Burlingame, California 

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Burlingame, California Reviews

Burlingame, California is a small city located in the San Francisco Bay Area that is known for its charming downtown area, beautiful parks and beaches, and great restaurants. The city has plenty to offer, including bike trails, shopping areas, and art galleries. Visitors to Burlingame enjoy taking advantage of all it has to offer. Overall, reviews of Burlingame are very positive. People love exploring the downtown area with its unique boutiques and restaurants and appreciate the picturesque views along the bay. Burlingame is also praised for its excellent parks and beaches where visitors can go for a peaceful stroll or simply take in the stunning views of the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, visitors find that there are many activities available in Burlingame from biking trails to great restaurants for dining out. All in all, reviews of Burlingame show that this is an ideal spot for those seeking a relaxing weekend getaway or enjoyable day trip destination.

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convenient to Silicon Valley but kind of vapid, no - 2/16/2010
Burlingame is about half way between Silicon Valley and SF. It is a narrow piece of land stuck between 101 and the mountain foothills. Whereas quality of life is generally good with low crime, a small but nice downtown shopping area and proximity to a large recreational area (crystal spring reservoir...) life is unduly expensive due to its closeness to Silicon Valley and San Francisco. If you are able and willing to shell out over a million dollars for a small house, then pick a more exciting place while you are at it (San Francisco, Berkeley or Palo Alto just to name a Read More

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Ouch - 11/16/2007
Even being in the top 5% earning bracket of the entire county, one needs to keep your head down and plow through. It is too easy to become obsesesed with the cost of homes and what you get for that high cost here. Even a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs will make you gasp when you realize what it costs elsewhere in this country. But it is a great family town with lots of restaurants and shopping and the most wonderful Read More

Very difficult to buy a home - 7/11/2006
If you are young and just starting out, this is not the city for you. A tiny condo can cost five hundred thousand in a decent area. I would not advise first time home buyers on a limited budget to move here unless you wish to Read More

economy - 2/25/2006
Its very high when compared to Read More

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