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Alive and living in Lemoore California since 1984 - 8/2/2011
I came to Lemoore due to a job transfer in September 1984. I was 24 years old then. Much has changed over the years. There were under 13k residents...yep small town. There was Pioneer Square that housed Save Mart, Me n Eds, a drug store (like Rite Aid), a discount store (similar to Big Lots) a clothing store, a jeweler, Radio Shack (this is just Pioneer Square). WhoooHooo there was Jack in the box and 7-11. Heck, even a few stop signs!

Now that has changed. LOTS of homes for sale...market played a role in that. Now there is Kmart, Fast Food Corner (you know McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Fosters Freeze, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken. A few more restaurants, and now double the population. Gone are intersection stop signs, stop lights are in there place. "Old" downtown has gone through a lot of revitalization...We have a huge movie theatre...but seriously how many hair salons and massage parlors does one small town need??? I don't know who Read More

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Don't - 2/25/2011
I d'tlik here. I'm in the Navy, nothing to do. Farm land, stinks, dirty water, crime, bad Read More

Lemoore is somewhat ok.. - 11/12/2010
Lemoore is an ok place to live...its a pretty big city with a lot of people, we have a Casino and a nightclub, a movie theatre, a golf course, and a lot of trees, and unfortunately not enough jobs for everyone, jobs are actually decreasing, its very low on crime, its very calm and mostly peaceful, yet its very routine and it can get very annoying if you don't get out of the city at least once or twice a week..besides getting together with friends, there really isn't much to do here..unless you have a decent source of income, its in the middle of california, which means its close to everything in california, from the coast to the mountains, to san fransisco to LA, its an ok place to live, but if you're looking for work, do yourself a favor and keep Read More

Weather - 11/9/2009
HOT Read More

Lemoore ca - 4/10/2009
Not much going on here. Low on crime. Cost of Living lower than most of California but its starting to catch up. Shopping for food its better to go to next city east of here (Hanford). For recreation you need to do a lot of traveling, theres nothing really Read More

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351 Barcelona Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

18078 18th Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 1

611 Granada Cir
Bed 3 | Bath 2

225 E D St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1623 Eagle St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1197 Belinda Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

14468 16th Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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