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Property tax rate - 9/16/2011
I am in the process and figuring out where to move and I have been doing cost comparison, amoung other things, on different places. When will you be updating the tax rates? I live in Gilroy and the actual property tax verses your published tax rate is about 2x more. Big difference.  Read More

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Gilroy is no place for young workforce families or - 3/22/2007
Trust me, I love the ecosystem in Gilroy but the truth is that city as a whole does not care about its youth(nor the silicon vally in general but gilroy takes the cake)nor the environment. The whole area is about stress and greed. Sure there are exceptions of wonderful people, but if you expect central/north coast culture or things like food co-ops and real community events(not booth fairs)
Or your idea of a place to live is bike friendly, kid friendly or working class friendly...keep moving. Sure its better than some(everywhere is)but if you care about not living in a place where no one really cares about downtown or each other and considers the gym and staying at home watching screens THE thing to do, other than shopping at big box will be miserble here.
Its too bad, too this town had a lot going for it once, but now its really a mess and what community is/was there, most haved moved north.Read More

Garlic Capitol - 7/12/2006
Since moving to Gilory six years ago, I've really fallen in love with the small town atmoshpere. I communte 30 minutes to San Jose along with my kids every day. That part of my life I really hate because I don't get to spend and enjoy my house or my community as much as I would like to. The housing market is rising to just under San Jose's market, making it harder to enjoy the slower pace lifestyle since both my husband and I work and commute-dragging our kids with Read More

Ideal Climate - 5/22/2006
Gilroy and the entire SF bay area offers excellent year around climate with average temp in the 70's, some rain, and lots of sun. The mountains are within hours driving time and the ocean is within 30 Read More

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