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Nothing Like La Quinta Living - 8/3/2017
I've lived here nearly 15 years. Life in La Quinta is special. No, it's not like at the coast. Here, it's relaxed. You can enjoy beautiful blue skies nearly 350 days out of the year. If you're a foodie, La Quinta and the surrounding communities have almost every type of food. Heck, some of the best Chinese food this side of San Francisco is here. Summers here a chillax. Swimming is a daily thing. Winters are mild as mild can be. Sit around an outdoor fire and stargaze. Oh, it's small town with big Read More

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Paradise 7 months per year - 7/7/2016
My wife and I have lived in La Quinta, CA for 16 years. Over these years we've seen a tremendous amount of development, which on the one hand has improved shopping and amenities, and on the other hand worsened the traffic.
The best thing about La Quinta is the October through April weather, which is like paradise. Warm and dry. In fact, we probably average a humidity of around 20 to 25. It can be 85 degrees with a humidity of 20, and that's a great day. To live here, however, you must be able to tolerate very hot summers. From May though September, it's rough. We get a lot of days over 100 degrees, and quite a few over 110. Every summer we get a few days that are 115 to 120, and that's when the overnight lows drop only to 88. I'ts brutal. You are basically stuck indoors, although you can always go out to restaurants, movies, and shopping, as there is never any danger on the road, such as in snow and rain climates. We barely get any rain here -- about 6 or 7 inches per year. Read More

Prison, Sand-Box Style - 10/14/2008
Single women beware: The best investment you can make in spinsterhood, outside of San Francisco, is the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs being merely a gateway to the dateless existence that awaits you in all desert cities, La Quinta "The [ahem] Gem of the Desert" included. If you just KNOW you'd love 6-8 months of mind-boggling summer (August/September literally inching up on Hell); overpriced, walled-off housing communities; more country clubs per square mile than makes any sort of sense except to turf providers; a hide-and-seek job economy; paranoid midwestern transplants, the bitchiest gays shy of Queenville, a large immigrant Latino population, obsessive-compulsive golfers, neo-conservative middle-class just-marrieds who couldn't buy elsewhere in California; miles upon miles of beige terrain as opposed to the usual green one expects of, say, Planet Earth; an impressively unchallenged black widow population, and nothing culturally fascinating save Walmart on a Friday night, then La Read More

La Quinta Life - 5/31/2008
The positive:
- Winter days are great at around 75ºF.
- Abundant sunshine.
- New infrastructure.
- Landscaped greenery & water features.
- It's not overly crowded & in summer as much of the population moves out because of the heat.

The negative:
- The summer heat is stifling.
- Dust storms.
- Property crime in some areas is high.
- Entertainment wise not much happens, in fact quite boring.
- Not a young persons place.Read More

Its hot in the summer and swarmed with old farts i - 10/9/2007
120 in the summer and all the snowbirds in the winter. It was nice 5 years ago but the job market is crap now. Looking to go elsewhere Read More

How is it? - 7/9/2006
How bad is crime around here? Any crime Read More

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79608 Mission Dr E
Bed 3 | Bath 3

78710 Avenida La Fonda
Bed 3 | Bath 4

47935 Via Nice
Bed 4 | Bath 3

49700 Rancho San Francisquito
Bed 4 | Bath 5

81823 IL Serenada Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 4

57600 Salida Del Sol
Bed 3 | Bath 4

78531 Talking Rock Turn
Bed 5 | Bath 6


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