightly in the winter... really, it's a great place ot call Read More

Great Senior and Family Living in Beaumont, Califo - 7/25/2012
Great place to live 30 minutes west of Palm Springs in the San Gorgonio Pass next to its sister city of Banning, California. Is one of the most progressive small communities in the region, was one of the fastest growing cities prior to recession starting. Hospital, shopping, casinos, good schools and cooler than Palm Springs at 2,600 feet above sea level. There active adult senior communities in this area that will match just about any type of life style or budgets. Many newer homes in the area for families at very low prices. Plenty to do here. Located on Interstate 10 and Interstate 60. Easy commute to nearby cities. Read More

beaumot is so wack - 11/3/2011
beaumont is wack there is nothing to do nd the cops are wack to the gave a deaf kid a ticket and the cop was like yellin at him the omly thing that you can do out here is get in trouble nd i almost got a ticket yesterday for not walkin on a side walk i told them that if they guve me one imma sue the city cuz there is no side walk by beaumont high school so try me i cant wait til i turn 18 and move out of lamee ass beaumont lol but Read More

Housing - 7/26/2010
The housing is reasonable however the Mello Roos taxes which are added to the property tax bill that Beaumont has imposed in many neighborhoods is very high.  Read More

Beaumont Is One of Southern Californias Best Kept - 11/10/2008
I don't understand why there are such negative comments about this great little city. There is alot of old timers that have lived there forever and don't want to see change...but change is coming and they are probably the ones who have posted such poor comments. Obviously they are trying to keep you away. There are beautiful new homes being built in the area. The city has all you'd need in shopping, financial institutions, churches and nice resturants. The city is growing rapidly and construction is everywhere. Beaumont is a wonderful place for family life. Great mountain views and only an hour from the Read More

crazed hicks - 10/8/2008
stay away from beaumont if you know what is good for you the hicks will shoot you on sight and send the hounds after you be Read More

i hate beaumont - 10/8/2008
beaumont sucks it is full of a bunch of crazed hicks that will shoot you on sight stay away if you want to stay Read More

BeaumOnt iisz s0o wakk!! - 10/7/2008
beaumont isz basikally a place that losers live at. Almost all the people at the high school dont care abOut their grades .. graduatiing .. Or themselves .. all of the rules .. and regulations are alwayz over done .. and out of porportiion .. it seemz lyk police mess with ppl juhst too0 do iht .. lyk they must be bOred with their pathetic lifes . theres lyk nothing to do in Beaumont and everyone i kno is always trying to find a way to get out of beaumont on the weekends .. or even weekdays .. the jobs are cool i guess buht there tends to be racial problems sometimes . alot of ppl are on DRUGS .. and have SEX .. and PARTY alot because thats wat beaumont turned them into . on the go0d side .. the houses ARE NICE .. and some ppl are kool .. AND getting a JOB is easy kuz they open new stores all the time .. AND YOU'LL NEVER HAVE T0 W0RRY AB0UT P0SSIBLY BEING SH0T .. they have wanna-be thugs .. and alot of stoners .. buht i guess ihts watever . Read More

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