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Best climate - 12/24/2013
We have the best climate -- summers and winters are mild. Lots of Read More

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No more hippie love here - 4/23/2011
The 60's have left Berkeley and now it is about MONEY...and the people there have plenty of it and nice hybrid cars (looks like 2 per household) and with a great bicycle community there...people should be bicycling more not driving in this small area town. They are so sick of the poor people they are getting ready to implement a "sit/lie ordinance" to cite or jail homeless people!! NICE!!!! (sarcasm). The UC Berkeley students are not much better...growing numbers of out-of-state spoiled rich students who don't care about rising tuition fees (a regressive tax on the working & poor class) and are indifferent to local mom & pop Read More

Berkeley, California is wonderful - 10/4/2010
The climate in the Bay Area, Berkeley, California is wonderful.
You get the ocean breeze coming through the Golden Gate Bridge and in over the bay and right through my kitchen window.
The hills behind the city offer a get view of the bay and surronding Read More

Berkeley is awesome - 6/17/2009
Berkeley is a great place to live. It is culturally diverse and the schools are great. There's lots of people here from the East Coast which is a plus for me, since I'm from New Read More

by people's park - 4/13/2009
very Read More

I love the People's Republic! - 5/7/2008
While it ain't perfect here, there seem to be more than a token few in Berkeley who appreciate and embrace this community's diversity - a diversity beyond the Bay Area-norm [well, mostly] of ethnic diversity. Think big-city urbanism in a small-city package: a big university (that expanded to many other campuses up & down the state); a distinct architectural style (thank you, Bernard Maybeck & your peers); a tradition of fighting for people's rights (and not just for free speech or disabled access), and even a different way with food - the same town with the Gourmet Ghetto (& all the foodie lore that started there) has a history of helping out with the coffee-chaining of America/world.

Old hippies, young Goths. Campus Greeks, gaming geeks. Pink ribbons & green fabrics. Saris & Crocs. Picket lines & drumming circles. Electric cars, biodiesel garbage trucks, & cyclists of every stripe. I don't necessarily love 'em all, but I love the fabric of the community they strengthen Read More

Many choices - 2/8/2008
Berkeley has changed in my thirty years since going to the famous university here. And it's stayed the same.
How it's the same: there are still all kinds of people here, everyone you'd meet anywhere else. And there are more of the people who are in some ways unusual, yet still healthy and productive citizens. The unusual part of our town has become less about alternative politics and more about a rainbow of interests in yoga, buddhism - and being widely informed. (Or maybe that's a sign of my gray hairs and who I know best.)
How it's different: it feels wealthier, more mainstream, and safer year by year. The military ROTC training on campus is less hidden and has grown much larger, and the business school is much loved and has grown too. There are more students wearing interview clothes all day long (and fewer are wearing everyday clothes to meet interviewers).
One key thing that has stayed the same: My saying to friends from out of town is "We tolerate everything Read More

I Really Liked It While I Was There - 5/29/2007
Hi, I've lived in Berkeley for 14 years, attended the University there but never graduated. I worked as a waiter there. What can I say about it? Well it's very liberal, intellectual, and international place. Plenty of things to do, if not in Berkeley then within 8 miles away in San Francisco, and neighboring Oakland (3 miles away). The weather is very good (not humid at all) but the only downside is the winds at night which tend to be brisk. Berkeley itself is also much more laid back then San Francisco. What I didn't like about it, and why I would not go back, is the cost of living. It is VERY EXPENSIVE, especially for me as a waiter. If you're not a professional making at least $60,000 a year, or if you're not a student attending UC Berkeley, do not move there, or Oakland, or San Francisco. There are less expensive places to move to in the Read More

Berkeley weather - 5/8/2007
Berkeley has lovely mild weather year round. Most of the time is like late spring else where! Tons of flowers blooming, warm sun and cool air punctuated by an often short rainy season. Not Read More

Berkeley Life - 5/8/2007
Berkeley is a great city for students, close to sf, but enough of a small town feeling to allow you to focus. Lots of great food, the Berkeley Bowl makes shopping at any other grocery store seem pathetic. It's not a place I would want to stay after college though. With the number of homeless people and the incidents that you have to deal with a daily basis I can't imagine having a family Read More

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