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Jackson, CA is a small rural city located in the Amador County of California. It is a charming town that offers plenty to do and experience. While it may be a bit off the beaten path, there are still many reasons to visit Jackson. There are several historical buildings and sites within the city, including the old Amador County Jail which is now a museum, as well as the Jackson City Hall which was built in 1854. Other attractions include an outdoor amphitheater, shopping and dining establishments, and local wineries.
The reviews for Jackson, CA are overwhelmingly positive with many visitors describing it as peaceful and charming. People rave about the unique architecture of its buildings, friendly locals, great variety of shops and restaurants, beautiful scenery, and abundance of outdoors activities. Many people have praised its wine country for being some of the best in California as well. All in all, Jackson is a great place to visit if you're looking for an escape from everyday life or just want to explore something new.

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Jackson gets snow - 9/15/2018
I live 16 miles outta Jackson and we get 4 or 5 inches of snow in Jan and Feb so Read More

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Motherlode charm - 2/3/2008
Volcano is a charming town in the California gold country, population 100 people. One hotel, one bar, off the beaten path. It is above the fog and below the snow. Once a year in the spring Daffodil Hill opens with thousands of daffodils. It is close to a lovely wine growing area, the Shenandoah Valley, which specializes in Zinfandel and dessert Read More

Observations - 12/31/2007
Jackson, California is a great place to live for retirees. The city and country police and the highway patrol are all over this place. Also, there's all kinds of shopping and medical facilities here. Besides, it's a beautiful place with mostly ideal weather, an it's away from big city traffic even though we're just an hour from Stockton and 1-1/2 hours from Sacramento. This is Gold Rush country so there's lots of history and we're only 30 minutes from big snows and skiing. It can get hot in July and August but there little humidity. Snow and freezing temps are a Read More

I moved away from Amador County in 2003. I lived in the county for 26 years in Pioneer, Jackson, Sutter Creek, Pine Grove, and Plymouth. The county is beautiful, especially up Highway 88 heading towards Pine Grove and Pioneer. If you are an outdoors enthusiast, you'll find lots to do. There's the Mokelumne River, several lakes both in the high country and lower down, close proximity to the Kirkwood Ski Resort, etc. Take a trip up Highway 88 to Hope Valley in the fall for breathtaking fall colors. When I first moved to Amador County, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

I raised both my daughters in Amador County. The schools were okay and there was no parks and recreation department. Once your kids get a little older, there's nothing for them to do beyond school sports (which I discovered costs an arm and a leg to participate). Maybe because the towns are so spread apart, attempts at creating activities for teenagers have failed. The town made even Read More

living in Pioneer, Ca. - 6/23/2006
Pioneer is more of an area than a city. were located on the western slope of the Sierra Mt.'s at the 3000 ft. elevation. there is little crime and the nearest "Big City" is Stockton Ca. about an hour's drive away. population here is 1600. The only draw back is there is no college or junior college near by. The closest is Stockton or Sacramento Ca. A lot of the population are retirees so its a lot slower paced here than a big city. I would guess the average home price is about Read More

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